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attic The place/space at the top of a house/building,

directly below the roof.

bath A tub or pool that people bathe/wash in.

beautiful Very attractive; really lovely; exceptionally nice

to look at.

below Under; lower than something else.

big Of great size, large.

bright Not dark; with lots of light; radiant.

cabinet A piece of furniture used to store things in; a

cupboard of some type.

cellar A room underneath/below a house, often used

to store things.

coffee table A low table used in a living room or lounge,

often located between the sofa and chairs, on
which people put magazines, cups and
saucers, etc.

corner The area in a room where 2 walls join.

cupboard A storage space with a door, often with shelves


curtains (Plural form) The material/ fabric that covers


cushions A soft and filled cloth bag, to give comfort or

support to people who are sitting down.

door The entrance to a room, vehicle, building.

feel To have/experience emotions or sensations.

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find out To get information by asking or exploring; to


floor lamp A lamp supported by a tall vertical pole.

garden An outdoor area with plants, e.g. trees, flowers,


hall A large room in a building used for concerts,

meetings or other events.

here In, on, or at this place.

hi-fi cabinet A piece of furniture for storing high- quality,

electronic, sound equipment.

keys Things used to open and close locks.

light An electric lamp. The amount or quality of


lighting The equipment people use to provide light.

living room A room in a house for informal, social and

leisure activities; a sitting room; a lounge.

lounge table A low table used in a living room or lounge,

often located between the sofa and chairs, on
which people put magazines, cups and
saucers, etc.

lunch The meal people eat in the middle of the day.

morning Between 00h01 and 11h59; the part of the day

after midnight and before midday.

oven A kitchen appliance used for cooking, such as

baking and roasting.

owner The person who owns something.

pharmacy A shop that sells medicines.

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post office A place where people post/ mail letters and

parcels, buy/sell stamps.

put To place something somewhere.

quite Somewhat, rather,to a certain degree; fairly.

separate toilet A room that only has a toilet (and basin); apart
from the bathroom.

settee A long seat on which several people can sit at

the same time; a sofa.

shelf A flat, rigid structure, used in cupboards or on

walls, to store things.

shopping mall A shopping centre; a place with many different


shower A way of bathing or washing oneself, where

water falls onto the body from a height.

spacious With a lot of space; roomy.

spare bedroom An extra room in the home where visitors

sleep, or where things are stored.

stamps (Plural form) The small pieces of paper we buy

and stick on envelopes/parcels to send things
by post.

train station A place where trains stop for passengers to get


vase A container for flowers.