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Ray Vincent Soriano


1. Know why the IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) was founded?
2. Know what is the goal of NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization)?
3. Know why they build OPEC ( Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ) for oils?
4. Know the purpose of BRIC ( Brazil Russia India China ) ?
5. Know how EU (European Union) system work?

1. Identify the soldier who fought in Korean war in became the president of the Philippines.
2. Identify social issues and concerns affecting Philippine Society.
3. Identify the Commander in Chief of US Pacific Fleet in the “Battle of Midway”.
4. Identify who is the Emperor of Japan during WWII.
5. Identify the American General who leads the “D- Day” in Normandy.

1. Relate the nominal and real GDP ( Gross Domestic Product).
2. Relate the economic status of ASEAN ( Association of South-East Asian Nation ).
3. Relate investments and progress work in a country.
4. Relate how quality education help a country through innovation.
5. Relate how tourist spots help local people for their lives.

1. List down the Agencies of Socialization.
2. List down the countries comprising the G20 ( Group of Twenty ).
3. List down the members of Allied Power.
4. List down the members of Axis Power.
5. List down the countries who is still communist today.

1. Define why Social Interactions is important.
2. Define what is Society.
3. Define the differences of Social Groups.
4. Define how important to build Social relationship with people.
5. Define what is Culture.

1. Memorize the geographical locations of East Asian countries.
2. Memorize the sequence event before Dr. Rizal’s final hour.
3. Memorize the UN ( United Nations ) members.
4. Memorize the capitals of European countries.
5. Memorize the National Anthem of the Philippines.
1. Repeat the line of Jose Rizal before he died.
2. Repeat the line of Gen. McArthur before he left the Philippines.
3. Repeat the line Dr. Rizal before he left the Philippines to study abroad.
4. Repeat the line of Uncle Sam to recruit US soldiers during WWII.
5. Repeat how Dr. Rizal has been shoot.

1. Record the human achievement today to be recognize in the future.
2. Record the GDP percentage of Philippines each year.
3. Record the achievement of current administration until their last term.
4. Record the knowledge that we are discovering now for future studies.
5. Record the results of people intellectual test to know how smart they are.

1. Recognize the terrains in Philippines.
2. Recognize the famous heroes in Philippines.
3. Recognize the longest reigned administration in Philippines.
4. Recognize the flag of different countries.
5. Recognize what region in Asia the countries belong.

1. Acquire the event sequence of WWII.
2. Acquire the reasons that leads on dividing of Korea into two.
3. Acquire the statiscal result on how many user of social media in a society.
4. Acquire the data that results on our GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) growth.
5. Acquire an information on what they doing in Area 51 that can benefit humankind.

1. Name the leader of Mongolian Empire that almost lead to world domination.
2. Name the leader who makes Singapore one of the best country in world.
3. Name the countries in Scandevenian area.
4. Name the country who started the communist ideology.
5. Name the president of the Philippines during WWII.