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Directions: Rate each student on the extent by which he/she manifests the 21st century skills based on the given
indicators. Be guided by the scoring guide below:
3 – fully evident
2 – evident
1 – partially evident

The ability to share, convey and transmit information to another effectively and efficiently
through verbal, non- verbal and written forms.
The student…
1. Presents information and ideas effectively using oral, written and nonverbal of forms and contexts.
2. Proposes in a range of purposes (e.g. to inform, instruct, motivate and persuade) and in diverse situations
and contexts.
3. Masters the utilization of multiple media and technologies to impart and share information.
4. Constructs relevant feedbacks either within the group or in large audience discussions.
5. Justifies information and ideas clearly and objectively using oral and written communication.
6. Designs presentation using appropriate imagery and concepts for the delivery of information and ideas.
7. Integrate information and ideas in a global scale in the development and presentation of the assigned tasks.
The ability to work effectively with others on a common task, taking actions which respect the
needs and contributions of others; contributing to and accepting the consensus; negotiating a win-
win solution to achieve the objectives of the team.
The student…
1. Practices flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common
2. Acts responsibly for his actions and the actions of the group.
3. Seeks clarification on feedbacks from peers or other team members in order to perform better the assigned
4. Acknowledges shared responsibility for collaborative work.
5. Prioritizes information from group mates in a way that is concise, relevant to decision-making, timely and
open to discussion.
6. Displays a positive attitude while working with group mates in the development of the assigned tasks.
7. Influences groupmates to listen, interact and discuss ideas for the development of the assigned tasks.
The ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative.
The student…
1. Explores connections, meets new challenges and seeks solutions that are unusual, original and fresh.
2. Uses a wide range of worthwhile idea creation techniques and offers new possibilities.
3. Presents many and continuous logical ideas related to the given task.
4. Makes meaningful connections between the proposed product/solution and previous learning or
5. Analyzes and solves problems from a different perspective, avoiding orthodox solutions and thinking
outside the box.
6. Evaluates and refines his/her own ideas in order to improve and maximize creative efforts.
7. Implements solutions/ideas that are unusual, original and fresh.
The ability to actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate
information to reach an answer, judgment or conclusion.
The student…
1. Identifies patterns among multiple pieces of information.
2. Organizes information and recognizes necessary sequence of subtasks.
3. Obtains, interprets & uses knowledge and facts, and clarifies question when needed.
4. Tests, modifies, and systematically exhausts different methods on how to solve problems.
5. Decides on the use of joint resources to complete task.
6. Exercises flexibility in exploring and addressing ambiguous situations.
7. Draws conclusions and offers recommendations based on careful analysis.