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Shalom Crest Wizard Academy

Salvani Street, City Heights, General Santos City

SY 2019 – 2020


Rubric for Beverage

Highly Skilled Skilled Moderately Skilled Unskilled

5 4 3 2
Palatability/ Taste The beverage was excellent. It The beverage tasted good. The beverage was plain and dull. It The components of the beverage
was refreshing and had a rich Distinct flavors were observed. needs more improvement. did not complement with each
flavor. The ingredients were Evidence of balance was other.
well balanced and exhibit good limited.
Use of Nutritious The beverage was infused with The beverage had 2 nutritious The beverage only had one Did not use any nutritious
Ingredients nutritious ingredients. 3 or more ingredients. nutritious ingredient. ingredient.
nutritious ingredients were
incorporated on the beverage.
Food Presentation The beverage was attractive Balance and creativity was Evidence of balance was limited or The beverage needs improvement
and showed great creativity. moderately observed. Some not present. The beverage lacks and lacks creativity.
Different colors were present color variety were present but color variety. Inappropriate
and eye appealing. The garnish needs improvement. selection of garnish or lack of or too
used was edible and matched much
the beverage.
Safety and Sanitation Great care is taken to keep self, Most members took care to Little care as to how food is being Several safety and sanitation rules
food areas and kitchen areas keep self, food areas and handled. Little care is taken to keep were not followed.
clean to avoid cross kitchen areas clean to avoid self and kitchen area clean. Clean up was poor.
contamination. Washed hands cross contamination. Did not wash the utensils and Members argued about clean up
and tied hair back. Wearing of Had to be reminded to clean cleaned the equipment properly. duties.
proper PPE was observed. up. Cleaned everything well.
Clean up was excellent.

Team Work All members in the team Group members were working Not all members are working or Members did not cooperate with
worked cooperatively well together cooperating. The group was not each other.
Time Management Used time efficiently. Stayed Group was a little disorganized Group did not use time efficiently Objective for the day was not met
focused on the task. Finished but got the job on time. and barely got done on time. on time.
before time ended.