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1. What is ISM Code?

 Safety operation of ship and prevention on pollution on international standard

for the safe management and operation of ship and for pollution prevention the
safety of the sea.
2. What is the abbreviation for ISM stands for?
 International Safety Management
3. State 3 or 4 sentences about:
a. Quality Policy – The officers and crew must be qualified, certified and medically fit
and good practice the skills necessary for each positions.
b. Safety Policy- Crew must work in safety procedures, must be wear protective
clothing. Officer and crew must have safety meeting and emergency drill.
c. Drug Alcohol Policy- Officers and crew must protect the safety, health and well-
being of individual seafarers
d. Environment Policy-They must protect the air or the sea and protect the vessel.
4. Who is the overall in-charge of the ships operations.
 Master
5. Are you aware of your ship job description? What documents it stated in?
 Yes
6. What is the name of your company’s principals designated person ashore or DPA?
7. What is/ are the DPA’s functions?
 To provide link between ship and shore personnel.
8. How can this person/ DPA contacted?
 Through email, fax or telephones after office hour
9. What is the meaning of critical situation?
 It means the worst time for the ship and the crew. Examples rough sea, engine
failure, emergency fire accidents.
10. Are the critical situation procedures on the vessel ?
 Yes
11. How do you notify the in congruence’s, dangerous situations and accidents to the ship
owner or principal.
 Report to the duty officer or the master, and the master will inform or call to
the ship owner
12. Is there a planned maintenance system (PMS) on the vessel?
 Yes
13. What are the critical system equipment and systems ? enumerate
 Main engine, steering gear, generator, boiler and bridge, radar
14. Are the instructions for the critical equipment and systems maintenance being
 Yes
15. What is the meaning of internal audit? Who is performing it?
 Systematic independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidences
and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which the EMS audit
criteria set by the company are fulfilled auditors independence can be
demonstrated by freedom from responsibility for actively being audit.
16. Where can you find the vessel the document / manual of the safety management
 Crew, Mess room, officer room, room engine, control room
17. What is ISO 9000?
 Quality management system
18. Which quality norm do we possess
 ISO 9001 .2008
19. What the meaning of I.S.M.A
 International Ship Owner and Manager Association