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Through Integrated IT Solutions,
We elevate your business.

PT Perkom Indah Murni

part of MidPlaza Holding

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Company Perkom Project
Background Solutions Management

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About Vision & Why Perkom Infrastructure Security
Perkom Missions

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Perkom Service Chart Business Managed Contacts
Commitment Solutions Services & Address
pg. 1 Company Background Perkom Solutions pg. 2

/ Chapter One


pg.3 About Perkom

pg.4 Vision
pg.4 Missions
pg.5 Perkom Commitment

PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile

pg. 3 Company Background Vision & Missions pg. 4

About Perkom Vision

PT Perkom Indah Murni is one of the Strategic To be a leading IT solutions and services provider in
Business units of MidPlaza and a major shareholder Indonesia by providing a comprehensive range of technologies

of BIZNET Networks - Indonesia’s leading Network and services to help our customers maximize the benefits of
Provider. Perkom was established in 1983 to help IT solutions in their businesses.
companies succeed through the application of state-
of-the-art information technology.

Today, we serve a wide variety of private and is based on professionalism, a shared vision

Perkom conducts business in a way
state institutions, and have delivered some and a people-oriented approach to our clients.
that not only meets but exceeds the
of the largest and most complex information All of our people undergo rigorous certified
expectation of our customers.
systems ever installed in Indonesia. Perkom training by our principals, and regularly
offers a comprehensive range of services attend professional development workshop
covering consultancy, installation, system to reinforce technical skills and customer
integration, system maintenance and training. orientation.
Perkom continues to invest in new

Staffed by team of dedicated specialist, our In the face of unrelenting development technology that will spur further

fully-equipped customer support centre within the information technology growth for customers’ businesses.

allows clients instant access to the combined industry, Perkom continues to provide

expertise of our field engineers, system unwavering up-to-the-minute, practical IT
engineer, software support personnel and solutions that our clients demand.
ensures that our customers receive best- Perkom focuses not only on the
in-class products and services with full technology but also making the
after-sales support. Our business success technology easy to use.

PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile

pg. 5 Company Background Perkom Commitment pg. 6

Perkom Commitment :

Enliven the Pillar

Customer Innovative Excited Synergy to

Satisfaction & & Quality Team Thrive
Loyalty Solutions

Perkom is commited to always Through creative solutions, Realize the vision and mission Support the sustainable
achieve outstanding level of our team provides an of each individual as a primary growth of MidPlaza Holding
customer loyalty. unforgettable experience for motivation in committing.

PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile

pg. 7 Perkom Solutions Perkom Solutions pg. 8

/ Chapter Two


pg.9 Why Perkom

pg.10 Service Chart
pg.11 Infrastructure
pg.15 Security
pg.17 Business Solutions
pg.19 Managed Services

PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile

pg. 9 Perkom Solutions Service Chart pg. 10

Why Perkom Service Chart

Today, we serve a wide variety of private and state institutions, and have delivered
some of the largest and most complex information systems ever installed in Indonesia.
Perkom offers a comprehensive range of services covering consultancy, installation,
system integration, system maintenance and training.

& Expertise

We Are
Commited To
Your Business
Free Consultation Success Full Solution Center

Comprehensive Range of IT

PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile

pg. 11 Perkom Solutions Infrastructure pg. 12

Service 1

Infrastructure /one/

Data Center

Delivering innovative, high-quality IT solutions requires

the capabilities of best-in-class partners. From servers
to network infrastructure, we are proud to work with
industry-leading vendors to provide our clients with
Each company have their own unique
services that help drive their business forward. requirements that need a detailed assessment
and has their own engineering challenges.
Perkom can accommodate all your needs.

Range of services:

1 6
Access Control UPS
Infrastructure /one/ Data Center Doors

2 7
Surveillance UTP Network
Infrastructure /two/ Hardware
Cameras Cable

3 8
Infrastructure /three/ Infrastructure Software Raised Floor Fiber Optic

Fire Alarm System

Rack System

PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile

pg. 13 Perkom Solutions Infrastructure pg. 14

Infrastructure /two/ Infrastructure /three/

Hardware Infrastructure Software

Our goal is to provide complete technical

solutions to your company. Start with the design
and implementation of new networks or support
for your existing hardware investments. We Perkom provide a range of system software
provide complete technical solution for your to ensure you get the most out of your IT
company to maximize the performance of your infrastructure system. Our services range
network operations, data centres, security, from simply supplying the software, providing
servers, storage systems. ongoing support and full implementation.

1 6
1 4
Server Switching Back Up Cloud
2 7
Storage Hyperconverged 2 5
Disaster Recovery Database System

3 8
End User Device Wireless 3 6
Virtualization Operating System

4 9
Tape IP Telephone

5 10
Routing WAN

PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile

pg. 15 Perkom Solutions Security pg. 16

Service 2 Security /two/

SECURITY End Point Security

Range of services: Perkom gives you the best
preventive method stopping
attacks and delivering
Security /one/ Network Security business continuity.
You will get the threat protection and data
security you need to protect. Your users,
Security /two/ End Point Security corporate information across device and
application will remain safe. We offer the
multiple layers of advanced threat protection,
such as Anti Virus, DLP, Identity & Access
Security /three/ Application Security Management.

Security /one/ Security /three/

Network Security Application Security

Network Security helps you As your applications grows

to protect the usability and and used by more people,
integrity of your network the varierty of threats also
and data. grows.

We design a solution to make your network as As it can be accessed over networks, application
secure as possible. We offer firewall, VPN, IPS, are more vulnerable to a wide variety of
gateway anti-spam, web filtering, bandwidth threats. Therefore you need protection for your
management and application control in one application. We offer Vulnerability Management
management to help you consolidate your and Web Application Firewall to help your
security report in one console. company remain safe.

PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile

pg. 17 Perkom Solutions Business Solutions pg. 18

Service 3

Business Solution /two/

Industrial Solution
Range of services:

System Integration-ERP
Solution /one/ Productivity
Integration helps you to achieve effectiveness,
efficiency, and productivity. Through ERP
system, you can integrate various functions into
Solution /two/ Industrial Solution one complete system. We offer you this solution
to help your company streamline processes and
information across the entire organization.

Solution /three/ Advanced Solution

Business Solution /one/ Business Solution /three/

Productivity Advanced Solution

Creating an ecosystem We provide Enterprise Asset Management,
Fixed Asset, and Warehouse Management so
to boost your employee you can quickly and cost-effectively integrate all

productivity and efficiency. the information needed in your company.

With office automation, you will get a more

efficient operation. Your company activities to PRODUCTS
plan, organize, supervise, control, and implement
can running well through office automation. We
1 2
also provide email services for your company to EAM WHM
set up, create and use their own domain-based
email addresses for business communications.
Fixed Asset
PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile
pg. 19 Perkom Solutions Managed Services pg. 20

Service 4

Managed Services /two/

Range of services:

We provide colocation
with Tier-3 Certified Green
Manage Services /one/ Hybrid Cloud Data Center.

Manage Services /two/ Colocation

We are ready to provide Colocation for your
Data Center or Disaster Recovery in Biznet DC
Technovillage. The DC infrastructure, Facility

Manage Services /three/

Maintenance Management, room server, working space and
security are available. We give your solution
with Tier-3 Certified Green Data Center.

Manage Services /four/ ITIL

Managed Services /one/ Managed Services /three/

Hybrid Cloud Maintenance

Your legacy system or traditional infrastructures Our IT Support and Maintenance Service
are able to be connected with cloud to keep your offers multiple and variable options. We offer a
current environment. Also, we are able to design number of different support packages, ranging
and replicate your data center on premises or from principle support, professional support,
cloud environment. We provide data backup preventive or corrective, patch updates,
and restore to your premises server or other hardware changes and also offered response
colocation site. time basis. These support offerings are bundled
to match your needs and expectations.

PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile

pg. 21 Perkom Solutions Project Methodology pg. 22

/ Chapter Three

Managed Services /four/

Information Technology Project

Infrastructure Library

PT Perkom Indah Murni Company Profile

pg. 23 Contacts & Address


PT Perkom Indah Murni

MidPlaza 2, 19th Floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 10-11
Jakarta 10220


P : +62-21-5700525
F : +62-21-5705157
E : info@perkom.co.id

PT Perkom Indah Murni