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The intention of this analysis is to get an accurate description of the duties and responsibilities involved

within a specific job/position and the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) necessary for the job
holder. This in turn will enable an accurate job description and role profile to be developed.
ယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယ၏ ယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယ
ယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယ ယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယ/ ယယယယယယယယယယယ
ယယယယယယယယယယယယယ ယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယ ယယယယယယယယယယယယယ ယယယယယယယယယ
ယယယယယယယယယယယ ယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယ ယယ ယယယ
ယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယ ယယယယယယယယယယယယယ
ယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယ ၎ယယယယယယယ ယယယယယယယ
ယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယယ (Job Description)ယ ယယယယယယယယယယယယယ(Role Profile)

Employee Name Department Name Position Name

နနနနန ႒နန နနနနန


နနနနန၏ နနနနနနနနနနန

1- What do you think is the main purpose of this position?

To execute the projects to meet the customers’ requirements & demands by managing
materials & resources to achieve customers and management satisfactions.

2- To whom the job holder will report?

John Welsh (Chief Technical Officer)

3- Who will report to him/her?

Phyo Zeyar Zaw & Thin Shwe Yee Soe

4- List the Business Units, Departments, and Functions the new hire will be in direct
relationships with:

5- List the external stakeholders (e.g., clients, suppliers, business partners,

government, etc.) he/she will be in direct relationships with and indicate the level
of frequency (Occasional – O; Periodic – P; Frequent – F):

Direct relationship with Customers Frequently.

Direct relationship with Vendors Frequently.
Direct relationship with Supplier Occasionally.
Direct relationship with Business Partners Occasionally.
Direct relationship with Government Officer Occasionally.

6- Indicate duties and responsibilities to be the most important and relevant to this
job. Describe the frequency (Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily) and
mention the percentage of time taken to perform the duty:

e.g.: Graphic Designer

- Design layouts : format, fonts, bullets, and master pages W 20%

- Make illustrations on Photoshop or Illustrator D 15%

Main Duties and Responsibilities

(i.e., Strategic, Financial, Market-Oriented, Operations, People-Oriented, Technology-Oriented)

1- Meeting & Discussion with Vendors Commented [PT1]: We need to put new questions in
accordance with respective position
A Q M W D 35%

2- Meeting & Discussion with Customers

A Q M W D 15%

3- Checking with Warehouse for availability of materials

A Q M W D 10%

4- Liaising and working together with subordinates and colleagues

A Q M W D 15%

5- Reporting to upper management for Projects status & getting approval of budgets for
project expense

A Q M W D 10%
6- Quality check and Vendor performance review
A Q M W D 5%


A Q M W D %

A Q M W D %

A Q M W D %

A Q M W D %


7- Technical competencies

- Technical reading/writing. If yes, please explain: Able to read Design Drawing

of M&E and partially on Civil

- Computer skills, please specify: Microsoft Office, Auto Cad, C programming

- Languages

Native Flue Intermediat Weak

nt e
English √
Other – Please specify Myanmar

- List below the specific technical competencies required to perform this job
(e.g., utilization of a machine, knowledge of particular subject/field etc.

Understanding of how batteries, DG work with Telecom Equipment’s Power


8- What qualifications are necessary for the position?

Please give the essential (the minimum) and the desirable (the best) requirements?
- Essential
Project Management

- Desirable
Advance Microsoft Office

9- Education – Check from the list below the educational background required.

No formal education required

Less than high school diploma

High school diploma or equivalent


Technical Education

2-year college certificate or equivalent

3-4-year college degree

Education beyond undergraduate degree and/or professional license

Other, please specify _ MBA Preferably