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August 7, 2019

Via Email and First Class Mail

The Honorable Lynn Fitch

P. O. Box 696
Madison, Mississippi 39130

Dear Lynn:

Congratulations on your vote total last night. As I know you are, I am humbled and grateful that
the voters of Mississippi have put their confidence in my candidacy for Attorney General. Karen and I
look forward to seeing you in our continued travels on the campaign trail during the next three weeks,
sharing my plan to fight the scourge of drugs that has ravaged our state’s families.

As candidates for Attorney General, I believe we have a particular responsibility to allow the
voters of our state to compare our skills and experience as advocates — and our positions as public
servants — in person and head to head.

Please meet me in a series of three live debates, one in each of our state’s three Supreme Court
districts, on the three consecutive Monday evenings between tonight and Tuesday, August 27. I am
confident that there are many civic-minded organizations willing to sponsor and moderate those debates.
As our state has law schools in two of the three Supreme Court districts, those seem to me to be excellent
venues for two of the debates. But locations will be easy enough to confirm once you agree to join me in
front of the voters.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I may be reached through our campaign office number of
601-499-1995 to discuss details, or you may reach me at my cell number, which I gave in the message I
left for you at the beginning of our campaign.

Yours very truly,

Andy Taggart
cc: Mississippi Media