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Golf Course Profile- Thornhill Golf and Country Club

Event: Canadian Junior Girls Championship

Superintendent: Gregory McFarlane

Golf Course Name, Number of Holes: Thornhill Golf and Country Club, 27-hole course

Where (Address, Directions, Email, Website):

7994 Yonge Street, Thornhill, L4J 1W3


Superintendent, Designations, Awards, Years of Experience: 19 years at Thornhill. Seven as


Annual Rounds Played: 29,000

Average Season Length: 7 months

Front Nine Yardage: 3296

Back Nine Yardage: 3370

Total Yardage: 6666

Total Area of Greens, Number of Greens, Predominant Type of Turfgrass: 3 acres – Bentgrass/ Poa

Total Area of Fairways, Predominant Type of Turfgrass: 22 acres- Bentgrass

Total aree of Tees, Predominant Type of Turfgrass: 3 acres – Bentgrass/Poa

Predominant Soil Type on Course: Clay Loam

Irrigation System Type, Water Supply and Age: Toro LTC

Number of Bunkers and Sand Type: 100 -Signature

Number and Type of Water Features: 1 irrigation pond

Construction and Original Architect: Stanley Thompson

Renovations and Architects: Doug Carrick

Maintenance Shop Construction Year: 2004

Number, Type and Make of Equipment: 60 - Toro

Does Your Course Have a Separate Chemical and/or Fertilizer Storage Facility (Size, Age)?: N/A
Number of Staff (Year-Round, Seasonal, Mechanics, etc.):

Total of 30 summer staff

7 full time

1 mechanic – 1 apprentice

Assistant Superintendent: Brian Gigun

Club President: Joe Leeder

CPGA Professional: Todd McGrath

Club Manager: Mchael Chadsey

Club Owner: Members

Other Key Course Personnel: Second assistant - Matthew Davidson, Horticulturalist –Victor Lewicki

Current Course Projects: Renovation of 15th hole in 2013

Long Range Plans: Currently working through Doug Carrick long range plan

Challenges: Weather, Flooding

Success Stories: Completion of major renovation in 2010 including irrigation pond construction and

Unique Features of the Course: Pond, Don River running through the course