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Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers


 Crochet hook (to make all dolls

parts, except wig and skirt):
please refer to the yarn label for
the recommended hook size

 Crochet hook (to make the doll’s

wig and skirt): a size larger than
the hook used to make rest of the

 Yarn: Small amounts in Skin color

for legs, arms, body and head;
white for shoes, body and sleeve
caps; deep purple for skirt;
magenta for wig and hair; and
black for hair and skirt waist band;
a bit of brown for eyebrows and
pink for mouth.

 A pair of safety eyes

 Small plastic beads: I used 3; a

pink rose bead as brooch and two
green turtles as hair clips

 Polyfiber fill

 Tapestry or darning needle

 Sewing needle and thread (to sew

on beads)

Amy Amigurumi Doll Free Pattern GAUGE: Not important

SIZE: 6 ½ inches
An original design by Twisted Fibers
©Twisted Fibers 2013


To see more images, visit http://wp.me/p1MYqI-bJ
Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Shoes & Legs How to Make

(Make two)
a Sole Base
With white, 8 sc in a magic ring
Round 1: 2 sc in each st across. (16) Cut out two circles (approximately 2
Round 2: Sc around. (16) cm across) from a hard plastic sheet
Round 3: Working in back loops only, sc around. (16). to make sole base and make two
Round 4: Sc around. (16) holes on this circle. Insert base
Before working on the next round, insert sole base into
inside the shoe, making sure they fit
the shoe. For instructions on how to make sole base,
read the section under SOLE BASE. within the round where you worked
only on back loops (round 3).
Round 5: Change to skin color. (Sc 2, dec 1) around (12) Thread a large eyed needle with
Round 6-7: Sc around. (12) white yarn and secure the plastic
Round 8: (Sc 2, dec 1) around. (9) base to the crocheted sole by
Round 9-16: Sc around. (9)
passing the needle through the hole
Stuff firmly with polyfiber. you made on the base from the
inside, and back again through the
Join legs: Working with white, hold both legs together, other hold. Tie the ends of the yarn
making sure they face the same direction, and insert tightly to ensure the base doesn’t
hook into the 2 stitches that meet in the center, YO and move.
make a sc. Continue making sc stitches around both
legs. (18)

Body Arms
(Make two)
Continuing with white,
Round 17-19: Sc around. (18) With skin color, 5 sc in a magic ring.
Round 20: (Sc 4, dec 1) around. (15) Round 1: 2 sc into each st across. (10)
Round 21-27: SC around. (15) Round 2-3: Sc around. (10)
Round 28: Change to skin color and sc Round 4: (Sc 3, dec 1) twice. (8)
around. (15) Round 5-14: Sc around. (8). Stuff lightly.
Round 29: (Sc 3, dec 1) around. (12) Round 15: Dec around (4).
Round 30: Sc around (12). FO and sew top opening close.
FO and stuff.

To see more images, visit http://wp.me/p1MYqI-bJ
Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Sleeve Cap Head

(Make two)
With skin color of your choice, 6 sc in a
With white, 8 sc in a magic ring. magic ring.
Round 1: 2 sc into each st across. (16) Round 1: 2 sc in each st around. (12)
Round 2: (Sc 1, inc 1) around. (24) Round 2: (Sc 1, inc 1) around. (18)
Round 3: Decrease around. (12) Round 3: (Sc 2, inc 1) around. (24)
Round 4: (Sc 2, dec 1) around. (8) Round 4: (Sc 3, inc 1) around. (30)
FO. Round 5: (Sc 4, inc 1) around. (36)
Round 6: (Sc 5, inc 1) around. (42)
Insert arm into the sleeve cap, secure them Round 7-12: Sc around. (42)
together, and attach to the body. Round 13: (Sc 5, dec 1) around. (36)
Round 14: (Sc 4, dec 1) around. (30)
Round 15: (Sc 3, dec 1) around. (24)
Round 16: (Sc 2, dec 1) around. (18)
Round 17: (Sc 1, dec 1) around. (12)

Attach head to the body.

With hair color of your choice and hook a
size bigger than what you used for
crocheting rest of the body parts,
work as given for ‘Head’ from Round 1-11.

Tack the wig to the doll’s head and weave

in hair using the method of your choice.

Recommended Tutorials: If you are making amigurumi hair for the first time, visit these sites:
1. Jenny and Teddy’s easy to follow tutorial on how to attach hair on amigurumi dolls

2. Owly’s detailed amigurumi hair tutorial


To see more images, visit http://wp.me/p1MYqI-bJ
Free Amigurumi Pattern by Tales of Twisted Fibers

Skirt Using, Sharing And Selling

With the larger hook, ch 21 (or the
Amy Doll Pattern
number of sts required to fit the waist of USING: I designed this doll for you. So I
your doll plus 1 st). encourage you to use this pattern and
Round 1: Sc in second st from the hook make little Amys for yourself, your friends
and working in sc across (20). Now join and your family. I’d be thrilled if you drop
and start working in rounds. me a line (along with your link); I’ll make
Round 2: (Sc 1, Inc 1) around. (30) sure to give your Amy a mention on my
Round 3-4: Sc around. (30) blog.
SELLING: Unless you happen to run a
Slip skirt up the doll’s legs and tack at the sweatshop somewhere, I don't mind if you
waist, sewing close the open ends at the sell your dolls made from this pattern. In
waist with a stitch or two. Attach a tiny fact, I’d be stroked if you did. I’d also like
ribbon bow at the back if you like. it very much if you mentioned somewhere
in the description of the doll that it’s
made from a “Twisted Fibers original
design”. I’d love to hear from you and see

Shoe Straps your Amys. Send me your link and I’ll give
your online shop a mention on my blog.
(Make two)
SHARING: You can pin any image of the
With a tapestry needle and the yarn you doll (available on my blog) on Pinterest or
used for shoes, chain stitch shoe straps. To give your blog readers a heads up
make shoe buckles, French knot in a regarding the availability of this free
contrasting color. pattern by using any of the images on this
particular blog post followed a link to my
blog. Sharing is loving. So go ahead and
share the love :D

How to Chain Stitch and make a DON’T: Please do not sell this pattern or
French Knot – Recommended Links publish it in its entirety on any website
because that would make me very sad and
force me to send my ninjas after you.
Chain stitch
stitches/chain.html Hugs,

French knot Twisted Fibers

http://www.embroiderersguild.com/stitch/ Kathmandu, March 2013

To see more images, visit http://wp.me/p1MYqI-bJ