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7/25/2019 One Small Step....

One Small step...

"Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine." - Alan Turing

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Cyber Courses In Defence

Check out the following courses from the Defence Cyber School
All the courses are currently being redesigned! so check back soon!

Why are you here?

Hopefully it is because you want to take your first steps into cyber. Maybe you don't know where to even begin? Or you don't know how to define cyber? -
with any luck the tools/links above will give you a helping hand on your cyber journey.

What is Cyber?
"To operate and project power in and from cyberspace to influence the behaviour of people or the course of events."

This is the Cyber primers definition of cyber...doesn't really help much does it? You kind of need a few more details

What is Cyberspace?
"An operating environment consisting of the interdependent network of digital technology infrastructures (including platforms, the Internet,
telecommunications networks, computer systems, as well as embedded processors and controllers), and the data therein spanning the physical, virtual and
cognitive domains."

Cyberspace involves everything and everyone. Starting with yourself as a person, your identities on social media/gaming sites/forums/comment boards etc.
(defined as your Cyber Persona), the software used, the hardware that connects you, and your location in the world.

Cyber Primer 2nd Edition

Useful Links Training Providers Odds & Sods

SC Magazine UK SANS Cyber Ranges Framework
The Cyber Security Hub QA Create and Maintain a SOC
TALOS Bluescreen IT Collaboration in security

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7/25/2019 One Small Step....
ATT&CK Cyber First Bits & Bytes (WIT edition)
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