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Carol house, Plot 40 Bombo Road Phone: +256-774-312 357/ 704-897866
P.O BOX 11804, Kampala Uganda +256-703-856911
Website: www.micts.co.ug Email: info@micts.co.ug

Makerere ICT Solutions (MICTS) is a company limited by shares incorporated under
Republic of Uganda registrar of companies with registration number 132833. MICTS is
governed by Board of Directors (BOD) who gives strategic direction to the company. On day
to day basis MICTS is managed by the Managing Director (MD) who gives technical advice
to the Board of Directors and guides management staff. Presently, MICTS offices are located
on plot 40 Bombo Road, Carol House 2nd floor right wing and the postal address is 11804
Kampala. MICTS believes in becoming a one stop destination centre for providing
affordable, practical, hands-on and corporate ICT Solutions in Africa and beyond.
The vision of MICTS is “to become the leading and most reliable ICT service provider across
African Region and beyond“.
We provide reliable ICT solutions through quality corporate hands on training, services,
consultancies and supplies.
MICTS is built on principles of:-
Customer satisfactory service delivery
Value for money
Honest , integrity and respect for one another

Company slogan “Secure the future now“

Company objectives
I. To provide first class hands on corporate and professional training in ICT.

Secure the Future Now

II. To provide ICT technical support to cooperates

III. To provide technical solutions to ICT problems

IV. To carry on business of dealing in information technologies, computer repair,

networks, data com, configuring databases, digital satellite services and T.V
dealers, and DSTV agents all over/

V. To carry on business of information technology consultancy, computing services

including hardware and software maintenance, network installation maintenance,
software development and sales, graphic designing, communications services,
internet services, telephone services, transport, IT related products and services,
marketing, business analysis and advising, consultancy among others.

VI. To deal in computer business of all types and distribute and market computers
and computers services.

VII. To carry on the business of tendering, consultancy in IT, contractual work in

regard with satellite services, to install, services.


Board of Directors

Managing Director


Board of Directors
The company has got Board of Directors responsible for developing policies, decision
making, giving strategic direction to the organization and is governing and supreme body of
the company. The BoD has got the Chairperson who chairs BoD meetings, Secretary who

Secure the Future Now

takes BoD minutes and keeps company secrets and other BoD members who chair various
BoD committees.

Managing Director
The company has got a Managing Director who is responsible for overall day to day
management of the company. The Managing Director reports to the BoD and all other
Company Management staff report to the M.D. The M.D is responsible for providing
technical advice to the BoDs and guidance to management staff. The M.D also doubles as the
accounting officer for the organization.

General Manager
The company has got the General Manager (G.M) who deputizes the M.D. The G.M reports
to the M.D. He/she is responsible for providing guidance to the heads of different
departments and to ensure that each is executing their mandate.

Finance and Administration Department

The company has got Finance and Administration department which is headed by the
Finance and Administrative Manager (FAM). The FAM is responsible for advising the
company on financial related matters, helps the management to draw budgets and work plans
and extending administrative skills to the company staff. FAM reports to the M.D. Under
FAM is the office administrative assistant, support staff and the company driver.

Finance & Administrative


Administrative Support staff Driver

Secure the Future Now

Marketing Department
The department is headed by Business Development Manager (BDM) responsible for
providing day to day management to the department and gives technical marketing advice to
the company. The BDM report to the General Manager. Under the Business Development
Manager there are Marketing Officers and Business Account Executives who report to the
Business Development Manager.

Business Development Manager

Business Account
Marketing Officers

Corporate Training Department

The department has got three core corporate training divisions and these include corporate
short course professional training, corporate internship training and corporate professional in-
house training. The department has got a well facilitated and equipped corporate computer
lab where trainings take place. The department is managed by Corporate Training Manager
who is responsible for providing management to the department and day to day running of
corporate training in the organization and reports to the General Manager. Under Corporate
Training Manager is team of well dedicated, qualified, technical, experienced and skilled
facilitators who provide training services and reports to the Corporate Training Manager.

Corporate Training Manager

Facilitator Technical Support Staff

Consultancy Department
The department is headed by the Managing Consultant (M.C) and under the M.C is the team
of well dedicated, experienced, technical, skilled senior and junior consultants who provide
consultancy services to company clients. All consultants report to the M.C.

Secure the Future Now

Marketing Consultant

Senior Consultants Junior Consultans

IT Department
The department is headed by IT Manager (ITM) who provides management skills to
technicians. The ITM reports to the G.M and is responsible for ensuring that the company IT
systems and network are working well. Under ITM are technicians and workshop attendants
who provide skills to IT department as shown below.

IT Manager

Workshop Attendants Technicians

MICTS provides IT support to corporate companies/institutions/organizations and
individuals. In IT support we provide high quality and quick service delivery to our
clients to realize value for money. Some of the IT support we provide include the
Technical support to the users
Troubleshooting both hardware and software problems
Servicing computers, laptops, printers and scanners
Management of antivirus
Updated software support

Secure the Future Now

MICTS provides corporate in-house training to organizations in different computer skills
and computerized packages of their choice to solve a specific organization ICT problem.
The client reserves the right always either to do the training from MICTS corporate
computer centre /laboratory or at their own promises. The training centre accommodates
up to 40 persons per sitting. All the computers in the training centre have updated
software’s and are fully networked.
MICTS is the leading company that provides hands-on corporate internship training in
Africa. The company is backed up by different training experts who share their different
experiences with the interns during the training. Internship is done at two different levels
as follows;
1) Student based internship. In this MICTS admits different students from different
institutions/ universities. This internship training course is designed for both
continuing students and those who have finished IT related courses. The training
prepares one to have an independent mind in an IT problem solving environment.
This internship takes a period of eight weeks(approximately two months)

2) Field based internship. In this case, individuals with ICT theory background are
trained for a period of six months with more than 90% of their time spent in the
field. This internship involves a lot of field and up-country field travels.

In all cases, the internship provides ICT hands-on and practical opportunities to clients
particularly in the following areas;

User/system support
Backup and restore of data
Understanding a windows server 2003/2008 based environment.
Troubleshooting hardware and OS
Computer Repair and Hardware Maintenance
Configuring a domain controller (Active Directory)
Setting up a DNS, DHCP server
Switch and Router configuration

Secure the Future Now

Setting and configuring a LAN of about 30 computers
Database Management Systems
Dynamic website Development
Linux Administration
Report writing


MICTS provides hands-on short courses in computer training programs. The courses take
a period of one or two months depending on the course you enroll for. Our courses are
practical in nature and are applicable to the real world working environment. We offer
different short courses as listed below however their details and course duration are in our
company short course brochure.
1. Certificate in Computer Applications (CCA

2. Certificate in Computer Systems Engineering (CCSE)

3. Certificate in Computer Programming using C (CCPC)

4. Certificate in Computer Programming using JAVA (CCPJ)

5. Certificate in Information Systems and Databases (CISD)

6. Certificate in Computer Repair and Hardware Maintenance (CRM)

7. Certificate in Computer Networking (CCN

8. Certificate in Computer Programming using Visual Basic (CCPV)

9. Certificate in Dynamic Website Development (CDWD)

10. Certificate in Linux Administration (CLA)

11. Certificate in Systems Administration (CSA)

12. Certificate in Computerized Accounting using Quick books (CCAQ)

13. Certificate in Computerized Accounting using Tally (CCAT)

14. Certificate in Computer Graphics (CCG)

15. Certificate in Data Analysis (CDA)

16. Certificate in Animations and Multimedia Designing (CAMD)

Secure the Future Now

MICTS designs dynamic websites for organizations and individuals that are interactive
and yet tailor made to fit individual organization needs. We also maintain and upgrade a
company’s website. Our designed websites are supported by group mail for the staff of
the organization. We also help organizations in setting open platform for group mailing.

MICTS develops customized software’s to our clients. The software’s are developed
based on the needs of the clients.

MICTS purchases a variety of licensed software’s. We support different
organizations/Intuitions and individuals with the latest versions of software’s at a
subsidized prices. The installation either done from our technical workshop at our office
or at the clients’ destination or office. The software’s range from windows operating
systems, Microsoft applications, accounting packages and many others.


Our sales department stocks branded new computers (desktops and laptops), printers and
other computer accessories. We supply organizations and individuals according to their


MICTS designs graphics and of any type and also heavy duty printing services. We
design calendars, banners, brochures and posters. Our printing is of high quality with
good color balancing effect

Secure the Future Now

Work description Client Dates/period
IT support Makerere University, Gender Every Quarter of the year
Mainstreaming Directorate (GMD)
IT support Aim engineering (U) ltd Every Quarter of the year
IT support The Uganda National Apiculture Every Quarter of the year
Development Organization (TUNADO)
Internship training Uganda Christian University (UCU), Every February and March
YMCA of the year
Internship training Makerere University (MUK), Mbarara Every June and July of the
University of Science and Technology year
(MUST), Kampala International
University (KIU), Makerere University
Business School (MUBS), Uganda
Christian University (UCU), Islamic
University in Uganda (IUIU), ST
Lawrence University, Busitema
University, Ndejje University, Nkumba
University, AMITY University,
Datamine Technical Business School
(DTBS), Uganda Institute of Information
and Communication Technology
(UICT), Makerere Institute of Social
Development (MISD) and YMCA

Secure the Future Now