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HR Division

Ministry of Education

Samtse College of Education

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th October 2010 style
Programme (90m)
MoE – Who is who?
HRD Objectives
Training Criteria
Promotion Rules
Transfer Rules
Dzongkhag Placement
B.Ed Entrance Exam
Question Answer Session
Who is who?

Minister Thakur SPowdyel

SecretarySangay Zam
PPD Chief Dechen Zam
AFD Chief Karchung
BBED Secretary Dr. Phub Rinchen
EICS Chief Sangay Dorji
NATCOM Chief Jamyang Choden
HRD Chief Sonam Wangyel
Dept. of School Education

Director General Tshewang Tandin

Programmes Chencho Dorji
CAPSSD Kinga Dakpa
EMSSD Wangchuk Namgyel
SPBD Karma Sonam
Dept. of Adult & Higher Edn.

Director Karma Yeshey

Scholarship ?
Tertiary Maina Kharga
NFCED Sonam Tshering
Dept. of Youth & Sports

Director Chencho Dorji

GSD Rinzin Wangdi
CECD Tashi Pelzom
Youth Centre Rinzin Wangmo
Scouts Karma Tenzin
HR Division - 10th FYP
….ensure adequate & quality no. of teachers
be trained in the CoE (HRDS)
....provide & facilitate continuous learning for
teachers through various modes of in-country &
ex-country training programmes (HRDS)

…to enhance equitable distribution of

experienced and qualified teachers across all
schools in the country (HRMS)

Training Criteria

Promotion Rules

Transfer Rules

Dzongkhag Placement
Procedure for Scholarship

Shortlist based on academics (XII 15% +
Degree 25%) & recommendations
Check their enrolment in INSET
Review by HR Core Group
Submit to HR Committee for approval
Call candidates to complete pre-
departure formalities
Training Criteria
No adverse reports
Mandatory to complete 1+4 years
Promotion through selection process
Should have served 3-5 yrs in rural schools
to be eligible for P2 promotion
Fast Track Promotion (2 Years)
Out-of-turn promotion (3 Yrs)
Normal promotion till P2 decentralized
Documents required (Audit/SC/PE Forms/RCSC form)
“ Service in the rural area shall be an
additional eligibility criteria for
promotion to Position Level P2 and
shall be awarded a bonus mark. This
shall be applicable to those who
have entered the civil service from
the year 2000 onwards.” (BCSR,
Chapter 6, Page 150)
Career Ladder

Master Tr. E

DEO I Principal I Sr. Tr. I P


DEO II Principal II VP I Sr. Tr. II P

ADEO II Principal IV VP III Tr. P
II 4
ADEO III Principal V VP IV Tr. III P
Experienced entrants
Career Tracks should provide clarity and flexibility to teachers in their career path can join these positions

Entry level
Administration Teaching Specialists
System Career tracks will allow teachers to move horizontally across based on
Roles in the administration track will take into account the
1) performance 2) aptitude 3) inclination making the profession flexible
larger responsibilities involved in handling a challenging
& hence more attractive to join
ES/ Secretary
Positions at ES 2 and 1 levels in teaching &
EX 1 specialists career tracks will represent a pay
increment but distinction will be more of tenure &
ES/ Director General experience than responsibilities
EX 2

ES/ Director Master Coach Specialist Specialist

EX 3 (across districts)

P1 DEO of Large district Principal large school or Cluster Subject Coach Chief Curriculum Controller of
large challenging school (across schools) Officer Examinations

P2 DEO of med. district or Principal large school or Subject Coach Principal Curriculum Principal Subject
ADEO of large district med. challenging school (for 1 school) Specialist

P3 DEO of small district or Principal of med. school Senior Teacher Senior Curriculum Senior Subject
ADEO of med. district or VP of large school Officer Specialist
Access to
ADEO V. Principal small/ Teacher I Curriculum Subject Specialist
P4 position will medium school Officer
controlled Small school: <xy styudents
through a Medium School: xy-ab students
higher bar Teachers will have the opportunity to Large School: >ab students
of selection move into 1 of the 3 career tracks after
a min of 3 years experience based on Teacher II Small district: <20 schools
P5 Medium district: 20-30 schools
1 ) performance 2) aptitude 3)
inclination Large district: >30 schools

16performance scorecard
* Challenging schools will be defined as those with grade D & E in
Transfer Rules
Apply using the transfer form
Must match the subject requirement
Must have served 3 yrs in rural and 5 yrs in urban
schools (Transfer Entitlements)
Other Reasons ?(Health/Marital/Disciplinary)
Transfer order validity & duration
Must meet the deadline
Dzongkhag Placement
Submit the forms
Review of marital cases
Review of rural choices
Match subject requirements
Thimphu, Paro, PLing excluded
Study findings on deployment
67% of schools are located in the rural areas
2009 Statistics
School Location

Urban V.Remote
15% 19%


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B.Ed Entrance Exam 2010

Royal Civil Service Commission ( MoE)
RCSC’s revised rules on Recruitment, Selection and
promotion, Regular civil service, 2010
Ministry’s Endeavour to make teaching more noble
and respectable in the society
To improve quality of education
To close up gaps between the school curriculum and
colleges’ teacher training curriculum
To reinforce genuine passion, interest and aptitude in
For 2010 teacher graduates
Academic Achievement – 50% ( B.Ed
aggregate mark)
Interview- 25 % ( Viva by 5 member panel-
more on general aptitude, communication
and presentation of ideas)
Written - 25 %
Note: From next year ( 2011), RCSC shall conduct the exam and there may be
slight changes in the conduct of the examination.
Written Examination
Every Graduate will write two following
2. Paper I & II: English
3. Paper I & II: Dzongkha
English Paper I for all B.Ed ( General) and English Paper II for B.Ed
(Dzongkha). Dzongkha Paper I for B.Ed ( Dzongkha) and Dzongkha
Paper II for B.Ed (General)

Level and standard ( of paper) will differ

for different type
Written 4th & 5th January 2011
- 4th Jan. 2011- English paper I and Dzongkha Paper I
- 5th Jan. 2011- English paper II and Dzongkha paper II
Interview- 6th – 10th Jan. 2010

All examination will be held in Thimphu

Examination is compulsory
B.Ed mark sheet submitted to MoE through college by due date
One passport sized photo for admission card

Note: index number will be allotted to all the graduates.

Affix photo and get signed endorsement of the Director concerned.
Rooms and date of interview will be communicated later( website and formal information)
Thank you
Wish you
the very best as you
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embark on your
teaching career