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1-The photoconductor used in photocopier is:
A-Aluminum B-Selenium C-Toner D-Copper
2- Electric Flux is maximum when electric field intensity is at……………to the plane of the objet?
A-0˚ B-45˚ C-90˚ D-180˚
3-Which field can be shielded?
A-Electric field B-Gravity C-Both D-None
4-1eV = ………….?
A-1.6 × 10-19J B-6.67 × 10-11J C-9.8J D-6 × 1024J
5- The value of coulomb’s constant depends upon?
A-Units B-Medium C-Both D-None
6- The change of potential with respect to distance is equal to?
A- Electric Force B- Electric Flux C-Electric Intensity D- Current
7- The unit of electric intensity is?
A- V/m B- N/C C- Js D- Both a & b
8-The unit of capacitance is?
A-coulomb B-volt C-farad D-ampere
9-Energy stored in a 2F capacitor having potential difference of 2V across its plates is?
A-2J B-4J C-8J D-16J
10-During charging the capacitor, time constant defines the time required to deposit……….times qo?
A-1 B-0.63 C-0.37 D-0.100
11-Silver and………………are the best conductors.
A) Copper B) Platinum C) Iron D) Gold
12-A single black color represents………………ohm of resistance.
A) 0 B)1 C) Infinite D)Not defined
13-In gases, the charge carriers of electric current is/are?
A) electrons B) ions C) both D) none
14- Kirchhoff's First Rule is the law of conservation of?
A) Mass B) Charge C) Energy D) Momentum
15-The value of the resistance depends upon…………..of the conductor?
A) nature B) dimensions C) physical state D) all
16-The material with negative temperature co-efficient is/are?
A) germanium B) silicon C) carbon D) all
17-The tolerance for silver band is about?
A) 1% B) 5% C) 10% D) none
18-If a resister is traversed in the direction of current, the change in potential is ………..?
A) negative B) positive C) 0 D)Not defined
19-Which is the most economical and accurate device to measure voltage?
A) voltmeter B) CRO C) potentiometer D) AVO meter
20-In any circuit E.M.F. is always……………then/to the terminal potential difference?
A) less B) more C) equal D) none
21- Magnetic force on a moving charged particle is perpendicular to the………..?
A) magnetic field B) electric filed C) velocity D) Both A and C
22-The unit of magnetic field strength is?
A) T B) NA-1m-1 C) Wbm-2 D) All
23-Tow parallel wires carrying current in the same direction………………each other?
A)attract B)repel C)cancel D)no effect
24-The magnetic force is simply a…………..force?
A)reflecting B)deflecting C)restoring D)gravitational
25-The e/m of a neutron is:
A)less then electron B)greater then electron C)zero D)the same as electron
26-If the number of turns become double but length remain same, then ‘B’ in solenoid becomes:
A)half B)double C)remain same D)zero
27-1 tesla is equal to?
A)1 NmA-1 B) 1 Nm-1A-1 C) 1 Nm2A D) 1 NmA
28-For an electron, e/m is given by?
A) B/Vr B) V/Br C) Br/V D) V Br
29-The unit of magnetic flux is :
A)curie B)weber C)Newton D)farad
30-If an electron is accelerated through a potential difference V, it will acquire energy:
A) Ve B) V/2 C) E/2 D) V e2
31-The brightness of spot on CRO screen is controlled by:
A)Anodes B)Cathodes C)Grid D)Plates
32-The relation for maximum value of deflecting couple is given by
A)τ = B/NIA B) τ = BINA C) τ = BNA D) τ = BNA sinθ
33-Resistance of a voltmeter should be……….as compared to the resistance across which I is connected.
A)high B)low C) very high D) very low
34-The galvanometer can be made sensitive by making the factor BAN/C?
A)Large B)Small C)Constant D)Zero
35-Torque on a current carrying coil is given by?
A)ILB cos α B) ILB sin α C) IBA cos α D) IBA sin α
36-Grid in cathode ray oscilloscope controls……………of electrons?
A)Number B)Energy C)Frequency D)Temperature
37-Sensitivity of a galvanometer can be increased by decreasing ………………..?
A)Torsional couple B)No. of electrons C)Area of coil D)Magnetic field
38-CRO works by deflecting a beam of?
A)Electrons B)Positron C)Neutrons D)Protons
39-An AVO-meter is also called:
A)an ammeter B)a voltmeter C)a multimeter D)an ohm-meter
40-When a small resistance is connected parallel to the galvanometer, then resulting is?
A)Voltmeter B)Wheatstone bridge C)Ammeter D)Potentiometer
41- If the motor is overloaded, then the magnitude of back emf?
A Increases B Decreases C constant D Becomes zero
42- Lenz’s law is in accordance with the law of conversion of?
A Momentum B Charge C mass D Energy
43- When the back emf in the circuit is zero, it draws……………..current?
A Zero B maximum C minimum D Average
44- Which one of the following is not present in A.C. generator?
A Slip rings B Commutator C armature D Magnet
45-Energy stored in an inductor is given by:
A 1/2LI B 1/2LI2 C 1/2L2I D 1/2L2I2
46-A real transformer does not change…………….level?
A Voltage B current C frequency D Power
47-An inductor may store energy in its………………….?
A Magnetic field B Electric field C coil D None
48-The self-induction is given by:
A NL = фI B NI = Lф C Nф = LI D N = LI
49-Commutator was invented in:
A 1736 B 1834 C 1935 D 1885
50-The working principle of transformer is:
A Self induction B Faraday’s law C Mutual induction D Lenz’s law
51-Alternating current and voltage are in-phase in……………..?
Resistor B capacitor C inductor D All
52-The phase angle at +ve (positive peak) is?
π/2 B π C 3π/2 D 2π
53-The sum of positive and negative peak values is called:
Average value B rms value C Peak value D p-p value
54-The power factor of RL-series circuit is:
0 B 1 C Less than 1 D More than 1
55-In-pakistan, the frequency of A.C. supply is:
100 Hz B 50 Hz C 220 Hz D 60 Hz
56- At higher frequency of A.C. source?
XC>XL B XL > XC C XC = XL D None
57- In R-C Series circuit current………………voltage?
Leads B Lags C in phase D All
58- The power factor for RLC-series circuit is?
0 B 1 C 0.5 D Not known
59- Unit of impedance is?
Resistance B Ampere C Ohm D Henry
60- Which is more efficient to travel around obstacles?
AM B FM C both D None
61- The young's modulus of water is (in Pascals)?
A 0 B 1 C 2.2 D None
62- Zirconia is _____________solid.
A Crystalline B Amorphous C Polymeric D None
63- The curie temperature for Iron is about?
A 750°C B -110°C C 125K D 77k
64-Energy band theory is based on which theory?
A Planck's B Bohr model C Einstein's D None
65- The ratio of potential barriers of Ge to Si at room temperature is:
A 7:3 B 1:3 C 2:5 D 3:7
66- Curie temperature of iron is:
A 750 K B 500 K C 1023 K D 300 K
67- Which type of impurity is to be added to a pure semi-conductor crystal to provide holes:
A Monovalent B Trivalent C tetravalent D Pentavalent
68- The Young’s modulus of steel is?
A 20 × 1011 Nm-2 B 3.9 × 10-9 Nm-2 C 200 × 109 Nm-2 D 1.5 × 109 Nm-2
69- Which one is Pentavalent impurity?
A Boron B Gallium C antimony D Indium
70- Which one is not a ferromagnetic substance?
A Cobalt B Copper C Nickel D Iron
71-SI unit of current gain is?
A Ampere B Volt C coulomb D No unit
72-For rectification we use:
A Transformer B Diode C Choke D Generator
73- The ratio of potential barriers of Ge to Si at room temperature is:
A 7:3 B 2:5 C 1:3 D 3:7
74- A PN-junction cannot be used as:
A Rectifier B Amplifier C detector D LED
75-Transistors are made from:
A Plastics B Metals C insulators D Semi-conductors
76-A diode characteristics curve is plotted between………….and current?
A Time B Reverse voltage C Forward voltage D Voltage
77-The open loop gain of the amplifier is order of:
A 102 B 108 C 105 D 1012
78-LED are made from semi-conductors?
A Silicon B Germanium C carbon D Gallium arsenide
79-The thickness of base in a transistor is of the order of:
A 10-3m B 10-5m C 10-6m D 10-9m
80-Which factor does not affect the conductivity of PN-junction diode?
A Doping B Temperature C voltage D Pressure
81-Time dilation is applicable to………………process?
A Physical B Biological C Chemical D All
82-Earth is approximately a/an………………….frame of reference?
A Inertial B non-inertial C Not known D None
83-In NAVSTAR navigation system the location of an object with relativistic effects can be predicted to
A 2m B 20m C 50m D 760m
84-Platinium wire becomes white at…………..
A 900o C B 1100o C C 1300o C D 1600o C
85-The value of wien’s constant is?
A 5.67 × 10-8 m K B 2.9 × 10-3 m K C 6.63 × 10-34 m K D 3 × 108 m K
86-The value of planks constant is?
A 5.67 × 10-8 Js B 2.9 × 10-3 Js C 6.63 × 10-34 Js D 3 × 108 Js
87-The value of stefen’s constant is?
A 5.67 × 10-8 Wm-2K-4 B 2.9 × 10-3 Wm-2K-4 C 6.63 × 10-34 Wm-2K-4 D 3 × 108 Wm-2K-4
88-Which photon has maximum energy quanta?
A X-rays B Radio waves C Gamma rays D Microwaves
89-Einstein was awarded Nobel prize in…………….?
A 1900 B 1921 C 1924 D 1927
90-Potassium cathode in photocell emit electrons for a light:
A Visible B Infra-red C Ultra violet D X-rays
91-In Compton scattering, the Compton shift Δλ, will be equal to Compton wavelength, if ”θ” is?
Zero B 45o C 60o D 90o
92-Maximum kinetic energy of photoelectrons depends upon……………of incident light.
Frequency B intensity C brightness D Power
93-A positron is an antiparticle of?
Proton B electron C Neutron D Photon
94-The momentum of the moving photon is:
Zero B P = hλ C P = λ/h D P = h/λ
95-If an electron is accelerated through a potential difference V, it will acquire energy:
Ve B V/2 C E/2 D Ve2
96-Which light photon has the least momentum:
Red B Blue C Yellow D Green
97-Number of electrons emitted in photoelectric effect depends upon…………….of incident light?
Intensity B Frequency C Energy D Wavelength
98-The rest mass of an electron is?
6.7 MeV B 5.1 MeV C 0.51 MeV D 0.051 MeV
99-X-rays can be:
Reflected B Diffracted C polarized D All
100-X-rays will show the phenomenon of ………………..effect?
Photoelectric B Compton C Pair production D none
101-For holography we use a beam of:
A ϒ-rays B X-rays C Β-rays D LASER
102-Which of the following series of H-Spectrum lies in ultraviolet region:
A Lyman B Balmer C Paschen D Bracket
103-Production of X-rays can be regarded as the inverse of:
A Compton effect B Pair production C Matter Annihilation D Photoelectric effect
104-Atomic spectra are the examples of ……………..spectra.
A Continuous B Line C Band D Mix
105-A particle having 2e charge falls through a potential of 5V. Energy acquired by it is…………?
A 2.5 eV B 20eV C 0.4eV D 10eV
106-The radius of atom is of the order of?
A 1010 m B 10-10 m C 10-14 m D 1014 m
107-Life time of meta stable state is:
A 10-5 s B 10-3 s C 10-8 s D 10-2 s
108-Energy of the 4 orbit in hydrogen atom is:
A -2.51 eV B -3.50 eV C -13.6 eV D -0.85 eV
109-Balmer series lies in……………region:
A Ultraviolet B visible C Infra red D All
110-X-rays can be:
A Reflected B diffracted C Polarized D All
111-When a nucleus emits an alpha particle its atomic mass decreases by:
A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4
112-The number of protons in any atom are always equal to the number of:
A Neutrons B Electrons C Positrons D Mesons
113- α-particle carries a change:
A -e B +2e C -2e D No charge
114-The number of isotopes of cesium are:
A 4 B 32 C 36 D 22
115-Which particle has larger range in air:
A α-particle B β-particle C ϒ-particle D Neutron
116-The charge on β-particle is:
A +e B -e C +2e D None
117-Which of the following have no charge?
A α-particle B β-particle C ϒ-particle D None
118-Neutron was discovered in 1932 by:
A Bohr B Chadwick C Dirac D Fermi
119-The binding energy per nucleon for iron is?
A 7.6 MeV B 8.8 MeV C 8.6 MeV D 7.0 MeV
120-Typical source of β-particle is?
A Radon B Strontium C Cobalt D None
121-A pair of quark and anti-quark makes?
Photon B Proton C Neutron D Meson
122-A positron is an anti particle of :
Proton B Electron C Neutron D Photon
123-Which one belongs to Lepton’s group?
Electron B Muons C Neutrinos D All
124-Mass of meson is?
more than proton B Less than proton C Equal proton D Equal to neutron
125-Strong nuclear force acts on:
Meson only B Pions only C Photons only D Hadrons only
126-Which one is used to study the circulation of blood?
Iodine-131 B Sodium-24 C Cobalt-60 D Strontium-90
127-two down and one up quarks make:
Proton B Neutron C Photon D Positron
128-A proton consists of quarks which are:
Two up, one down B One up, two down C All up D All down
129-The building blocks of protons and neutrons are called:
Ions B Electrons C Positrons D Quarks
130-The moderator used in nuclear reactor is:
Sodium B Uranium C Graphite D Cadmium