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5/26/2019 Cloud, Fog, and Edge processing | 3.

6 Cloud, Fog, and Edge processing | IOT2x Courseware | edX

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Cloud, Fog, and Edge processing

To complete this module, please watch the following video where Professor Iain
Murray talks about the di erence between Cloud, Fog, and Edge processing, to help
you choose where your sensor data should be processed.

Cloud, Fog and Edge computing will be revisited in more detail in the third course in
this MicroMasters program, IOT3x IoT Networks and Protocols, because of its
fundamental importance to the IoT.

Video: Cloud, Fog and Edge processing

from perhaps tens of
thousands of sensors,
we need to be very careful
about which data and how
much data
we are transferring up to
the Cloud, both for, as we
said earlier, security,
latency, and response times
in taking action on things
that we are trying to

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5/26/2019 Cloud, Fog, and Edge processing | 3.6 Cloud, Fog, and Edge processing | IOT2x Courseware | edX
that we are trying to

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