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Himanshu chauhan

Mechanical Engineer
H.NO- 481,Awas vikas ward 3
Subhash Nagar, Kashipur Uttarakhand (244713)
Contact No.: +91 9569324951 , 9690022347
I have completed B.tech(Hons) in mechanical engineering from Lovely Professional University and
currently employed in Naini group of industries kashipur uttarakhand in Power plant operation and
maintenance department from last 2.5 years. My current postition is Asst. Engineer.

To strive for good learning experience for enhancing my skills and abilities. In my opinion positive
attitude and willingness to work hard are the necessary catalyst for success. I wish to grow
personally and professionally along with the corporate ladder while contributing effectively to the

Educational Details

Qualification University / Board University/ School Year

HSC T.R.R.R.S.V.M, Kashipur 2008

SSC T.R.R.R.S.V.M, Kashipur 2010

Lovely Professional Lovely professional university

B.Tech-Hons(M.E) 2016
university Punjab

Professional working experience

Assistant Engineer Naini Papers Limited

Role- Operation and maintenance of power plant and boiler

Brief details-
working in Naini papers limited from January 2016 till now.

Technical skills
 Operation and maintenance of boiler and turbine and its auxiliaries and accessories.
 Prepare the planned preventive maintenance of steam turbine and boiler.
 Prepare the planned preventive maintenance of Reverse osmosis and demineralization
water plant.
 E.S.P. operation and maintenance
 I.D. fan, F.D. fan Feed pump. soot blower cooling tower maintenance
 Attend the boiler tube leakage.
 Prepare steam and energy balance sheet.
 ISO documentation work
 Secure line safety training programme for boiler safety techniques.
 Hydraulic test of boiler and steam pipeline.
 Safe operation of power plant
 Minimising the pollution by utilising the waste in industries which improve the overall
financial and economic efficiency of plant.

Project undertaken

Trainee in erection and commissioning of 12 MW cogeneration power plant at Naini group

of industries. (Boiler make – Thermax 88 kg/cm2 / 520 *c/ 60 T.P.H., & Steam turbine Make-
Triveni turbine limited ,Bleed cum extraction cum condensing multistage impulse reaction

Kaizen champion award for Power plant operation and maintenance management system in
Naini Papers Limited.

Boiler details-

Boiler Reg. Working Fuel Steam Boiler make Heat surface

no/Make pressure / fuel feeding generation & type area
year (KG/CM*2) type Feeding capacity (M*2)
& steam temp (T.P.H)/ Fuel
UP/5499 11/185 80% Bagasse 10 Thermax 500
pith,20%rice A.F.B.C
/ Over bed
D-933 11/185 80% Bagasse 6 Thermax 216
pith,20%rice A.F.B.C
husk/ Over bed
UR/12 45/450 70%rice husk,30 22 Cheema 1229
2003 % pith/ Over boiler Limited
bed A.F.B.C

UR/113 11/185 40 % rice husk, 25 Cheema

2008 60 % pith/ Over boiler Limited
bed A.F.B.C

UR/97 11/185 40 % rice husk, 24 Cheema 809

2004 60 % pith and boiler Limited
wood waste A.F.B.C
/ Over bed

UR/167 11/185 100 % bagasse 22 I.B.L

2012 pith Combitherm


 Organisation: CETPA
 Duration-45 days

Project undertaken in graduation

 Project: National go kart championship 2013

 Objective: Prepare a go kart in given specification with 110cc engine
 Job profile: Steering analyst
Extracurricular activities

 Played in AIU(All india university) cricket championship in 2013 from Lovely professional

 Participated in the event “ONE WORLD”-that showcase heritage with objective of

strengthening Global Bonds represented Magnolia as venue coordinator at lovely
professional university Punjab.

 Participated in the scout and guide event in 2008 and got 2nd position.

 Participated in interschool games in 2009 and secured 1st position.

personal Information:

Name : Mr Himanshu chauhan

Father’s Name : Mr Shubhash Chandra
Mother’s Name : Mrs Suman lata
Date of Birth : 10/12/1993
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Unmarried
Language known : Hindi, English (US), Punjabi
Nationality : Indian
Profession : Mechanical engineer


I am keen to continue my career and prepared to work hard in order to achieve my

organization objectives and I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true
to the best of my knowledge.

Himanshu chauhan