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1. Introduction
1.1. Advancement on Instagram

2. Creating your Profile

2.1. The Perfect Name
2.2. The Perfect Biography
2.3. The Perfect Logo

3. The Perfect Post

3.1. The Key Fundamentals of a Successful Post
3.1.1. Quality Pictures/Videos
3.1.2. Captions
3.1.3. Hashtags

4. Growth Strategies
4.1. The Primary Strategy
4.1.1. How to get INSANE Engagement
4.1.2. Free Advertising
4.1.3. Following and Unfollowing
4.1.4. Viral Videos

5. Management
5.1. Third Party Applications

6. Monetization
6.1. All Possible Ways of Monetization
6.2. Pricing

7. Conclusion
1. Introduction

In this section, we go in depth of Instagrams history and growing popularity and

why it is filled with opportunities to make an easy 5-6-figure side income for only an

hour out of your day each day. Be sure to read the book thoroughly and in chronological

order to fully understand our strategies. These strategies will give you the knowledge

needed in order to excel your account to the fullest.

1.1. Instagram on the Rise

Built in just two years and then sold for $1 billion, Instagram has turned into

virtually the most valuable social media platform in the world. In the year 2013,

Instagram grew 23% while Facebook grew a meagre 3%. With an equal 50% iPhone and

50% Android user distribution, the photo-sharing application is truly accessible to anyone

with a modern smartphone. The application has become an integral part of our day-to-day

lives – it is hard to imagine a world without the gallery of perfect photos we have

individually nurtured to virtual perfection and shared to loved ones. This is exactly why

Instagram will continue to thrive well into the next decade - it has firmly set itself in

stone as the biggest photo sharing application in the world. With well over 400 million

users today, organizations of all kinds: businesses, non-profits, and celebrities are using

Instagram to reach out to its massive user base. In fact, 91% of retail brands are

implementing Instagram in some form to benefit their business model. There are
generally three types of accounts you will see on Instagram. The simplest is a personal

account, where the user simply uploads pictures from their lives and shares the best

moments. Another type is a business account, where products are typically posted for

personal accounts to discover and hopefully make a purchase. The third type is an

influencer account, where the user reposts photos from personal or business accounts.

They primarily serve business accounts by advertising for them in hopes of converting

views from personal accounts into actual sales. This tends to work very well especially

with a highly engaged audience typical of Instagram and thus, the demand for social

media influencers have been consistently on the rise.

2. Creating your Profile

In this section we talk about all the fundamentals of having a perfect profile.

Following these steps will make your account much more appealing to users speeding up


2.1. The Perfect Name

People underestimate the importance of a well-crafted name. Since you are not

one of the first adopters of influencer accounts, your name must imply your niche in

some way or form – to maximize growth. We conducted a study with a former account

focused on Super Cars but instead we posted watches. Many people expected the page to

be a supercar page and were disappointed when they found out it was not. You need to

have the perfect name - a name that actually makes sense and people are able to easily

see what you post so people will actually want to follow. For example, a yacht page
named @yachtboy99 will not do as well as @LuxYachts. It really is common sense, but

some people jump straight into it without giving it much thought - immediately

decreasing their growth capabilities. When picking your username try to think of

something very original. Try your hardest not to use periods “.” or underscores “_” as

they do not look as good which lowers appeal to potential followers. There are huge

accounts with underscores and periods but as a general rule of thumb, try to create a

unique name that does not require them. The main reason to avoid these symbols is

because it will be harder to build an online presence outside of Instagram. Let us say your

username is @watches.yachts.cars.daily. If someone searches watches.yachts.caras.daily

on Google, Google translates this as three separate words ‘watches’, ‘yachts’, and ‘cars’.

The only way you would be discovered is if your page has millions of followers. Also try

to avoid religious, ethnic, and gender specificity within the name. You really do want to

try to maximize the potential of your audience, since you are already choosing a niche

and that narrows down the audience already. Name length is also something that should

definitely be considered. While a longer name allows you to better describe your page, a

shorter name allows for exclusivity and becomes easier to search up (although this does

not matter directly on the Instagram app where it automatically shows live searches as

you type). With that in mind try to avoid using a popular handle because you want to

stand out when people type a word in. For example, if your name starts with

‘millionaire’, all the other big millionaire accounts will most likely show up before yours

gets discovered. This makes the uphill climb to the top that much more difficult. On the

other hand, if your name was something special (llluxuryyy), your name will pop up right

at the top of the search bar, making your page a lot easier to discover. Also, it would be
beneficial to incorporate the key word in your niche in the first part of your name. If you

start a page about comics, your name should include that. This is because most people

who search for pages type the key word of the niche first. Another fantastic advantage of

having a site is that it can help boost your Google ranking. All in all - we want you to be

careful in choosing the right name and we cannot stress the importance of ensuring that

your name is the one you want. If you decide to change your name later on when you

have already amassed a sizeable following, you will lose most of your active followers

because they will assume the owner of the account has changed. This number of

followers lost can be in the thousands too and you will want to avoid this detriment at all

costs by choosing a good name in the first place.

2.2. The Perfect Biography

The biography should ideally feature bullet points (•), with phrases that do not

take more than one line. A better-looking type of bullet point (・) also gets great results.

Try your best to keep the bio as clean and simple as possible. You want to get straight to

the point – there should not be any confusion regarding the purpose of your account. If

you page is mostly reposts main sure to include something along the lines of: ‘credits to

all owners or photographers’ to avoid termination of your account in the event of

copyright infringement. Reposting is a generally accepted on Instagram, so there is no

need to worry. Also, include ways of contact such as your email, KIK, or Snapchat

username. Remember, you can sell the website space in your bio link too; so include

something along the lines of “yourlinkhere.com” so it is clearly announced that someone

can put their link there. Companies and brands from all around the world will want to do
business with you. People want to get straight to the content because most of the bio will

only be looked at once and likely never again. Ensure that your biography does not

exceed 4 lines in total unless you absolutely need it. We tend to recommend people to list

the most important things first, from top to bottom. Contact information is obviously a

big one, but if you feel your account is more prone to copyright infringement due to no

credit given, then prioritize the ‘credits to all owners or photographers’ line at the top

(e.g. especially for luxury, house, or automotive pages).

This is what a typical well-crafted biography looks like. A statement (nickname) that

addresses the purpose of the page, methods of communication, and a call to action with a

website link at the bottom. Make full use of these! Do not forget to include something like

‘credits to all photographers’ if you are a reposting account.

There are several different ways to present the link in the website area of the bio.

Ultimately, it is down to personal preference but in studies we found that the most

successful links with the highest number of clicks were those in the form (example.com).

Now that your bio is complete there is one thing left to complete your perfect profile!

2.3. The Perfect Logo

Making a powerful first impression to a potential follower is a big leap towards

success on social media. You must get it right the first time – no exceptions whatsoever.

Having a well-designed logo goes a long way in proving that your page is worth a follow.

Use applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, and

Lightroom to craft the highest quality logo possible or even Phonto on the App Store. If

you are not as proficient or creative as you would like, many pages simply opt for a

designer to create a logo for them. Sites such as Fiverr and 99Designs are great services

to connect with a freelancing graphic designer that will essentially create the visage of

your brand at an affordable cost. Most of the time, your logo will not be enlarged when

people browse Instagram unless they are viewing your page directly. Make sure that the

logo is distinguishable even from a far distance – simplicity and outstanding design goes

a long way when dealing with the short attention span of users who flip through

Instagram looking for appealing content to discover.

3. The Perfect Post

In this section, we talk about all the key aspects of having a successful post. Not

only to go viral, but having a clean appearance to keep your followers engaged.

3.1. The Key Fundamentals of a Successful Post

People follow you to see your posts, on their feed. If they don’t like what they

see, they will do one of two things, unfollow if they’re followed already, or unfollow. We

will talk about the key fundamentals needed in order to have a successful post.

3.1.1. Quality Pictures/Videos

Most individuals decide to start a reposting account where they combine the best

pictures in their niche (e.g. houses) into a gallery on their Instagram page. Never directly

screenshot a picture off another page as this severely decreases the quality of the image.

You can imagine a compounding effect when a picture is screenshot multiple times.

ONLY upload quality content to maximize growth. Unless you are the top dog, set

yourself apart and prioritize quality over quantity. Instead, use an application from your

phone’s app store that allows you to directly download the picture off another page (list

of apps in section 5.1). This will allow you to repost pictures without sacrificing quality.

There are also reposting applications which we do not recommend as that would be

considered automating human activity on Instagram and likely result in a ban. Always

give proper credits to the photographer or creator of the content you repost or you could

risk copyright infringement. No exceptions. If you cannot find the original photographer,

create an extremely easy way for the photographer to contact you in the future. At the end

of the caption, we usually type ‘Photo yours? Email us for credits.’ Try to regulate

reposting pictures from other reposting accounts – you want the content on your page to

be unique and not simply a replica of another similar account in your niche. You want to

try your best and be as unique as possible with your posts. If all you do is go around to

other big pages and repost their photos, especially those that have already received a lot

of exposure, your page will simply not grow as fast. Ideally, your page should be the

hidden gem of your niche. Make it an exciting discovery and post photos that are not

really featured on other pages. This will boost engagement exponentially! Note that

photos will get twice as many likes as videos, but videos will get twice as many

comments as likes. Now that videos are measured in views, posting viral videos ensure a
rapid level of growth. Now that you have your picture/video to post, what do you caption


3.1.2. Captions

Make sure that the caption is limited to 3 lines as it cuts off when your followers

views the post on their newsfeed. Try to have concise captions, but alternatively you can

use the ‘notes’ application on your phone to create a space after the first 3 lines for the

rest of your caption. Try to keep your captions consistent so your active followers over

time will know where to find every thing. Such as, the photographer, and other key

important details. Having a post with a Lamborghini and the caption being, “such a nice

car” will be very less effective than a caption saying, “This Lamborghini is Fire”. So try

to keep your captions creative and not clustered.

3.1.3. Hashtags

You can only have a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. Ensure that they are all

niche based and refrain from using spam hashtags such as #instalike or #follow4follow.

These may bring some likes, followers, and comments in the short run, but the potential

for valuable engagement in the long run is next to zero. They may actually hurt your

engagement for the following reasons. Most of the people using these hashtags will most

likely just want an extra follower, like, and they will most likely not be interested in your

content. These are short term, insignificant gains. They expect you to follow back if they

follow you, and will promptly unfollow if you do not respond. In other cases, they will

want you to comment and like on their photos as well - some might even get angry if you
do not. These are not the type of followers and audience you want to target. In fact, there

are bots that will spam you with either likes or comments in the form ‘Want to get 2000

followers fast? Visit www.examplefollowersfree.com’. These look horrible and will

immediately degrade your reputation. We constantly strive to ignore these type of

hashtags as it is always a lose-lose situation no matter the case. Any hashtag with ‘4’ or

‘for’, in it is a red flag that will only bring the entitled kind. If you are posting a picture of

a ferrari, you should make sure that all 30 hashtags are car related. Having hashtags

related to your content is much more effective because you will get engaged by users

who like your content. It is a great idea to keep a tab in your notes specifically for the

different functions of Instagram (e.g. hashtags, captions, etc.). Never post the hashtags in

the same space as the caption. Always post it as a comment so that the comments from

your followers will cover the ugly aesthetics of the hashtags.

4.1. Growth Strategies

We will teach you several growth strategies that will allow you to gain thousands

of organic followers a week, when used in conjunction with one another. All it takes is

dedication and a rather big sacrifice of time in the beginning stages. After the initial

grind, it is smooth sailing on the way to the top and you will get to a point where you can

sleep and wake up to PayPal notifications - the dream of every entrepreneur and reality of

many multi-millionaires around the world.

4.1. The Primary Strategy

The strategy is broken down into four core components: engagement groups,

following/unfollowing, using free advertising, and viral videos. Using all these four

components in conjunction will maximize your growth. Making it big on Instagram is

only possible with all the background knowledge presented before this section combined

with dedication to all the growth strategies presented in this section.

4.1.1. How to get INSANE Engagement

Your entourage or group of friends within the Instagram application is a vital

component towards exponential growth. This strategy requires you to join and manifest

something we call ‘engagement groups’. How exactly does this work? First off, there is

an entire section of the application dedicated to activities of the people you are following.

Here, you are able to see the most recent activity (likes and comments on other posts) of

the pages you follow on Instagram in chronological order. This is a great way to discover

new pages and fresh content – the entire foundations on which the engagement group

strategy is based within Instagram Direct, set up a group of close Instagram friends.

Ensure that they have great engagement rates – lots of followers, likes, and comments.

Never be afraid to reach out to larger accounts. If you ask hundreds of people to join your

engagement circle, you increase your chances of forming a complete group multifold..

Once the group has been initiated, it is time to post some instructions. Basically, you

must comment and like another page’s recent posts and they will comment and like your

recent posts. Since the other page’s followers see them engaging with you, posting

quality pictures will always yield phenomenal engagement rates – fast tracking your

organic growth. Whenever you post, you tap the heart to the top right of the keyboard as
shown in the figure below or type ‘posted’. Other members in the group would then

engage with your recent posts by liking and commenting so their followers can gain

access to your content as well. If you are in 20 engagement circles at once, your growth

will be insane. Engagement circles are absolutely vital to early growth, especially when

your account is still under 10,000 followers. The reason for this is because if your post

gets a ton of likes and comments in the first hour or so, the picture will show up on the

‘explore’ tab of the Instagram application. If you tell your engagement circles to engage

with the post as soon as possible, the comments to follower ratio will be superb (a

necessary requirement to appear on the ‘explore’ tab). Here, all of Instagram will be able

to see your post (always a good idea to post something that catches the eye) and thus the

engagement for smaller accounts will be quite wonderful. However, as your account gets

larger, this effect becomes more difficult to replicate. We cannot stress how important

getting on the ‘explore’ tab is in the beginning stages of growth – some posts will literally

have thousands of likes even if you have a few hundred followers (more likes than

followers)! The main point to focus on is how many user’s explore page your post makes

it to. With more exposure using this particular explore tab algorithm, that most people are

not aware of, you can build thousands of real followers in a very short period of time.

There are literally people out there that build accounts all day to a reasonable number

(25,000), and then sell them for a quick buck (we do not endorse this at all). Some people

will also send their picture directly to the engagement circle. You can as well. Simply hit

the arrow and choose the group to deliver the picture to! This is useful if you want the

people in your engagement groups to target a specific post (e.g. an advertisement) as

opposed to a random selection of your most recent posts. However, a big account that is
in an engagement circle with a small account (under 10,000 followers) will be especially

useful to the small account. The reason is that the ‘explore’ tab shows results ‘based on

people you follow’. There is a higher likelihood that a big page will tap easier to the

masses when they comment and like on your post, since there are more people following

them. ‘Based on photos you like’ has little growth value at this point in time and certainly

does not contain as much value as the ‘based on people you follow’. ‘Similar to accounts

you interact with’ is based on people you message via Instagram Direct, and will appear

on the explore page algorithm. The great thing about engagement circles is that if you are

in enough of them, you will virtually always have comments on your photos. This is

wonderful, especially if you want the growth that comes along with it. The reason why

the comments always keep coming back is because other people want comments to - the

only reason they will comment is because they want one in return. Thus, do not be the

individual that skips out on commenting and expects other people to comment back. This

tactic will quickly die down and your respect within the Instagram community will be

strictly limited - effectively destroying this specific growth method for you. Another

method instead of joining an engagement group to get engagement is simply to follow the

users you engage with you. Go to some of the big pages and find the users who are most

likely in engagement groups with that specific user. Comment on all of their recent posts,

the ones who comment back are the ones to follow. Then when you post your next post

all you have to do is scroll through your feed commenting on others pictures. This works

great as you can follow as many active engagers you want whereas Instagram Direct has

limitations on user per group. If you find that you are not growing as fast as you can, you
simply need to put in more work. The results will come; perseverance and dedication is

the core of all success when it comes to Instagram.

4.1.2. Free Advertising

After the tough grind for the first few months, you may now have amassed a

sizeable following. Even if you have not, there is no fear. This strategy works

progressively better, as your account gets larger. We call this ‘free advertising’ as you are

essentially spreading word about your page on other pages, at no actual monetary cost to

you other than simply returning the favour as described below. Constantly reach out to

accounts around the same follower count (i.e. give or take 5000-10000 followers) and

engagement as you to do SFS (shoutout for shoutout). You should ideally be doing about

three to four shoutouts with other pages every day to grow (ideally even more), in

addition to posting consistently throughout the day in spread out intervals. By placing

your username in the caption as the @format (mention), you are exposing yourself to a

big chunk of their followers. If you do this several times a day, the engagement on your

page will go up for sure. At the highest point of our grind, we were doing SFS more than

5 times a day. Every time you post is another opportunity for more exposure, more

followers, and more customers! Absolutely ensure that you never use capital letters when

mentioning another username - only use lowercase letters. This is because that when you

mention someone using capital letters, a potential follower cannot actually click follows

if they want to follow the page, and would have to manually visit the page to follow

(which is a hassle and therefore loss of potential engagement). Never hesitate to reach out

to accounts that are larger than you, despite our recommendation for similar size above.
Simply offer to do a 2:1 SFS, for example, if the account has double your followers. You

post two caption shoutouts while they post one. It does not take that long to reach out to

hundreds of people via Instagram Direct, so never give up. Tailor each message so that

you can also meet like-minded people along the way and definitely maintain

professionalism at all times – do not take rejection harshly! In the same way, do not reject

the requests of smaller accounts to do SFS. Sometimes they offer amazing deals, such as

10 shoutouts for 1 shoutout - this can be a lot more valuable than a single SFS with an

account of the same following as you can maximize the exposure to their audience.

Always be humble and willing to help the smaller accounts because you have no idea

what sort of benefits they can bring you in the future (one user made us a professionally

made video shoutout to thank us). We must discuss shoutout groups as well. The most

powerful of these are in the form of shoutout trains - and these are most effective when

they take place on Instagram Direct and you are in multiple at the same time. Again, you

will have to gather a group of highly engaged and active users into a group chat. We

found the most effective way was not to just simply invite a bunch of people into a group

and expect them to join. Most will not even see the message and then others will have

many reasons to say no (such as lack of highly engaged accounts. As a general rule of

thumb, these are caption posts (space underneath the picture) that last forever in the form

of ‘Follow @example9424’. Try not to use ‘Via @example9424’ or anything that does

not initiate a ‘call to action’, which is a request for your followers to perform an action

(in this case, to follow the person you have mentioned). These groups are usually great

for a few weeks before the rate at which followers flock to your page from other pages

becomes saturated. Saturation happens because after a while, you will already have
poached most of the other page’s followers! Do not fear though, there are virtually

thousands of accounts that will want to join these shoutout trains. The reason this method

becomes gradually more powerful with a larger following is simply due to the snowball

effect – the longer a snowball rolls down a snowy hill, the bigger it gets. You can start

doing shoutout for shoutout with larger and larger followings, effectively tapping into far

more users at an exponential rate than if you were doing it with say, accounts under ten

thousand followers. Past a hundred thousand followers is usually the magic number you

are looking for - the magic of 3 digits and a K. You will be respected by many, and your

opportunities for business will go up exponentially. It would be an awesome idea to be

able to do cross platform shouts outside of Instagram as well. Sometimes when you really

need an extra boost, purchasing shoutouts can be extremely beneficial and provide you

with great results if done right.

4.1.3. Following/Unfollowing

Yet another strategy for effectively gaining followers is the “follow, and then

unfollow” method. This is one of the easiest methods to acquire followers, however we

have tweaked this method in order to achieve greater results, overall boosting

engagement. The traditional way of following/unfollow is going to a big page, and

following a bunch of users who follow that specific page. In our method it’s different.

What seems to work is to go to a big page that has posted recently within an hour or so.

Make sure it is a page that does not post their pictures with plenty of hashtags and is

affiliated with your niche. Then simply click their likes on the most recent picture and go

on a following spree. This will let others know of your page because you most likely
don’t have as much exposure so this will help your page grow. In the process of this you

won’t just be gaining followers, you will be gaining followers who actually like your

page and will contribute to engagement. This will speed up growth exponentially!

4.1.3. Viral Videos

Posting viral videos is an extremely effective way to boost engagement and

followers. Viral videos tend to get approximately ten times more engagement than any

photo or video. Even with a small account, your viral video can potentially have more

views than your followers, especially when paired with the explore page algorithm

described above. In a case study, we found that trial account (A), which only featured

videos, performed exceptionally better than trial account (B) which only featured photos.

In fact, the followers of trial account (A) increased almost double that of trial account

(B). This is expected because even if the video is not viral, we have previously mentioned

that videos have double the engagement for comments than photos, unless you post a

viral photo. Generally, you want to find the perfect content that will go both viral and

drive a high level of engagement - the core recipes to why the viral video gold mine

strategy works so well. The best places to find viral videos are via the super big pages,

and sometimes they will tag the original owner of the video. This original owner of the

video will likely have other crazy viral videos posted on their page, content that you can

use to impress your audience! Make sure that you pick a viral video that people can relate

to. Find unique and rarely seen footage to share on your page - something that would

make potential followers want to tag their friend and share the experience with. Try not to

use the viral video already posted on the big page. Generally speaking, you want to post
something amazing that ideally no one else has seen. Consistent posts of relatable videos

will exponentially speed up your growth - something that many accounts do not realize

the potential of and thus fail to do. When choosing the frame for your video (a frozen part

of the video that shows up in search results), you want to make sure it is the capture that

will draw the highest amount of engagement. For example, if you posted a video with

regards to skydiving, you do not want to have the frame as the part where the skydiver is

still sitting in the plane! It would not be a good idea to have the frame set for when they

are already out of the plane. In this particular example, the best frame to choose would be

when they are just getting out of the plane. People love thrill and again, wants to witness

something that they cannot imagine themselves doing. Your video should take them out

of their comfort zone and into the world of taking risks. Since videos can only be played

one way, make sure to trim the video so that the exciting event happens almost

immediately, instead of making the viewer wait (people get impatient). This is because

you cannot jump to a certain part of the video and must sit through the entire length of the

video until the particular point of interest. A view only registers after a viewer views the

video for more than 3 seconds - explaining why advertisements get far less views than

viral videos, even with the same hashtags and following engagement. When searching for

viral videos to post, you want to find the ones with the highest amount of views.

Although in a case study, we found that just about any viral video will be beneficial to

your account. If the video does not match your theme, you can post it for 24 hours and

then remove it. People love videos though - the more you have on your page, the faster

you can grow!

5. Management
In this section we talk about the important aspects of managing your profile.

5.1. Third Party Applications

With Instagram being such a popular application, many other applications will

rely on Instagram for the survival of their app. We will give you a list of some important

applications that will help you along your Monetizing Money Making Career.

- Phonto: A unique mini-photoshop allowing you to create logos, watermarks, and

advertisements all for free

- InstaSaver: This application allows you to save others photos and videos

- Cleaner for Instagram: If you are a big reliant on the following/unfollowing

method this application will save you hours of your time doing the unfollowing

for you

- Followers +: This application tracks everything you need to know from followers,

unfollowers, most engaged, calculates your engagement rates, and much more

- Social Blade: Great for tracking growth and future growth


6. Monetization

After following the steps listed above and gaining a following of around 10,000 it

is time for you to start making money. We will teach you how to sell yourself and your

brand, price points, and how to have successful business relations.

6.1. All Possible Ways of Monetization

Now that you have a large following and are ready to make money, how do you

make money? Listed below are all the possible ways to make money.

- Selling Mentions in Captions

- Selling Sponsored Videos/Pictures

- Selling your Username

- Charge Others for Shoutout/Engagement Groups

- Selling Link Space

- Creating Logos

6.2. Pricing

When you are ready to monetize having the right price is crucial. The average

price goes per followers, $1 per 10k (having 10% engagement rates). If you have 10,000

followers and 1% engagement rates you should try to boost that as much as possible

before charging others. In the end result as much as you are making money it feels great

to know that you helped someone out. Having overpriced monetization will scare away

potential customers and business partners so make sure you have strategically priced

options based on engagements and followers. Underselling yourself will make you seem

weak, so also try to avoid doing that.

7. Conclusion

For me, and many others, Instagram has unlocked an entire world of opportunity

in the realms of business, networking, and social media. From the start of my own

Instagram I have learned man valuable assets I will use in future reference. Since we
started pretty early on in the game, we did not have the proper sort of guidance you have

today. That is why this book should essentially be your perpetual reference to the entirety

of Instagram throughout your journey. It addresses every aspect of the Instagram

application including many growth strategies. I thank you for taking the time to read our

book and hopefully you have learned a lot about how Instagram works. Again, thank you.