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10 Advantages of Precast Structures

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1. High Quality:
Precast concrete structures are cast in a controlled
environment. Hence, these structures have high quality
compared to site cast structures. Precast structures do not
have problems related to dust, humidity, temperature
changes, or unreliable quality of materials.

2. Low Maintenance:
Precast panels or precast structures have a long lifecycle
with reduced costs. The precast structures have uniform
quality, fewesr risks of cracks or damage, and low
maintenance costs.

3. Easy Installation:
Precast panels are built in the factory itself and then
transported on site where they are ready to be installed. Unlike
raw materials that require huge machinery for transportation
and installation, precast structures undergo fuss-free

4. Minimal on-site work:

The precast panels or structures are produced off-site and
hence it reduces the complex work on-site. This allows
simultaneous activities to be carried out including finishes and

5. Speedy construction and Strength:
Precast structures are transported to the site on a timely
basis. Hence, the time required for rod bending, and concrete
pouring can be saved. Precast structures can be laid within
minutes depending on site conditions. Precast structures can
be built in days or weeks, unlike site cast structures that
require months or years.

6. Weather and Fire Resistance:

Precast concrete can be used for any weather conditions
from scorching heat to freezing cold temperature. Precast
concrete has the ability to resist fire as it is non-combustible.
It does not require any additional fireproofing application.

7. Flexible Designs:
Precasting provides flexibility to the designers for creating
structural designs. Also, it allows the creation of longer spans
without intermediate columns and beams with less use of
concrete and steel, unlike conventional design that requires
materials in bulk.

8. Recyclable:
When crushed, pre-casted structures can be reused in one
form or the other. It can be used for road construction or
construction fill. Recovery rate is much higher for precast
structures allowing them to be used for manufacturing a new
precast structure altogether. This provides economic and
environmental savings.

9. Water and Sound Resistance:
Precast structures have high thermal mass making them a good
choice for sound insulation. They reduce the noise providing a
sound barrier against roads and urban noises. Concrete is made
up of high-grade cement so the precast concrete structures have
higher resistance to water. It can be used to preserve water for
irrigation sites.

10. Energy Efficient:

The thermal mass of precast concrete absorbs and releases
heat slowly thus reducing the energy usage. The heating and
cooling costs can thus be reduced by about 30%.

Apart from these, precast structures can also be used in the
ducting system to channel air around the building. They act
as heat exchangers between rooms having different

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