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PROPERTY PROFILE INC This service to obtain copy of your property assessment profil i ot associated with any 9 W Fouth Blvd #519, governmental agency. You can aban 4 copy of your grant deed or oer record of ile Glenn. CA 91741 ftom the County recorder in the County where your property is located for a nomial fee PHONE, 488-411-7842 a) RECORDED DEED NOTICE [Pores | Service Fee $86.00 Please Repond By owu22019 wat 30 pay Pale connor ha hones bn copy oi Property pent 2019} | Keen rl nce py eet eed aaa ig once ‘ow022009, enor ic tame Proper DF “The "Property Asesmen rile” ia comprehensive propery report iat provides weal of —_ infomation 9 he propety tea be ue to verity propenylfarmaton ended ‘onety as mistakes ta et property taxes, The tformation onthe report canals be ws PAY BY PHONE 188-411-7842 toconent your property taxes athe County lve, yom find You ae payin her progeny ‘Se hubla espaol tose than compare proper in your treowed ou une on 027219, wich inca our wer sco incre nie pete | Recording Date: 061272019 Transaction Amount: NA er Code: ROIS Property Adres ‘To obtain a copy of your Property Assessment Profile an complimentary Grant Deed or other record of tie, Please detach ‘and retrain the enclosed envelope with your pracesing fx of $46.00 You will ecelve your documents ad report within 21 Dusines days. Upon seit of your procssing fe, your request wil he sbi for document psparion ad ee foray ean You requ fora Property Assessment Profile and complimentry Grnt Dowd reer ecole cart be tied, Your pressing ee wil be mineditely refed, + Toa Asse Vale + Comparable Sales Daa + Prine Tasfer Recon ate ‘Toa Axsessor Market Value + Area Sales & Tax Analyst + Foo Repor + Toul Tax Amount Tax Dtingency + Shows he coda afer date Tax year + Homeosnes exemption + Shows he sale mount + Subject Propet egal Desrigion Tec exemption + Shows he square footage Propey Profile Ie uses power sftwae ad euting edge algrtms to analyze public information to ceate Property Aseament Profil Reports. Due ote css ssid, we charge atervice fe of $86 forthe Property Asssenen Pole Rept Asan advo enefit tocar clients, we als nce conplintary copy ofthe cument Geant Deed oe eer eco of tile, Ths fa complimentary copy an st pro the $860 service fee This i not nil This in slain, Yow ate under 9 lea olgation vo pay the amount ‘ed uns you acpi offer I you ae ot 100% sad wit ths rodt spy etn within 3 day fora fl vf