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Dear Silvester,

I am an upcoming singer and recently attended this concert “Coachella” on July 07th in Delhi. I was so
intrigued by your performance and couldn't stop myself to compliment you on your act. Your energy on
the stage was unmatchable. While you were singing “The Hymn”, the entire audience was captivated by
your tone modulation. I never imagined that a live concert could be so better, all thanks to your gig.

Your tracks like “The Country Road” and “My Mama is the best” inspire me a lot. Since I do not have
access to a studio presently, I practice in a temporary facility in my garage. During the last Christmas, I
got an opportunity to perform at the city carnival which was attended by 1200 people. My parents
respect my interest in music and have been generous in gifting me a new microphone for my recordings.

As of now, I am freelancing and performing in “The Rouge” bar on weekends. It would be great if you
could join me as per your availability as it would let me reach a wider fanbase still unfamiliar with my
music. Also, I wanted to learn the rhythm techniques that you talked about in your online videos. I
would really appreciate if you could help me in these avenues. I am looking forward to your reply.


As businesses are becoming more competitive, it is required by the employees to work for strenuous
hours. A considerate proportion of people work for long hours, a situation that gives them less
disposable time for leisure activities. In my opinion, i think that working long hours being about more
problems than any advantages it might bring.

Admittedly there are some basic benefits of people.working long hours. Firstly, working professionals
who are averaging fifty to sixty hours per week have better chances of earning rewards in the form of
promotions and bonuses. For instance, an employee who works for 12 hours can accomplish more tasks
than his peer working 8 hours on a day, and thus, graded better in terms of task completion and
productivity. Secondly, by working overtime, a person gets paid for the extra hours, hence, maximises
his/her final payout.

Nevertheless, despite the advantages above, I believe that people could face serious drawbacks from
extra worked hours. One potentially dangerous problem is that it could have a negative impact on
their health. Spending time in an office building till late hours refrains people from exercising, thus
deteriorating their metabolism and making them prone to illness. For example, in my workplace, my
colleagues who frequently fell ill were also the ones spending more time in office post business hours.
Another obvious issue is that their personal relationships also suffer when they are not able to devote
much time for leisure activities with their family and friends such as visiting museums, parks and going
on picnics or movies. It was discovered in a recent survey that a number of newly married women
complained that their partner did not spend enough time with them due to long working hours. Thus, it
can be noted that striving for long hours in office is counterproductive for one.

In conclusion, neglecting personal relationships and own health far outweighs any of minor monetary
benefits working long hours can bring. Thus, people should prioritize their health and relationships in
the long run than looking for short term gains in their workplace.