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Dragon Hat

Size: Youth

Color 1 (C1) – Lion Cotton, Red
Color 2 (C2) – Lion Cotton, Morning Glory Blue
Color 3 (C3) – Lion Cotton, Evergreen
Color 4 (C4) – Leftover stash yarn, white
Color 5 (C5) – Leftover stash yarn, black

Gage: 4 sts/inch, 4 rows/inch

7, 16 inch circular
7, double points
J-10 crochet hook

bo – bind off
by – break yarn
c - color
co – cast on
dec – decrease
dp – double point needles
inc – increase

K – knit
K2tog – Knit 2 together
P - purl
pm – place marker
pt – pull through
pu – pick up
r – row
s – stitches
sc – single crochet
SSK – Slip, slip, Knit
w+t – wrap and turn
* - repeat

Hat Pattern:
- In C1, co 76s on circular needle.
- K 4 r.
- Change to C2, K 1r, pm after 38s.
- Wrap and turn rows as follows:
o Row 1: K22, w+t
o Row 2: P6, w+t
o Row 3: K7, w+t
o Row 4: P8, w+t
o Row 5: K9, w+t
o Row 6: P10, w+t
o Row 7: K12, w+t
o Row 8: P14, w+t
o Row 9: K16, w+t
o Row 10: P18, w+t
o Row 11: K20, w+t
o Row 12: P22, w+t
o Row 13: K24, w+t
o Row 14: P26, w+t
o Row 15: K28, w+t
o Row 16: P30, w+t
o Row 17: K56, w+t
o Repeat rows 2-16
- K next row, increasing 1s, pm every 11s.
- K, decreasing 7s on every 10 th row (K2tog the last 2s before each marker),
until 7s, changing to dps when necessary.
- K3, K2tog, K2
- Make tail spike (knit in the round on 2 dp needles):
o Arrange 3s on each of 2 dps
o At end of row, co 6s on the end of the needle, co 6s on a 3rd dp, K3
off the needle, co 6s on the needle, K3 off.
o K1r
o K2tog at the beginning of each dp, and SSK at the end of each dp.

o Repeat above 2 r until 3s
o *K1, K2tog*
o K
o *K2tog*
o K
o K through last 2s, by, pt last stitch.
o Sew up bottom edge of tail spike.

- Change to C3.
- Spikes are knit in the round on 2 dp needles, starting at the tail end:
o Pu 10s on a dp, and continue on a 2nd dp pu 10s under the first dp.
o K 1r
o K2tog the first 2s and SSK the last 2s on each dp.
o Repeat the above 2r until 2s.
o *K2tog*, by, pt last 2s.
- Continue spikes to 7 inches from co edge (8 spikes).

- In C4, K 4 teeth, 1 inch from center of either side of the top and bottom of the
edge of the hat:
o Pu 5s on the inside of the hat at transition of C1 to C2.
o Row 1 (and every odd row): K
o Row 2: K2tog, K1, SSK
o Row 4: K2tog, K1
o Row 6: K2tog, by, pt

- Row 1: In C1, co 15s.
- Row 2: bo 5s, K
- Row 3: K, co 5s
- Row 4: bo
- Sew tongue to inside of the bottom center of the edge of the hat.

The eye could be made in a variety of ways. I chose to crochet these.
- In C5, using magic loop crochet co 8s.
- Change to C4, join circle with a slip s, pull tail to close circle, sc 2s in each
base chain, join with slip s, by leaving a long tail.
- Repeat for a 2nd eye. Sew eyes on hat.

- In C2, pu 5s in “V” shape.
- K 10r.
- K2tog in the 2nd and 3rd stitches.
- K1, K2tog

- K2tog, by, pt.
- Repeat for 2nd ear.

- Knit 2 wings on either side of the spikes in the round on 2 dps.
- In C1, pu 10s on a dp, continue to pu 10s on a 2nd dp under the 1st dp.
- K 4r.
- Front edge of wing: Co 1s per 2 for 10r, then 3 needle bo 1s per 2 until 1s,
by, pt.
- Back edge of wing: Co 1s per row for 3r, 3 needle bo 1s per r for 3r. Repeat
for length of wing.