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The Multi-Faceted Fintech

The CoinMetro Ecosystem
An All-In-One platform, designed to bring Crypto into the mainstream.

Trading /
Banking Crypto for the Investment ICO Express
Education Exchange
Services masses Platforms Framework

The CoinMetro A fast, easy, and Innovative Giving clients the

Services traditionally A user-focused
Crypto Academy – A secure way to buy, investment models. ability to Tokenize a
associated with environment
unique and sell, and trade Crypto Specific wide range of assets,
banks and designed to meet
comprehensive deliverable crypto Diversification deploy smart
challengers, i.e. Debit the needs of
cryptocurrency assets built into an options with our contracts and launch
cards, IBANs, a beginners and pro
educational ecosystem custom tokens with
payment platform, as traders alike across
programme. ETCF platform, and;
well as currency comprised of more Multiple Asset just a few clicks.
well known financial Multi Asset Managed
exchange services. Classes and multiple
products and accounts with TAM.
The Problems We Solve

Best of Both User Customer Investment Models

Worlds Experience Support
Unique investment
CoinMetro makes it easy CoinMetro is built for people with all a 24/7 dedicated customer models offer people new
for anyone to deposit, levels of experience, from first-time support desk to respond ways to invest in crypto
withdraw, trade, and crypto buyers to experienced traders. to client issues. and earn profits.
make payments in Crypto We provide many different services
and Fiat Currencies. through one easy-to-use platform.
What We’ve Achieved What We Plan to Do
Acquired a Virtual Currency Exchange License; Grow CoinMetro’s brand and launch our services in targeted
Granted a Virtual Currency eWallet License;
Establish working offices in key regions;
Built reliable banking partnerships;
Expand our regulatory footprint - working with organizations
Developed working exchange and trading platforms like the ECA to push regulatory compliance
(currently in Open Beta);
Grow the team, adding support personnel in a number of
Established reliable partnerships with compliance providers; areas;

Built and maintained a dedicated community of over 42,000 Launch ancillary services - Debit Card, Banking Services, TAM,
actively engaged supporters; ETCF, ICO Express;

Continue to develop our existing services, e.g. add token

listings to our exchange.
Who We Are

Experienced Our CEO, Kevin Murcko, and other The team has extensive Also present is an in-depth
Professionals with core core team members have already experience working with knowledge and experience of
competencies in a wide built successful and profitable regulators, banks and managing client funds and
range of industries from businesses in highly competitive global financial markets. developing and implementing
compliance and finance to Markets such as Retail FX. innovative investment models,
marketing and business designed to help grow such
development. funds.
Who Could Use CoinMetro?
• Anyone interested in taking part in the current crypto asset boom, by way of making a passive investment.
• Traders of other asset-classes, e.g. Forex, Stocks, etc. – looking to diversify their trading activity into new, volatile
• Long-term crypto investors, those who see the potential of the crypto market and want to make an investment for the
• Anyone dissatisfied with current banking product and service offerings and those looking to save on banking fees.
• Companies interested in launching their own ICO.
• The 1 billion unbanked in the world, reaching out to places where traditional banks cannot/refuse to go.
• Crypto enthusiasts and beginners alike, looking for easier access to the market.
• People who want to know more about Crypto and get educated in this space.
The Markets We Serve
Crypto FinTech

● The crypto market cap has been projected to reach as high as ● The vast majority of banks expect revenues and profitability to
$1-2 trillion in 2018. improve over the next 12 months to 3 years, despite rising costs*.

● The market cap of Bitcoin has previously exceeded $70 billion, ● Globally, most banks anticipate return on equity will continue to
having seen peak trading volumes of around $3 billion USD per improve over the next three years*.
● However, costs remain elevated and efficiency has not substantially
improved in the last decade for the top 200 global banks*.
● The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2027, 10% of
global GDP will be stored on blockchain technology.
● Adoption of FinTech providers for money transfer and payment services
rose from 18% in 2015 to 50% in 2017*
● The global blockchain technology market is forecast to grow to
$2.3 billion USD by 2021. ● 20-40% of banks say they are currently investing in blockchain
● The number of Blockchain wallets has been steadily growing
since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, reaching over 28 million ● Market-leading challenger banks – Revolut and N26 – generate $2
Blockchain wallet users at the end of September 2018. billion USD and $1.17 billion USD per month in transaction volume,
● Only 2% of the world’s population are currently invested in
crypto. Leaving a huge untapped market and potential to grab
a major share of the market.
*EY: Global Banking Outlook 2018
How does CoinMetro Solve the Crypto Pitfalls?
Everyone knows they need a bank account, but not everybody knows that they need crypto – yet. We’ve created
CoinMetro to address what we feel are the major deficiencies within the crypto market, such as:

• Difficult to understand, not accessible The Next Unicorn that looks to Simplify how users interact with complex

Focused on delivering a Unique Experience that is 100% Customer

• Lack of customer centricity & support Centric and Scalable

• Limited support for fiat gateways Support for fiat-currency onboarding - EUR, GBP, USD, JPY

• Lack of investment tools Market-leading investment options – three trade UIs, ETCFs, TAM accounts

• Long wait times, high fees & unstable uptime Stability, security, lightning-fast order-matching

Industry low listing fees will make CoinMetro the no. 1 option for any crypto
• Lack of liquidity for the growing number of tokens project – offering instant liquidity for their token

Moving Crypto Forward by actively working with regulators, governments and

• Failure to adapt to regulatory changes
financial institutions to push for the water-tight regulation of the industry
Our Products

ETCFs - Electronically Traded Crypto Funds

Similar to traditional ETFs, but for crypto. Our team of professional traders picks out promising tokens and
groups them together into funds, or “ETCFs.” With one click, users can diversify into many different tokens by
investing in the ETCF.

Users will be able to invest in a fund based on its industry type, e.g. healthcare, its risk profile, or even the social
media influencer scores of tokens grouped inside the fund.
Our Products

TAM - Tokenized Asset Management

Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) is basically a super-easy way for investors to partner up with a pro trader.

Investors put as much into their TAM account as they want, and a vetted and verified pro trader takes over the
investing part for them. The investor earns profits, the trader earns a commission, everybody wins!

TAM is designed to give anybody the opportunity to work with a pro trader to grow their account. It will also be
possible to apply to become an asset manager.
Our Products

ICO Express
Ideal for businesses – Businesses can easily launch their own digital token with just a few clicks. They don’t have to worry
about developing their own blockchain integration, and can simply deploy on top of our existing infrastructure.

Client Support – Tools and services to help clients launch successful ICO’s on the platform.

Vetting process – The CoinMetro team reviews all ICO projects to ensure quality and prevent fraud.

Exposure to ETCFs – Tokens launched through CoinMetro’s ICO framework can be included in ETCF funds. This creates
liquidity for projects and helps bring stability by grouping newer projects with more established ones.
Our Products

Banking Services
We built CoinMetro as we believe in Crypto and we believe that Digital Assets are the future, however, we also are aware
that mass adoption of this new asset class will not happen overnight. Giving people the option to pay for their frappuccino
in Bitcoin is not going to be the catalyst that gets us to a 1 Trillion dollar market cap. In order to drive adoption we need to
bring in new users by offering them products and services they already use on a daily basis. Products and services that they
are familiar with. Offering familiar products expands our user base, a user base we can then lead on a journey by way of
education into the Digital Asset economy. By way of licensing and strategic partnerships with banks and other financial
service providers we will offer:
Debit Cards linked to Multi Asset Wallets
Instant Payments in Fiat and Crypto to other users on the Platform
Outgoing SEPA and SWIFT wires in Multiple Currencies
Instant IBAN Account creation
Our Revenue Model
The single revenue model doesn’t work. Banks have Fiat/Crypto Exchange + Trading Platform

known this for a long time and are constantly looking Investment options - ETCF / TAM
ICO Express
for ways to expand their revenue streams.
Banking Services (IBAN, Debit Card)
Educational resources
We at CoinMetro understand that the only way to
survive and prepare for future regulation is to do the
same. For this reason, we’ve developed a number of
different products to strengthen our offering.
Our main USPs are:

1. Simplification of the crypto-space – bringing down the barriers of access to the market;
2. An All-in-One platform – deposit, exchange/trade, store - all in one, secure environment;
3. Transparency to the core – as a company we are open, honest and clear.


CoinMetro will utilize high-quality paid and organic campaigns, via both online and offline channels of communication, to spread awareness
for our wide range of products and services and achieve our goals. These channels include:

Online Offline

Organic social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit TV Global Webinars

LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube)
Email Steemit Radio Local Seminars

Search Ads (Google, Yandex, Baidu) Soundcloud Billboards

GDN Ads (Google Display Network Internal Blog (SEO Content) Newspapers
Platform Comparison
Where We Are Today
Our three exchange and trading platforms are currently under development and in their Public Beta phase. We’re on course for a Q42018

Simple Intermediate Trade

Current Licenses Future Licenses

Virtual Currency Exchange Virtual Currency Wallet Our Compliance and Legal
(eWallet) teams are actively pursuing
Estonia FIU License Number AML, e-money, Portfolio
FVR000143. This operational Estonia FIU License Number Management, and MTF type
license grants CoinMetro the FRK000121. This operational licenses in Mexico, Australia
ability to provide fiat to crypto, license grants CoinMetro the and Estonia (EFSA)
crypto to fiat, and crypto to ability to provide crypto and fiat
crypto exchange services. currency eWallet services.
We believe that regulation is not only inevitable for the cryptocurrency market, it’s welcomed as a crucial
element for the industry to achieve mass-adoption. Regulation is the only way of guaranteeing the
highest and best level of protection for our customers.

Some of our key areas of focus include:

Know-your Customer
SARs Dow Jones Chainalysis

All clients must be verified. We monitor all transactions We’ve partnered with Dow Providing transaction
This check, conducted by our for suspicious activity and Jones and screen all of our monitoring services, meaning
KYC partner – Veriff, includes report (SAR’s) to the regulator clients for Sanctions and that we’re are able to receive
requirements on proof of ID where required. PEP’s, using Dow Jones’ lists. real-time alerts on incoming
(POI) and proof of address and outgoing transactions for
(POA). links to potentially suspicious
Banking Partnerships
One of our key strengths is the close relationships that we have built with our Banking Partners. We are
partnered with the largest Estonian bank, LHV, and through them we have the ability to on and off-board
clients’ transactions in EUR currencies.

LHV SolarisBank FIDOR Santander UK

LHV is our main banking We are currently finalizing We have started partnership We are part of the blockchain
partner, taking care of our the terms on our partnership discussions with FIDOR for pilot program to share
operational and client fund with SolarisBank, which will key services, looking at close Financial Crime data between
accounts in the EU. enable us to use their cooperation within the UAE several prominent banking
Banking License to offer market. institutions.
banking services to our
clients in key European
Who’s Driving the Train?
We’ve established a strong team who possess a large amount of knowledge of the underlying technology within financial trading
environments and the liquidity needs of currency markets.
Our Footprint
Hong Kong
Our Asian base and administrator of our token sale
and XCM token issuer.

The EU arm and base of operations for the exchange.
Granted approval for an eWallet as well as a Fiat to
Crypto Exchange license.

Our LATAM customer operations hub. Licensing is
currently in progress.

Currently in the process of applying for an Exchange
specific license from AUSTRAC.
Contact Details
CoinMetro OÜ Alina Varkki
Tartu Mnt 84a-402 Senior Project Manager
Tallinn, 10112 +372 5341 4031
Estonia alina@coinmetro.com

+372 665 0272

Kevin Murcko
+372 5305 2983