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System Software Requirement:




1. EXAPLOG SOFTWARE – Exaplog Event Analysis package standard.

NOTE: Before proceeding for the AIMS Server configuration & integration with Yokogawa centumvp
kindly confirm the following:

1. Create a user “exaplog” in source HIS PC running with centumvp - STANDARD OPERATION &
2. The user name “exaplog” and the password with the same as of AIMS Server PC administrator
3. IP Address for both HIS PC & AIMS Server should be assigned and in the same subnet mask.
(Eg: if HIS0132 is the HIS Centumvp PC & HIS0166 is AIMS server the masking of IP address will
be as: HIS0132-172.17.XX.XX and HIS0166 – 172.17.XX.XX)
Configuration at source HIS PC:

1. Creating fresh user “exaplog “ . Go to administrative tools.

2. Select computer management; go to local user and groups. Add fresh user as follow screen
3. New User name as “exaplog will be created as follows.

Note: the password for the above username should be as same as of the password of the AIMS Server
administrator user.

4. Restart the PC and login with administrator account and stay on the same for proceeding
with AIMS Integration.
1. Log into AIMS Server with administrator user account.

2. Install the YOKOGAWA EXAPLOG Software on AIMS Server through the software media
provided. (Eg: Exaplog Event Analysis Package standard- NTPS 100-S21).

After successfully installation of exaplog software you will get the following programs on your start
menu program list as follows.
Check for the software configuration viewer from the yokogawa exa folder on the start menu as

The above will provide the all details regarding the installed exaplog software.

Restart the system & boot again to the administrator user account ad go to administrative tools, then
computer management, then local users and group.

Check for the exaplog user has been automatically created as follows:
3. Click on the “ PL ADMIN( EXAPLOG ADMINISTRATOR) from the program menu and will get a
pop up as follow:

4. Click on the add button and another pop up will be shown as follows:
5. Enter the adapter name which will be the HIS name or the IP address sub net of the
CENTUMVP source HIS. (Alarms and events of centumvp will be fetched from this PC)
Eg: HIS0132. (Operator & monitoring pc).

6. Update the type as “centum Vp” as follows:

7. Please select the scan rate as “hourly” or daily” on the basis of the frequency of alarm
management want to perform for project.

8. Click on the HISHIST path, Note: the source pc should be available on the network. Then
navigate through the \\HIS0132\\centumvp\\log\\HISHIST. As follows:
9. All list of alarms and events are available under the HISHIST folder. Just select any latest file
and click on open.

The full path will be available on the HISHIST file area as per the above screen shot.
10. Click on the apply ok button and will find the HIS will be register as follows:

As it is showing disable now click on the enable button.

Note: if the “exaplog” fresh user account is not created with same password as told in the
starting part of this write up then during adapter addition it will show error as follows:
At the status area it will show EXAPLOG LOGIC ERROR, NO SOURCE with the following screen
11. After clicking on the enable button the status for the adapter added will become ready.

12. Now click on the demand scan button a pop up will occur as follows:

Click on the “yes” to rebuild the database for AIMS.

NOTE: After adding HISHIST Both centumvp(FCS) and Prosafe-Rs(SCS) project tags will be migrated to
AIMS Database.
13. Converting the database from centumvp to AIMS will begin, kindly wait for some minutes.

14. Now open the PL View (event analysis tool) from the start menu if windows.
In the event analysis window go to view , click on select date as follow.

A pop up window will occur as follow.

Select the start day & the end days from the options available, and press ok to generate the totals
events and related records from the database as follow in the screen shot.

Left side will the graph view & right side will be the pie chart view for the events counted in

Click on the station tab on the upper right side to view the events occur from the station
under the project mapped under AIMS.
Now click on the PL Summary (long term summary tool)

Press the “yes” button on the pop up to select for the date to generate the long term analysis
as per the below screen shot.

The above screen long term balance summary can be view in two formats as “line” or “stack”
The same can be done from right click on the screen anywhere to get a pop up as below
screen shot.

Also a detailed report can be exported from the option as tool “export summary data”. It will
save as .csv format for further analysis & records.
The different centumVp projects data events had been successfully added into the adapter of exaplog as
per the below screen shot.

Multiple projects can be added & functional at same time in EXAPLOG.

-------------------------------------------------------------END ---XXXX—END----------------------------------------------------