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FIRST PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION 17. The graph is all about _______.

ENGLISH 7 A. Trees planted in the year 2017.

B. Flowers planted in the year 2012.
I. IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS C. Trees planted in the year 2012.
Identify the meaning of the underlined idiomatic 18. Which of the following statements are true?
expressions in the given sentences. A. Pine trees were the most planted tree in 2012.
1. Baby Jessica is the apple of her father's eye. B. The combined total of pecan tree and pear tree
A. important B. sweet C. sight is equivalent to the total number of oak trees.
2. I don't want my little brother hanging around with C. Palm tree has the least number of planted trees
the bad eggs on the street. in the year 2012.
A. troublesome B. annoying C. noisy 19. The total number of the planted trees in 2012 has
reached to ____.
3. Opera isn't exactly my cup of tea; I just want to have A. 200 B. 210 C. 220
concerts or movies. 20. Which among the sentences reflect the data on the
A. addiction B. favorite C. hobbies bar graph?
A. Palm trees have been the most planted type of
4. Your daughter is one smart cookie. She reads much
trees in 2012.
higher than her grade level.
B. Pecan trees and oak trees have equal number
A. horrible B. genius C. beautiful
of planted trees.
5. The entrance examination of the university was never C. Maple tree is not included in the planted trees.
a piece of cake. Only 30% of the takers were qualified. D. There are a total of 1000 trees planted in 2012.
A. very easy B. very long C. very boring
II. SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT Read the words carefully and put a stress on its
Choose the appropriate verb that agrees with the appropriate place.
subject. 21. lemonade 26. delivery
22. communication 27. analysts
6. The tables (was, were) loaded down with food
during the holidays. 23. emerald 28. revisited
7. Some of the cake (was, were) left on the table. 24. extraordinary 29. inseparable
8. Nobody near the trees (likes, like) the new game 25. resurrection 30. elimination
that they are playing.
9. Tilda (seems, seem) to think that Tom was not at V. PROSODIC FEATURES OF SPEECH
home. Read the excerpt of the story “Indarapatra and
10. We (is, are) going to go to the movies today after Sulayman” observing the correct stress, intonation,
school. pronunciation and juncture.
11. Few of the apples (was, were) still hanging on the
tree. Indarapatra, the King of the village, had to asked
12. Each of the teachers (has, have) to attend the his brother Sulayman to fought the monsters invading
meeting at the weekend. Mindanao. At the drop of a hat, Sulayman accepted the
13. It is only Mike, not his classmates, that (eat, eats) challenge and headed to where the monsters are.
lunch in the classroom. “Brother, take heart to defeat the monsters and be
14. Six times five divided by two (is, are) fifteen. careful,” the king said before his brother travelled.
15. Diabetes (is, are) very common among people who
consume too much fast food.


Analyze the graph below and answer the given

16. How many pine trees were planted in 2012?

A. 90 B. 70 C. 60

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