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SCIENCE & TREATMENT OF SOUND 1. Cycle - full circuit of particle

ELEMENTS: 2. Frequency - number of times a cycle is repeated

1. Source
2. Transmission path 3. Amplitude - maximum displacement
3. Receiver

4. Velocity - speed of sound
Best for lower band frequency
5. Wavelength - distance
The repetition of a sound produced by the reflection of sound waves 6. Pure tone - one energy one frequency
from an obstructing surface, loud enough and received late enough
to be perceived as distinct from the source 7. Musical Tone - many pre tones

RESONANCE 8. Intensity - rate of flow at sound energy

The intensification and prolongation of sound produced by
sympathetic vibration QUALITY OF SOUND
Unit of loudness level 1. Reverberation - the prolonging of sound

SOUND ABSORPTION 2. Echo - repetition of sound, with magnitude and delay

Process of dissipating sound energy by converting it into heat
3. Flutter - rapid succession of echoes caused by the reflection of sound
waves back and forth between two parallel surfaces
Fluctuation in pressure, particle displacement in elastic medium
4. Creep/ Crawl - reflection of sound from a curved surface

unit of absorption equivalent to 1 sq ft of perfectly absorptive material 5. Sound Foci

6. Diffusion - sound is everywhere

Frequency - expressed in hertz

Decibel - unit of sound
7. Refraction - when traveling forward in a straight path, it changes direction as
it passes through different density and causes sound wave to
Noise - unwanted sound bend
Decay time - reverberation tie
Hertz - the Si unit of frequency 8. Diffraction - acoustic phenomenon which causes sound wave to bend
9. Focusing - sound waves reflected from a concave surface