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The Dean Collection Music & Art Campus


The Dean Collection is devoted to giving arti sts a break in a challenging art market. 1 Beginning in
2016 with “No Commission,” Mr. Dean created an art fair giving arti sts 100 percent of their
sales proceeds—instead of sharing 50 percent with a dealer. 2 No Commission has
expanded from Miami to Berlin, London, Shanghai, and the Bronx, reportedly generati ng
more than $3 million for the arti sts involved. Last year, the Dean Collection awarded $100,000 in
“St(art)ups” to artists to support their work without stipulation. Artists were also awarded grants of
$5,000 with incentive to further their work for the possibility of receiving an additional grant of
$25,000.3 The Deans also support community through numerous philanthropic engagements, including
Frum Tha Ground Up, a non-profit bringing youth crucial tools for academic success as well as
scholarships. 4

The Project

The following is a brief description of the scope of the proposed reuse of the on-Site industrial buildings
located at the former Jindal property at 792 Route 31 Macedon, New York:

1. Main Building Classroom Office Reuse - Proposed reuse of the existing main structure would be
turned into classrooms, cafeteria, and offices. The structure will be maintained but renovated.
The proposed use is a new concept to educate musicians and artists about the business side of
the music and art industry and have a campus and creative atmosphere for learning and
expanding opportunities.

2. Barn Building Art Exhibit Hall - The Deans have a large personal art collection including
photographs by NY Times photographer Gordon Parks (dean-collection.com) and other art. 5
While parts of the collection were just shown at Harvard University and most recently at The
Ethelbert Cooper Gallery from April 26 – July 19, 2019, they need a permanent home for the
collection. The Pole Barn Structure would be renovated into essentially an art museum open for
public viewing of the collection.

3. Factory Building - Formerly used as an industrial research & development facility, this industrial
space will be renovated into a performance art center, large gym, and training area for artists
and musicians.

Above is the short-term plan for reuse of the existing structures under the current zoning. The longer
term use of the property, which will likely require rezoning portions of the 100-acre property to
accommodate mixed use, is to build dorms and spaces for people to live while they are attending and/or
teaching at the school.

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