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Remember our call and commitment through Paul’s me a chance to preach today.

This is my first time

life preaching in this hall. In these 4 years, I never got a
chance to preach. So I consider this as my trial senior
Let us look to God in prayer
Today for our meditation the assigned scripture
Yes, lord, where ever you sent us we will go, was from Galatians chapter 1 verses 11 to 17 which
whatever comes in our life we will follow you like were already red before us. From this passage, I want
Paul. Lord as we are going meditate upon your words to share my short sharing based only on the verses
let us help to understand the words and engrave in our from 15 to 17. Before that let us recollect the
hearts. Plow our hearts and keep that good land so that background of this letter of Paul, Galatia was a region
the words we plant will become a fruitful not only for in central Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). Paul
us, through us to all. May the words of my mouth and established churches in Galatia composed primarily of
the meditation of our hearts be acceptable oh Lord our Gentiles who received the Gospel eagerly (4:14-15).
rock and redeemer. Amen He wrote this letter from Ephesus about Galatians in

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord between 54-56 CE. In fact, the letter indicates it is

and Savior Jesus Christ. First of all, I want to thank specifically the social identity of the Jesus groups

almighty god who enabling me to stand before you (ecclesia) as established by Paul that comes under

and share the word of god. Secondly, I thank my attack and the attacking agency is a group called

advisor sir lalhriatkima and advisory leader for gave Judaizers with another form of the gospel of God.
Particularly in this passage, Paul opens his defense by Remember our call through the call of God
laying out the source of innovation he proclaimed the to Paul
change agency behind his activity, which his
As we all well known about the call of God to
opponents might claim that the gospel of God he
Paul. When he was on the way of Damascus to
proclaim is of human origin, perhaps Paul himself.
persecute the Christians Jesus met him and called him.
Paul insists that he received that gospel through as
In this passage, Paul tells testimony about his call.
revelation (apocalypses). The revelation, in this case,
Paul does not hesitate to share his own sin and failure
was a personal experience. In verse 11-12 Paul
in ordered to show the power of God. When he was in
defense himself that the gospel which was preached
Judaism he was violently persecuting the church of
by him is not man’s gospel. It is from God. It is not a
God and was trying to destroy it. But God called him.
human development from the Jewish religion. Paul
In verse 15 he says that he had set apart by God
proceeds to argue, that he was independent of the
before he was born. “From my mother’s womb” does
Jerusalem apostles.
not refer to physical obstetrics but to spiritual
Let us come to verses 15 to 17, based on these obstetrics. “God knew from before I was born that I
verses I entitle my short sharing as Remember of our was going to be the apostle to the Gentiles.” This is
call and commitment through Paul’s life. In these pure grace (Jeremiah 1:5). Likewise, God knew us
verses Paul remember his call and his commitment to when we are in the womb. Paul’s call came strictly
God. In these verses, Paul does not hesitate to share through grace. God did not call him because he was
his own sin and failure. better than other people were because grace opposites
merit. Rather God chose Paul before he had a chance Remember our commitment through Paul’s
to show any merit. Paul did not initiate his salvation; commitment to God.
God took the initiative. God chose him out of pure
He is an example of commitment to God’s call
grace. No work by Paul added anything to his call.
to preach the gospel to the Jews and Gentiles.
God’s grace turned him around. God never faces a
Although he was a great scholar (V13), studied under
dilemma for He knows what He wants to do from
the feet of Gamaliel, he did not consult with any
eternity. Our call is never unpredictable; it is always
human being, he immediately committed himself to
planned. It is part of God’s eternal plan. When God
God. He was committed to the Jewish traditions
touches our lives, He turns our lives around 180
before he was called and commissioned by the risen
degrees. If God can change a murderer like Paul, He
Lord. After his call and commission, he displayed a
can change us. God will do this in His own sovereign
passionate zeal to preach the gospel of Christ, planting
way. He saves us by sovereign grace. None of us
churches, safeguarding the ecclesia from heresies,
earns or deserves salvation. If we got what we
serving fellow Christians and trying to bring unity in
deserve, then God would consign us to the Lake of
the body of Christ. In verse 16, Paul’s commitment
Fire. Let us remember our call. In what situation we
was to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ who gave
were called.
him a special task of preaching the gospel specifically
to the Gentiles. He established a number of churches
and Christian communities in and around the Greco-
Roman world. The commitment to the call helped him
break the rigid traditions of Judaism and bring grace and there is no credit on our part. From the time
liberation to humanity through the gospel of Jesus of his call, we must be fully committed to the task for
Christ. It is Paul’s commitment and undivided loyalty which he called. The commitment to proclaim the
to Christ that stands tall in his Christian life and gospel is through our life and ministry. The false
ministry. The proclamation of the gospel was the apostles and the challenges from fellow Christians
starting point of Paul’s missionary task. Paul was should not deter us from the obligation God laid on
committed to preaching the simple and pure gospel of us. Just like Paul was committed to the unity in the
Jesus Christ’s because it is the power of God for the body of Christ, we also must strive for the unity of the
salvation of both Jews and Gentiles’ (Rom.1:16). For church in the context of division based on caste, color,
Paul, to preach the gospel (Gal.1:11) is to preach region, and creed, etc.
Christ (Gal.1:16). So let us also remember our
commitment to God.


Just like Paul is called to be an apostle to the Gentiles,

we are also called by God to preach the gospel to
everyone. God’s call is personal just like Jesus called
the disciples to follow him. Behind the call, there is a
purpose to be fulfilled. The call is purely by God’s