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TI 03-02 11 28 T/B
Issue 2, 2003-03-17

Cracked delivery valves

Vehicles affected

This TI applies to trucks and buses with engines

DC11 and DSC12, equipped with injection
pump, manufactured by Scania Latin America.
The TI also applies for DC9, DC11 and DSC12
manufactured in Europe.

There have been instances of delivery valves
cracking in the injection pump, causing black
smoke, malfunction in the engine and loss of
power. The delivery valves crack due to fatigue
in the material they are made from.

Production solution
A new delivery valve with a different design is
being introduced. The new delivery valve is
more robust than the old one, and can be identi-
fied by the blue marking 989, see illustration.

Scania CV AB 2003-03 1 (3)
The new delivery valve was introduced to sup-
pliers in July 2002. If the injection pump serial
number starts with 287 or higher, the modified
delivery valve has been fitted.

South America
This modification was introduced into produc-
tion in October 2002, from the following engine

Manufactured in Engine Number

Scania Latin America DSC12 02 (360 hp), DC11 07 (330 hp) 8 017 163
DSC12 01 (400 hp) 8 017 589

2 (3) Scania CV AB TI 03-02 11 28 T/B en
Service solution

Note: The delivery valves can only be replaced

by an authorised Bosch workshop. All
delivery valves must be replaced. For
further information, see Bosch Service

Work description

If a delivery valve fault arises, proceed as fol-

1. Establish which delivery valve has failed.
2. Replace all delivery valves in the injection
3. Clean the delivery pipe on the broken deliv-
ery valve.
4. Replace the injector for the broken delivery
valve. The warranty may be used for re-
placed injectors.
Provide the serial number and part number of
the injection pump when claiming against the
warranty. See illustration.

Designation Discontinued part New part Engine
Delivery valve 1 436 270 1 514 619 DC9 01/02/03,
DC11 07, DSC12 01/02,
DSC14 13/15

Bosch part numbers have also changed from

2 418 559 038 to 2 418 529 989.

TI 03-02 11 28 T/B en Scania CV AB 3 (3)