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Nama : Cika Tresnawati, S.Pd.

No : 19021815710179

Task 3 M5 LA1

Passive Exercise 1 (Passive 1 - Present Simple)

1) Somebody sends emails. Emails are sent
2) Somebody cuts the grass. The grass is cut
3) Somebody prefers chocolate. Chocolate is preferred
4) Somebody often steals cars. Cars are often stolen
5) Somebody plays loud music. Loud music is played
6) Somebody speaks English here. English is spoken here
7) Somebody loves the London parks. The London parks are loved
8) Somebody wants staff. Staff are wanted
9) Somebody writes articles. Articles are written
10) Somebody loves Julie. Julie is loved
11) Somebody reads a lot of books. A lot of books are read
12) Somebody cooks dinner every day. Dinner is cooked every day
13) Somebody delivers milk in the mornings. Milk is delivered in the mornings
14) Somebody buys flowers for the flat. Flowers are bought for the flat
15) Somebody washes the cars every week. The cars are washed every week
16) Somebody writes a report every Friday. A report is written every Friday
17) Somebody fixes the roads. The roads are fixed
18) Somebody builds new houses every year. New houses are built every year
19) Somebody sells vegetables in the market. Vegetables are sold in the market
20) Somebody cleans the office every day. The office is cleaned every day

Passive Exercise 5 (Passive 5 – Mixed Tenses)

1) The Government is planning a new road near my house.
Answer: A new road is being planned near my house
2) My grandfather built this house in 1943.
Answer: This house was built in 1943 by my grandfather
3) Picasso was painting Guernica at that time.
Answer: Guernica was being painted at that time by Picasso
4) The cleaner has cleaned the office.
Answer: The office has been cleaned
5) He had written three books before 1867.
Answer: Three books had been written before 1867
6) John will tell you later.
Answer: You will be told later by John
7) By this time tomorrow we will have signed the deal.
Answer: By this time tomorrow the deal will have been signed
8) Somebody should do the work.
Answer: The work should be done
9) The traffic might have delayed Jimmy.
Answer: Jimmy might have been delayed by the traffic
10) People speak Portuguese in Brazil.
Answer: Portuguese is spoken in Brazil
11) Everybody loves Mr Brown.
Answer: Mr Brown is loved by everybody
12) They are building a new stadium near the station.
Answer: A new stadium is being built near the station
13) The wolf ate the princess.
Answer: The princess was eaten by the wolf
14) At six o'clock someone was telling a story.
Answer: At six o'clock a story was being told
15) Somebody has drunk all the milk!
Answer: All the milk has been drunk
16) I had cleaned all the windows before the storm.
Answer: All the windows had been cleaned before the storm
17) A workman will repair the computer tomorrow.
Answer: The computer will be repaired tomorrow
18) By next year the students will have studied the passive.
Answer: By next year the passive will have been studied by the students
19) James might cook dinner.
Answer: Dinner might be cooked by James
20) Somebody must have taken my wallet.
Answer: My wallet must have been taken

Text 4

The diagram below shows a simple system that turns dirty water into clean water. Identify the
Noun phrase and verb phrase of sentences in the text. Write them in the table provided. The
first and second pairs have been located for you.

Identifying the Noun phrase and verb phrase of sentences in the text above
No Noun Phrase Verb Phrase

the drum and barrel are placed

These items are linked

1 the filter is made

2 a tap is fixed

3 dirty water is poured

No Noun Phrase Verb Phrase

4 the tap in the drum is turned

5 clean drinking water comes out

6 natural materials and basic can be used