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1. A political system is optimal not because it produces the policies that

you prefer. It produces the policies that much smarter people prefer.

I disagree. A political system is optimal because it produces the policies that

everybody needs no matter what anyone prefers. On the other hand, the
policies that benefits to a nation are often product of the work of the smartest
scholars who use science to discover the needs of a nation. Having said that,
I think there is not an “ideal” political system and every political system seen
by human kind have always had failures.

2. The ideal system depends on the cultural attributes of the population.

The ideal system has to protect culture and religion but be apart from them to
take decisions. However, objectivity has to be the main characteristic of an
ideal system so things as religion and culture shouldn’t be that important in
taking decisions.

3. Individuals should be admitted to schools and hired for jobs based on

their ability.

Everyone’s right to education and work has to be preserved no matter their

ability or any other condition. Every person should be welcome to schools and
have the opportunity to apply for jobs; that kind of conditions allows and
promote discrimination and rips our society from its very bases.

4. Unlike the private sector, the government is motivated by public


This is the ideal statement for a democratic nation nevertheless what we see
nowadays is a very different scene; everyday, senators, presidents, mayors
and other political actors are being imprisoned because of corruption,
embezzlement and many other embarrassing issues originated of their own
5. Taxes allow the government to create jobs and provide welfare
programs for people in need.

That’s right, taxes are annoying but necessary. Governments are continually
searching for additional funds to pay for the needs of their citizens,
businesses, and bureaucrats. At the local level, taxes support spending for
schools roads, libraries, athletic facilities, fire and police services, and the
salaries of county and municipal employees.

6. Governmental programs encourage people to become dependent and

lazy instead of inspiring them to become hard-working and

Governmental programs do not encourage people to become dependent and

lazy, but a bad designed program does. Governmental programs need to
have conditions and requirements to assure the effectivity of the help given.
The programs that give financial aid or so without any requirements are

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