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"Perceptions of the value of examinations were linked to the reputation that comes from obtaining good

results: better schools, better career paths and better opportunities in life", this perception strikes me,
as it being true to my experience. When I was in elementary, my parents spent enough time to tutor me
every day and mostly before the day of exam, because they want me to get a good result, as they
believe that good result will help me to get better career and better opportunities in life. I agree with
this statement, "Family plays a particularly strong role in the development of learnersʼ motivations,
perceptions and behaviour towards examinations and educational success". It is true that family plays a
vital role in the learning motivation of the students, just like when I was in high school, my family
motivates me to study and perform well during examinations by taking me to my favorite place every
weekend, and so my responsibility is to do my best at school. In addition, they always motivates me by
telling me words of wisdom every time I feel pressure at school, so I think without them it is truly
impossible for me to study well and achieve my goals in life.

Without them it would be quite hard to study.