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Gomal University D.I.

Khan ,Pakistan
From the SelectedWorks of Dr. Muhammad Zubair Asghar

Fall October 11, 2017

Slang collection with meaning and

Dr. Muhammad Zubair Asghar
Furqan A Khan

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons CC_BY-NC-SA International License.

Available at: https://works.bepress.com/drzubair/46/

Slang Collection with Meaning and Orientation

Furqan Khan, *Muhammad Zubair Asghar1

Institute of Computing and Information Technology, Gomal University, D.I.Khan

Email: zubair@gu.edu.pk

Published: 11-oct-2017

This document provides detail of Slang resource compiled by Furqan Khan during his MS-CS research
under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Zubair Asghar

Web resources: (i) noslang.com, (ii) onlineslangdictionary.com, (iii) netlingo.com, and (iv)http://

SNO Slang Meaning Orientation

1 Coolio Cool
2 gr8 Great
3 Xoxo Hugs and kisses
4 Alr Alright
5 Happs Happy Positive
6 Tbh To Be Honest
7 Hamm Powerful
8 Hurr Greeting
9 awsum Awesome
10 aabf As A Best Friend
11 smh Shaking My Head
12 Damn Disbelief/Condemn
13 Hehehe Laughing
14 Notta Not

15 Chale Disagreement/Disproval
16 gooooooo Go (angry expression)
17 Lunching Absent minded, Inattentive
18 Half Hearted Lack Of Enthusiasm
19 nooooooooo Sense As Never
20 antwacky Unstylish/Old-Fashioned
21 Haha Laughing
22 Ll Laughing Loudly
23 Wanna Want To
24 Gonna Want To Go

25 Rofl Rolling On Floor Laughing
26 abt About
27 calcs Calculations
28 y Why?
29 Ykwim You Know what I Mean
30 Wazzup What’s Up?

Word Part of speech /type Meaning Example

abt adjective about This is abt u.
calcs noun calculations I ve done calcs.
tc Verb phrase Take care Tc bye.
Have a nose verb To have a look You can have ur nose in this
All done up Verb phrase Fully Dress up with make-up You see I have all done up
Half hearted adjectives Lack of enthusiasm I went there half hearted
idk sentence I don’t know A: where is my book/
B: idk
ltns sentence Long time no see Hey where r u ltns?
Ykwim sentence You know what I mean This plan won’t work
ic sentence I see A: I want to join school
B: ic
wha interjection What? A:I am leaving
B: wha
lunching adjective Absent-minded, inattentive Y don’t u listen to me? r u
anywho adverb Anyhow, anyway Anywho, I m going.
y interjection why Y do I do this?
aabf Noun phrase As a best friend Aabf I wont let u give up
awsum adjective awesome This s awsum
Ack interjection To enquire about someone’s Ahmad: ack?
presence, acknowledge Naeem: ack.
sec noun second Wait a sec
wazzup sentence What’s up? Hey dear wazzup
strat noun strategy I have a strat in my mind
Hello list noun People to whom one say She is no more in my hello
hello in routine, like list.
schoolmates or coworkers.
This and that Phrase Assorted things Last week I just did this and
And a half intensifier Used to express extreme I ve got a cold and a half
condition or amount.
Ain’t got no Verbal phrase Don’t have any. Friend: Lend me a dollar,
Very commonly used in man.
southern United States. You: You know, I ain’t got
no money.
^ Special character Used to make a statement Umer: I respect him!
sarcastic when typed after it. Usman: surely u do^
* Special character To correct a typing mistake She is goo
% Special character Typed when realizing some She is wisest among all of
truth suddenly you; %
$ Special character Represent money I need $
2k0 number Year 2000 program for 2k0 is set
133t Adjective elite This car is 133t
3rd degree noun Strict interrogation Give this culprit the 3rd
Zero (0) noun An unpopular person He is zero but thinks
himself hero
0-day noun A commercial software I have a java 0-day
pirated copy is available on
the day of its release
24/7 Number Without break, constantly 15 is 24/7 service
24/7/365 numbers Constantly, continuously I c u eating 24/7/365.
without break
m Helping verb Am I m good.
txt noun Text She does txt msg all day
cell noun Abbreviation for mobile. Where is my cell?
msg noun message Write her a msg
gooooooo verb Go (angry expression) Gooooooooooooooo from
plllllzzzzz interjection Please (more humble equest Plllllzzzzz help me
and compelling for)
nooooooooo adverb Sense as never Nooooooo I won’t read
hiiii Greeting word Same to Hi but sweeter style Hiiiiii friends.
of saying.
soooo interjection So. Asking or telling Soooo how is he?
grrrrrreat adjective Great. Shows excitement I did it. grrrrreat
verrrrry adjective Very. Intensify the I love my family verrrrrry
Much much adjective Very much, a lot of I need much much much
much food cos I m verrrrry


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