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International Journal of English, Literature and Social Science (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-4, Jul – Aug 2019

https://dx.doi.org/10.22161/ijels.4430 ISSN: 2456-7620

On Construction of Ecological Classroom

Teaching Mode
Jie Lu, Zhiqiang Zhang

Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, 255000, China

Abstract— Ecological classroom teaching mode is a teaching situation that is people -oriented, student-centered
and focuses on students’ personality development.The basic characteristics of ecological classroom are as
follows: authenticity, nature and harmony; life, growth and wisdom;Integrity, openness and improvement.This
paper discusses the construction of ecological classroom teaching model from three aspects: teacher-student
relationship, student-student relationship and classroom teaching environment.It points out that ecological
classroom is the paradise of healthy growth of students and the paradise of sustainable developme nt of
teachers.It shows that the construction of ecological classroom teaching mode is beneficial to the overall
improvement of classroom teaching efficiency and the overall improvement of students' life quality.
Keywords— Ecological classroom; Teacher-student relationship; Student-student relation; Teaching
environment; Cooperative learning; Harmonious coexistence; Comprehensive development.

I. INTRODUCTION and focuses on students’ personality development.The

The great French enlightenment thinker and educator basic characteristics of ecological classroom are as follows:
Rousseau pointed out: education should conform to nature, authenticity, nature and harmony;life, growth and
or it will produce the consequence of nature broken.Guo wisdom;Integrity, openness and improvement. Ecological
Sile, a well-known Chinese contemporary education expert classroom teaching focuses on the individual development
and founder of student-centered education, of students;Ecological classroom teaching focuses on
said:"Education is the process of man's spiritual life students' self-development; Ecological classroom teaching
activities”;"The biggest characteristic of life activ ities in focuses on the comprehensive and sustainable
education is the existence of this possibility, which enables development of students.In ecological classroom teaching,
life to mobilize all its own to constantly create itself, teachers create a harmonious atmosphere that attaches
improve and develop life, and life will be inspired fro m it, importance to the independent spirit and free thought of all
so as to harvest a rich and fulfilling life";"Our education students.The teaching class is constructed into a
must create such a state of total human life micro -ecological system with dynamic balance among
engagement"(Guo,2003).The orig inal meaning of the word teachers, students and environment.
"ecology" is "the dynamic balance relat ionship established
by the interaction between organisms and living II. THE CONSTRUCTION OF
environment in the natural system"(Tang,2005).In ecology, TEACHER-S TUDENT RELATIONSHIP IN
the word "ecology" refers to home or the environment in ECOLOGICAL CLASSROOM
which we live.In the ecological classroom teaching mode, 2.1 Fro m the perspective of ecological classroom,
the word "ecology" can be understood as enabling the teacher-student relationship is the organizat ional
liv ing entity --- students and teachers to grow naturally, relationship, interpersonal relationship and psychological
harmoniously, freely and sustainably in a good teaching relationship between teachers and students in classroom
environment.Ecological classroom teaching model is a teaching.In the ecological classroom, teachers and students
teaching situation that is people-oriented, student-centered should maintain a harmon ious relationship of equal

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International Journal of English, Literature and Social Science (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-4, Jul – Aug 2019
https://dx.doi.org/10.22161/ijels.4430 ISSN: 2456-7620

dialogue, equal co mmunication and empathy,instead of the conflicts between teachers and students are inevitable,
traditional situationin which teachers monopolize the because the relationship between teachers and students
platform,and the students just listen and take notes;The itself is a pair of contradictions.In order to solve this
teachers speak passionately, while the students listen contradiction, equal dialogue between teachers and
drowsily;Teachers only focus on the teaching of students is very important.Only in an equal and
knowledge and does not pay attention to students' harmonious at mosphere can students give fu ll p lay to their
feelings.In the teaching process of ecological classroom, learning potential and creativity, and a personalized
equal dialogue is one of the important factors of equality teaching platform can be built between teachers and
between teachers and students.Only when an "equal students.In addition, in classroom teaching, teachers'
dialogue"(Chen,2003) is formed between teachers and flexib le teaching method is also an indispensable and
students can students enjoy the right of independent study important factor in constructing ecological classroom.Fo r
and freedom of self-selection.Ecological classroom example, discussion, task and imagination teaching
requires teachers to face every student in the teaching methods are all effect ive teaching methods with students
process;to pay attention to the comprehensive development as the main body and practitioners.In the dialogue between
of each student;to develop each student's personality;to teachers and students in the ecological classroom, teachers
make every student's development sustainable. should give fu ll p lay to their role of guidance, pro motion
2.2 In ecological classroom, emotion is the catalyst of and impetus, try to stimu late the learning enthusiasm o f
harmonious classroom.Teachers should love students first, every student, adjust the learning state of every student,
because education without love is education without and improve the innovation ability of every student.
soul.In the process of ecological classroom teaching, 2.4 The bid irectional understanding between teachers and
teachers should treat and tolerate the mistakes made by students is an important factor in constructing ecological
every student ,and sculpture every student correctly and classroom teaching model.The two-way understanding
patiently.Because only the love of teachers can be between teachers and students means that teachers should
transformed into students' learning motivation, can make respect students' thoughts, feelings and emot ions;The
students positive, healthy, and gro wing up.Teachers should independent spirit of the students is recognized;Teachers
also respect students.In the process of ecological should always take an equal attitude to care for and
classroom teaching, teachers should fully respect students' encourage every student.At the same time, the two-way
personality, wishes and privacy rights.At the same time, understanding between teachers and students also means
teachers also learn to affirm students, appreciate students that students should regard teachers as elders in their own
and encourage students.Because only teachers learn to life and g rowth and be willing to accept teachers' guidance
appreciate students, encourage students, students can feel and help;Students should adapt to the teaching methods
the existence of self-esteem, can maintain the fun of and teaching characteristics of teachers actively,
learning and forward mo mentum.Otherwise, students tend understand the teaching intention and teaching purpose of
to lose interest in their studies and often become teachers, so as to achieve the "love me, love my dog"
demoralized or even depressed.Besides, teachers should be harmonious relationship between teaching and learning.
good at studying students.Because understanding students
is the basis for teachers and students to get alo ng III. THE CONSTRUCTION OF
well.Only by understanding students' family backg round, STUDENT-S TUDENT RELATIONSHIP IN
personality differences, interests and hobbies, can teachers ECOLOGICAL CLASSROOM
respect each other, cooperate with each other and trust 3.1 Independent, cooperative and exploratory learning is
each other, so as to mobilize every student's learning an important factor in constructing a harmonious
enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. ecological classroom.In the process of ecological
2.3 It is important to deal with conflicts between teachers classroom teaching, teachers should fully believe in
and students correctly.In the process of classroom teaching, students, rely on students, give students more space for

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International Journal of English, Literature and Social Science (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-4, Jul – Aug 2019
https://dx.doi.org/10.22161/ijels.4430 ISSN: 2456-7620

cooperation and interaction, stimu late students' life heat, touch with teachers and other groups .In the ecological
maximize students' learning init iative and creativity, and classroom teaching activit ies, each member of the learning
strive to form a harmonious, smart, pleasant interactive group can find solutions to a common problem through
classroom at mosphere.Among them, cooperative in-depth thinking and discussion and consultation.Group
interaction is the basis of constructing ecological cooperative learning can not only create an intimate and
classroom.In the process of ecological classroom teaching, harmonious learn ing atmosphere between teachers and
group activity is the most common form o f group students, and among students , but also transform the
interaction a mong students.The teacher takes the student knowledge and ability of excellent students in the group
study group as an important means of teaching into the shared resources of group cooperative learning, so
organization. By guiding the group members to cooperate, as to promote the common progress of students with
the teacher gives full play to the positive functions of the learning difficulties.
group and improves the learning motivation and learning 3.3 Setting up Rules. Group activ ities must follo w certain
ability of the individual students, so as to achieve the goal rules.Activity ru les should include: activity
of co mpleting specific teaching tasks.Group activities can content;activity time; result presentation, etc.But it is worth
make students interact in cooperation and compete in noting that the activity ru les should not be too detailed,
interaction, reduce students' anxiety in the learn ing process, otherwise it will restrict students' free choice o f
and thus stimulate every student's learning init iative and behavior;Students should be encouraged to establish their
creativity. own rules of activities, and self-imp lementation of their
3.2 Group Div ision.In the process of ecological classroom rules of activities, to reflect the principle of democrat ic
teaching, teachers can organize teaching activities participation, so as to mobilize students to participate in
according to the princip les of organizing heterogeneous the enthusiasm, enhance students' sense of responsibility
and homogeneous groups.According to individual for act ivities;The activity rules should reflect the
differences in students' academic performance, cognitive humanization, and should have the openness of
style, learning strategies and other aspects, teachers will self-imp rovement and self-perfection.Democracy, equality
reasonably divide students into groups, and arrange each and cooperation are the basic rules of activit ies that team
group member to co mplete different classroom learning members must follow.Teachers should give fu ll p lay to the
tasks according to their own abilities.It is proper to keep role of guidance, take the initiat ive to walk into groups,
the level of competence, academic performance and participate in and integrate into group activities, guide and
competitiveness of each group as consistent as possible.In encourage students to speak actively, and take appropriate
order to provide students with more practice opportunities, measures to eliminate the phenomenon of "one-man
groups of 2 to 4 are usually suitable.In each group, the monopoly" in group cooperative learning.At the same time,
proportion of top students, middle students and students teachers should give timely co mments, praise and
with academic difficu lties remained the same.One g roup encouragement to students for their creative suggestions
leader is needed in each cooperative group.The group and solutions to problems, so that students can always
leader can take turns to reflect the equal cooperative keep a good thirst for knowledge and initiative and realize
relationship and cooperative democracy among the group the pleasure of cooperative learning and the progress they
members, so as to create equal opportunities for every have made in group activities, so as to continuously
student and enable every student to achieve all-round enhance their confidence and courage to explo re and solve
development.In group activities, the group leader not only problems.
actively participates in the group cooperative learning 3.4 Raising Problems.Prob lem awareness is the key to
activities, but also helps the teacher to arrange, to carry out group activities.In the process of group activities, teachers
the learning tasks of this team, coordinate the members of should learn to use questions to inspire students' thinking,
the group activities, adjust the schedule for group activities, so that students can build up their awareness of problems
sum up the team's activ ities, and must be pro mptly get in in thin king, discussing, analyzing and solving

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International Journal of English, Literature and Social Science (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-4, Jul – Aug 2019
https://dx.doi.org/10.22161/ijels.4430 ISSN: 2456-7620

problems.Problem awareness can promote the that "teachers should be student-oriented, rely on students,
development of students. Only when students can and trust students' learning nature and learning
consciously experience and actively put forward "why" potential"(Wang,2002).By changing the organizat ional
and "how to do" can students' thinking be activated, and form of classroom teaching, teachers should give students
students can conduct independent explo ration, acquire more thinking space, and construct and achieve the
relevant knowledge and develop their own classroom ecological environ ment in which teachers,
abilities.Meanwhile, in group activities, teachers should students and knowledge interact.Teachers are required not
carefully observe the cognitive behaviors and emotional only to unify the external pressure and internal pressure,
reactions of each group member, so as to design more but also to unify students' emotional activit ies and
reasonable and suitable questions for students' level, and cognitive activities.In the teaching activ ities of ecological
further stimulate the vitality of group activities. classroom, teachers and students should care for each
3.5 Group Evaluation. The group evaluation in the other;students should cooperate with each other;the
ecological class should be a developmental evaluation, classroom atmosphere should be pleasant, harmonious and
which requires the evaluator to evaluate every student with open.
the vision of develop ment, because students are people 4.2 Make the students masters of the class.In ecological
who are constantly changing and developing.Group classroom teaching, teachers should cultivate studen ts'
evaluation can transform the co mpetition among students sense of ownership to participate in learn ing consciously,
into the competition among groups, and at the same time, and make students develop the good habit of actively
it can p ro mote the mutual t ransformat ion of cooperation participating in learn ing through personal experience and
and competition among g roups.The purpose of group exercise.In teaching activities, teachers are transformed
evaluation is to let the group members learn to cooperate, fro m knowledge exp lainers to organizers, p ro moters and
learn to care, learn to compete with the strength of the instructors of students' independent learning.Teachers
team.Members in a group are mainly based on cooperation, regard students as the master of learning, warmly
and groups are mainly based on competition. Co mpetition encourage and patiently guide every student, create an
and cooperation go hand in hand, thus creating an equal, tolerant, respectful, understanding, harmonious and
ecological classroom teaching atmosphere that is both pleasant classroom at mosphere, in order to stimulate the
cooperative and competitive, both tense and pleasant. motivation of students' independent learning, form the
The autonomous, cooperative and exploratory learning consciousness of students' independent participation in
modes in ecological classroom teaching model can classroom activ ities.Teachers should learn to put
stimulate every student's interest in learning and desire for themselves in others' shoes when organizing teaching
knowledge;It enables each student to explore and activities.Teachers' "teaching" should be created for
studypositively;It can stimulate students' learning students' "learning", so as to form an active and lively
enthusiasm, tap students' learning potential, and make classroom at mosphere in which students are good at
students learn fro m each other in the process of thinking, willing to speak and willing to do things.
complementing, pro moting, improving and developing 4.3 Make teachers become close friends of
together. students.Mutual respect, trust and care for each other are
the basis of becoming bosom friends.Harmonious
IV. CONSTRUCTION OF TEACHING ecological classroom requires teachers to integrate into the
ENVIRONMENT IN ECOLOGICAL students, in respect of the personality of students, believe
CLASSROOM that students can learn, care about the interests of students
4.1 Ecology is closely related to the environment.To build on the basis of the tone of discussion with students, respect
a harmonious ecological classroom, teachers should first the inner needs of students, and setstudents a good
improve the ecological environment of the example.Teachers should learn to treat every student
classroom.Ecological classroom teaching mode requires equally.In the face of students with distinct and varied

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International Journal of English, Literature and Social Science (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-4, Jul – Aug 2019
https://dx.doi.org/10.22161/ijels.4430 ISSN: 2456-7620

personalities, teachers should fully respect students' be conducive to the overall improvement of classroom
individual d ifferences, take people as the basis and teach teaching efficiency and "the overall imp rovement o f
students in accordance with their aptitude.In addition, students' life quality"(Zhu,2008).
teachers should try their best to make every student think,
speak and do in a harmonious, safe and warm classroom REFERENCES
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provide reference for each student in the class.Students can
process, understand and reconstruct new knowledge
informat ion based on their o wn inherent knowledge.In this
process, a pattern of equal dialogue, informat ion exchange
and interaction among teachers , students, and texts can be
formed, so as to build a cheerful, relaxed and democrat ic
ecological classroom teaching mode.

In a word, ecological classroom teaching mode is a
“student-based ”classroom,a class of "situation",
"experience", "cooperation", and a class of "pleasure" and
"harmony".In this harmonious classroom teaching model,
teachers and students maintain an equal and democrat ic
relationship;The relationship of competition and
cooperation among the students is maintained;There is an
interactive pattern among teachers ,students and the text.In
the process of ecological classroom teaching, students'
potential is brought into full play;Teachers' talents are fully
displayed;Text can be put to full use.Eco logical classroom
is a classroom where teachers, students and the
environment interact and improve all together.Therefore,
ecological classroom is the paradise of healthy growth of
students and sustainable development of teachers.The
construction of ecological classroom teaching mode will

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