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In May 2019, CDC and the National

TB Controllers Association issued UPDATED RECOMMENDATIONS

for health care personnel
in the United States.

What are the updated recommendations?

Treatment for latent
Before starting a new job An annual TB TB infection (LTBI) is
in a health care setting, test is not strongly encouraged
all workers and volunteers recommended for health care
should receive unless there is a personnel diagnosed
known exposure with LTBI.
TB individual or ongoing
risk assessment transmission. Shorter
Symptom regimens
All health care should
personnel be used.
should receive
TB test TB education
every year.

Who is affected by the What if my state’s regulations

new recommendations? are different?
Individuals who Follow
work or volunteer your
in health care state’s
settings Health care settings include guidance.
7 Inpatient and outpatient settings
For TB regulations
7 Laboratories
in your area, please
7 Emergency medical services
contact your state
7 Medical settings in prisons or jails or local TB control
7 Home-based health care settings program.
7 Long-term care facilities

Where can I get more information? www.cdc.gov/tb