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Objective: To evaluate the comprehension of contents and use of abilities


Base Form Simple Past Past Participle Base Form Simple Past Past Participle
Tense Tense
Come ring
Cut say
Do see
Draw sell
Dream send
Drive show
Drink Sit
Eat sleep
Fall speak
Feed spend


Read the following text. Then answer the questions.

Food facts
Eggs: eggs contain vitamins and proteins, but they also
contain cholesterol. Cholesterol isn’t very good for you, but
it’s Ok to eat three or four eggs a week.

Potatoes: potatoes are OK, but beware of chips and crisps! Chips and
crisps aren’t good for you heart because they often contain extra salt
and extra fat.

Fish and seafood: fish and seafood are good for you. Tuna, for example, is
rich in protein and there isn’t much fat in it.

Salad and vegetables: salad and fresh vegetables are really good for you.
There are a lot of vitamins and fibre in them, and they’re delicious! Are
there enough vegetables in your diet?

Sausages: don’t eat too many sausages. There’s a lot of fat in them, and they
are not a very healthy food.

Chocolates and sweets: chocolates and sweets contain much fibre or protein,
but they’ve got a lot of sugar in the. Too much sugar is ad for your teeth.
Fruit is better if you want a snack.
Fruit: there’s some sugar in fruit, but it isn’t bad for you. Fresh fruit is
excellent because it contains a lot of vitamins. People don’t eat enough

a) Is it Ok to eat three eggs every day? Why?


b) Which potato producers contain salt and fat?


c) Which is healthier, sausage or tuna? Why?


d) What should you eat if you’ve got a sweet tooth?


e) Which three things contain a lot of vitamins?



1) Multiple Choice.

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1. What’s Jupiter made of?

a. It’s made of oxygen and water.
b. It’s made of ice, frozen gases, and dust.
c. It’s made of liquids and gases.
d. It’s made of rocks, stars, and moons.

2. What are supernovas?

a. They are enormous planets. c. They are enormous comets.
b. They are enormous exploding stars. d. They are enormous moons.

3. The ____ planet to the sun is Mercury.

a. farther c. farthest
b. closer d. closest

4. Have you gone white-water rafting yet?

a. Yes, I haven’t yet. c. No, I haven’t yet.
b. Yes, I has. d. No, I hasn’t.

5. Have you ridden a hot air balloon yet?

a. Yes, I already have. c. No, I already hasn’t.
b. Yes, I already has. d. No, I haven’t already.

6. Would you ever explore underwater caves?

a. Yes, I wouldn’t. c. No, I haven’t.
b. Yes, I have. d. No, I wouldn’t.