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My tiers for Marvel Puzzle Quest

Characters are compared at maximum un-championed, unboosted levels. (This was probably a
bad idea -- the strongest teams now use 5*s and boosted 4*s. I might change it.) Entries
are also sorted within their tiers. “*” means any amount where the covers add up to 13.
bold and underlined​: best of the best
underlined​: one of the best powers in the game
: a poor power that is rarely worth using, or a passive that doesn’t matter.

I only have one fully covered 5*, so take the 5* rankings with a grain of salt.

character covers comments

S+ (far above average 5*)

5* Kitty Pryde 5​/​5/
​ ​3 Great tile improvement and removal. Amazing speed with 4* Rocket & Groot.
5* Thor 5​/​5​/3 High damage, free AP, good special tiles.
5* Thanos 5​/​*​/* So easy for things to spiral out of control for the opponent.

S (average 5*)
5* Okoye 5​/*/​* Bonus damage applies to many types of powers. Great with 5* Thor.
5* Jessica Jones 5​/*/​* Excellent damage, especially on the passive.
5* Daredevil 4​/​5​/4 Excellent true healing and strike tile passive.
5* Cable 5​/​5​/3 Massive damage and good stun.
5* Black Bolt 5​/​5​/​3 Yellow is irrelevant with maxed 5*s.
5* Hela Tentative placement. ​Simple but still interesting.
5* Hawkeye 5​/​5​/3 AP passive and the cheap CDs work perfectly together.
5* Doctor Strange 5​/3/​5 Better in PVE than in PVP.
5* Loki 5​/5/3 Can be revived multiple times.
5* Doctor Octopus
5* Green Goblin 5​/​5​/3 Multi-purpose and high damage.
5* Black Panther 5/​4​/​4 Goes great with Thanos.
5* Spider-Man (Peter) 4​/​5​/​4 Becomes stronger with another web tile placer on the team.
5* Jean Grey (Phoenix) 5​/​5​/3 Master of comebacks. Revive saves on health packs.
5* Silver Surfer *​/*/​5 Blue is underlined mainly for the stun resistance.
5* Doctor Doom 5/5/3
5* Captain America (IW) 5​/4/4 Goes well with Daredevil.
5* Captain America (FA) 5​/*/* Best active yellow damaging power in the game.
5* Kingpin
5* Wolverine (OML) 3/​5​/5 Great damage in his 2nd form.
5* Gambit 3/​5​/5 Appropriately nerfed. Goes well with Black Bolt.
5* Captain Marvel 5/3/5

5* Iron Man 5​/​5​/3 Red does colossal damage with the right teams.
5* Black Widow 4/4/​5 Good direct damage, but lots of AP needed. Pathetic passive.
5* Spider-Man (BiB) 5/3/​5 Needs helpers to gain green or stun enemies. Anti-4* Rocket.

A+ (top tier 4* and lesser 5*)

5* Ghost Rider 3/5/5 No stand-out powers, but nothing bad either.
5* Star-Lord 5/​3​/5 Poor heal and steal. Good board shake.
4* America Chavez 3​/5/​ 5 Three passives: one useless, one OK, one game-breaking. Amazing with 5*s.
4* Bishop *​/​*​/* Generates crazy amounts of blue AP.
5* Archangel 5/​4​/4 Hard counter to 4* Vulture.
4* Vulture *​/5/* AP god. Destroys many special tile types. Good team damage.
4* Captain Marvel 5​/*/​* Amazing with special tiles. Goes great on most teams.
4* Iceman 5​/​*​/* Great stun. Powers that work together.
4* Rocket & Groot 5/​5​/3 A great round-start advantage and also a late-round badass.
4* Rogue 5​/3/​5 Good AP denial and amazing damage reduction. A tank.
4* Peggy Carter */​*​/​5 Incredible passive and a great stun+damage move.
4* Riri Williams 4​/*/​* Great blue->red AP gatherer. All powers are strong.
4* Valkyrie */​5​/* The passives have aspects that get worse with each character level.

A (the big 4* tier)

4* Red Hulk 3/​5​/​5 Amazing green drain/gain and high team damage. Good passive too.
4* Medusa 5​/​4​/4 Counters (and goes well with) a/p/s tile placers.
4* Blade 5​/5/​3 Amazing passive strike tiles and passive damage. Shame about that black.
5* Wasp 5/*/* Swarm tiles are a junk gimmick mechanic. OK AP steal.
4* Agent Coulson 5/5/3 or 4/5/4. Great passives, so-so actives. Fantastic with 5* Hawkeye.
4* Wasp 5​/​3​/5 Great yellow active.
4* Cloak and Dagger 5/​5​/3 Great black (and yellow) tile generation. True self-heal too.
4* Shuri 5​/3/​5 Amazing AP cost passive. Better with another tile fortifier.
4* Mockingbird 5/​5​/3 Does well against America Chavez.
4* Gamora 3/5/​5 Great stun, lots of special tiles. Hard to get that instant kill.
4* Carnage */​*​/* Amazing with Medusa.
5* The Hulk ​​/5
3​/5 Worthless 1st form, poor 2nd form. Only plus: he can transform many times.
4* Jean Grey 5​/​3​/5 Scary to play against. Designed as a hard counter to Professor X.
4* Cyclops 5​/3/5 Great damage and board control on red. Two utility moves to power it up.
4* Luke Cage 5/​5​/3 Great when boosted.
4* Star-Lord 3/​5​/5 Free AP reduction. Purple can overwrite most tiles. Amazing against goons.
4* Dazzler 3​/​5​/5 Surprisingly good for a joke character.
4* Nightcrawler 5​/5/3 Broken when purple is the most common color.
4* Taskmaster */​*​/​* I suggest Deadpool/​Peggy​/​Howard​. Limited, so he’ll rarely be boosted.
4* Thor (Jane) 5/3/5 Best with other charged tile creators.
4* Nova 3​/5/5 Nice stun (of sorts) with red. Cheap powers.
4* The Punisher 5​/*/* Great 4* damage. Play him with other strike tile placers.
4* Iron Man (HB) 5/5/3 Great red generation and decent strikes. 3/5/5 with a better red user.

4* Spider-Gwen 5​/5/3 Nice stun into damage combo.

4* Nico Minoru 5/3/​5 or 5/0/5. Great APS tile buffing and a combination stun & CD remover.
4* X-23 5/3/5 Great self healing. High damage.
4* Professor X 5​/*/* See ‘winfinite’ team below. Low health. 5/5/0 has its benefits.
4* Wiccan */*/5
4* Invisible Woman 4/4/5 Frequently underrated due to her bad prior versions.
4* Miles Morales 5/5/​3 Great partner for 5* Spider-Man (Peter).
4* Magik
4* Moon Knight */*/5 High guaranteed damage.
4* Thanos 5/3/5 ​ood with Carnage, but duplicates his green power
Tentative placement.​ g
4* Nebula
4* Spider-Woman 5/5/3 A PVE-only character.
4* Gwenpool 5/3/5 Purple’s only good in PVE.
4* Jubilee 5/5/3 Best 4* match damage boost. Gimmicky.
4* Black Panther 3​/5/5 Goes well with Shuri.
4* Spider-Man (IW) 4/4/5 Good with Miles. 5/5/3 with Spider-Gwen.
3* Iron Man 5/​3​/​5 Amazing AP generation. Great with 4* Thor.
4* Drax 3/5/5
4* Winter Soldier 3/5/5 Multipurpose countdown tiles.
4* Kate Bishop 5/5/3 Good damage.
4* Quake 5/5/3 Good anti-AoE passive. Board shuffle is a nice bonus.
4* Ghost Rider 5/3/​5 Good against 5*s.
4* Nick Fury 5​/5/3 One of the few good 4* yellows.
4* The Hulk (MEH) 5/*/* The every-turn passive can be surprisingly good.
3* Scarlet Witch 5/3/​5 Builds free purple AP and some random blue too.
4* Domino
4* Ghost 3/5/5 Damage increase is useless with 5*s.
4* Mordo */*/5
4* Mr. Fantastic
4* Deadpool 5/5/3 Usually used against strike tile users for his passive.
4* Venom (Agent) 3​/5/5 Decent damage.

A- (below average 4*)

4* Wolverine 5/​*​/* Good damage and utility on black. Other powers need 5 covers just to be OK.
4* Sandman 5/5/​3 Needs to be paired with a good yellow user.
4* Black Widow 5/*/* Decent assist.
4* Iron Fist */*/5 Good with 4* Luke Cage, 4* Blade. Try to fire black before blue.
4* Lockjaw 3/5/5 Makes lots of charged tiles. Doesn’t do much else.
3* Ragnarok */​5/​* On most teams, worse than 3* Thor, but he has am easy ‘winfinite’ with Riri.
3* Iron Fist 3/​5​/5
​ Great simple passive and an overpowered tile conversion/damage move.
4* Namor 3​/5/5 Good team damage on purple. Other powers are disappointing.
4* Prowler Character-specific passive and low damage.
4* Yondu */*/5

4* Ant-Man 4/4/5 Good with Carnage. Cheap moves.

3* Doctor Strange 5​/3/​5 Amazing speed against goons. Has advantages over the 5* version.
4* Elektra 4/4/5 Purple’s poorly designed, but has the occasional use.
4* War Machine 3/5/5 Lackluster damage.
4* The Hulk (TA) 5/3/5 Hot Dog Stand is now his best power.
4* The Thing 5/5/​3 Good with 4* Deadpool.
4* Talos 5/5/​3 Tentative placement. ​Weak assist character.
4* Venom (Eddie) 5/5/3 Not improved enough.
4* Spider-Ham Limited.
4* Emma Frost 3/5/5 An assist for Shuri. No significant damage.
4* Kraven 5​/5/3 One good but situational passive, nothing else.

B+ (above average 3* and lesser 4*)

3* Black Widow 5/​3​/​5 See “winfinite” in teams section.
4* Howard the Duck *​/​*​/5 OK with few covers, but doesn’t improve enough with more. Limited.
4* Kingpin 3​/5/5 Outclassed by Agent Coulson.
3* Thanos 5/3/5 A great speed demon against weak enemies.
3* Captain America 3​/​
5​/​5 Great with 3* Iron Man and 4* Captain Marvel. Good for tough event nodes.
3* Hawkeye 3/5/​5 Great passive.
3* Loki 5/3/​5 All powers independent of character level.
3* The Hood 5/​5​/3 Amazing AP steal passive. Very low health.
3* Magneto 3​/​
3* Cyclops 5/3/5 Great 3* damage.
3* Spider-Man 5/5/3 Great 3* yellow user.
3* Kamala Khan 5/3/5 Passive heal is great vs. 3*s, but isn’t enough vs. 4*s and 5*s.
4* Sam Wilson (Cap) 5/3/5 Has a high damage power, but it takes forever to get there.

B (average 3*)
3* Luke Cage 5/3/5 Great partner for 3* Iron Fist.
3* Thor 3/5/5 Simple to use. Good on defense.
3* Blade 3/5/5 Strike and attack tiles go well together.
3* Gambit 5/3/5 Makes tons of charged tiles. Healers recommended.
3* Quicksilver 5/*/* Great with Iron Fist.
3* Wolverine (Patch) 5/3/5 Great with Loki.
3* Black Panther 5/​3​/5
3* She-Hulk 4/5/4 Great AP drain -- annoying to play against.
3* Daken 5/3/5
3* Rocket & Groot */*/5 Green is only worthwhile at 5 covers, but the passive is also a good investment.
3* Mystique 5/5/3 Good with Scarlet Witch.
3* Human Torch 5/3/5 Black has strong drawbacks.
3* Sam Wilson (Falcon) 5/5/3 Good with Daken, Blade.
3* Star-Lord 5/​3​/5 Same powers as 5* version.
3* Deadpool 5/​5​/​3 His insta-kill makes him essential for hard PVEs.

3* Beast 5/*/* Similar to Rocket & Groot. Good healing in long fights.
3* Doctor Doom */5/* Outclassed by Iron Fist.
3* Storm 5/3/5 Yellow is underwhelming. Green destroys black’s tiles.
3* Bullseye */*/5 Good in survival nodes.
3* Doctor Octopus 5/5/​3 Can do amazing damage against 3* Storm and a few others.
3* Daredevil 3/5/5 5/*/* with Patch.
3* The Hulk 5/​3​/​5 Great passive. Red is way too expensive.

B- (below average 3*)

3* The Punisher 3​/5/5 Outclassed by Iron Fist. Can do good damage against tanks with his red.
4* Devil Dinosaur 5/​5​/​3 An atrophied trophy. Limited.
3* Captain Marvel 3​/5/5 Good passive but you need to pass that AP over to better users.
3* Psylocke 5/​3​/5 Red does solid damage now. Blue is still bad.
3* Squirrel Girl 3​/5/5 Too specialized.
2* Black Widow 3​/5/​5 Amazing AP steal. “Double tap” passive goes well with strike tiles.
3* Gamora 5/​3​/5 Capable of comebacks.
3* Sentry 5/5/​3 Green requires too much planning. Yellow is usually an even trade-off.
3* Colossus 5​/5/​ 3 Black has no ideal partners. Yellow doesn’t do much.
3* Vision 5/5/​3 Good for transitioning to the 3*s. Wastes AP on defense.
3* Angel */*/5 Capable of good AP denial. His other powers disappoint.
3* Elektra 4/5/4 (and I kinda like the 4* Elektra.)

C (average 2*)
2* Magneto 3​/​
5​/5 Great at forming blue match-5s. Use that blue AP with another character.
2* Hawkeye 5/3/5 Good passive. His active powers are poor. Use with Magneto or Bullseye.
2* Ares 4/4/5 Best 2* damage.
2* Thor 3/5/5 Or 5/5/3 later on, when his damage no longer matters.
2* Storm 5/5/3 Blue is the stand-out: decent damage and a lot of stun.
2* Daken 3/5/5 Strike tiles don’t gain enough value at higher cover levels.
2* Human Torch */*/* Poor on defense.
2* Captain Marvel 3​/5/5 Yellow can remove most types of special tiles.
2* Wolverine 5/5/3 Goes well with 2* BW’s double tap passive.
2* Bullseye 3/5/5 His tile-destroying power is his best.
2* Moonstone 3/5/5 Bad on defense.
1* Spider-Man 3/5/5 Try him with 2* Bullseye. Best 1* for the prologue.
1* Juggernaut 5/5 Can easily beat the 1* DDP node alone at level 20.

D (average 1*)
2* Captain America 3​/​
5​/5 OK stun. Very low damage.
1* Black Widow 3/​5 0/5 for giving team-ups. One of the best stuns in the game.
1* Storm 5/3/5 Green is the stand-out.
1* Iron Man 5/5/3 Outclassed by Juggernaut.
1* Venom 5/5 Has some use with 1* Spider-Man. Otherwise don’t bother.

F (always sell)
1* Hawkeye - Outclassed by 1* Spider-Man.
2* Spider-Man (Bag-Man) - Cannot be obtained from most tokens. A joke character.
1* Yelena Belova - Cannot be obtained from tokens. An inferior 1* Black Widow.

To be determined
4* Hawkeye (Ronin) 5/3/5 pretty good. A.
5* Rescue 3/5/​5 Great cheap red damage. Peculiar blue.
4* Sabretooth */*/​5 Great 4* damage. Counters strike tile placers.
5* Storm 5/​5​/3
4* Black Cat 5​/3/5
4* Mysterio
5* Iceman 3/5/​5 use with a tile fortifier
4* Juggernaut should be good with okoye

2015 Jan 29: Characters with low AP non-black attacks get a small boost due to the incoming Star-Lord’s yellow power.
(2016 edit: lol)
2015 Feb 13: Characters with good red powers bumped up a bit because of 3* Cyclops’s yellow power. Spider-Man raised
because of the daily survival quests.
2015 March 7: Steve raised from A to A+ because he can deal with Iron Fist.
2015 March 10: Mystique and 2* Magneto raised significantly due to Prof. X’s match-5 passive.
2015 March 12: Ranks adjusted based on character updates announcement.
2015 March 26: 4* Thor falls based on player reports. I don’t have a usable one to test.
2015 April 3: 4* Wolverine dethroned due to the AP boost reduction. He’s still great.
2015 April 11: Updated based on announced balance changes.
2015 May 11: Nick Fury and She-Hulk bumped up due to long-standing bugs.
2015 May 15: Moonstone goes up a little because her black is getting changed to a 9 AP move, meaning it can actually be
2015 June 13: The She-Hulk bug was fixed so she moves down.
2015 July 12: 4* Deadpool nudged up because he goes well with The Thing.
2015 Sept 23: Silver Surfer shuffles up the rankings.
2015 Oct 30: Renamed the tiers due to the increasing number of 4*s.
2015 Dec 28: 3* Spider-Man bumped up due to Miles.
2016 Jan 31: Colossus nudged up due to 5* Spider-Man.
2016 Feb 1: QS gets a big bump up based on his tile swap being cheaper.
2016 Feb 9: IM40 jumps way up due to the rework of his yellow.
2016 Feb 27: Removed some ​underlines​ because of power creep.
2016 May 16: Rejiggered the higher tiers based on the amount of new 4*s.
2016 June 8: Shake-ups among 4*s due to the ease of getting 5* covers.
2016 Aug 17: Put 4* Punisher higher after playing with him.
2016 Sep 20: 4* Thor and 3* Storm nudged up due to SS/Chulk rebalances.
2016 Sept 23: Lowered 4* Sam Wilson due to 4* Luke Cage being a better choice.
2016 Dec: More occasional updates from now on. War Machine, Carnage, 4* Luke, 3* Storm raised a bit because of Medusa.
2017 Apr: OML got nerfed.
2017 Aug: Two and a half 4* tiers combined because there wasn’t a strong difference between them.
2017 Sep: Raised Agent Coulson due to his pairing with 5* Hawkeye.
2017 Oct: Gambit’s AP generation shakes things up. Expect him to be nerfed.
2018 Jan: Gambit slightly nerfed. 5* Daredevil raised due to d3go poll results.

2018 Jan 24: Nightcrawler lowered a bit. He’s too inconsistent.

2018 Feb: Shuri raises the placing of fortified tile makers.
2018 Apr: A+ tier rearranged a bit. Kraven dropped to bottom of A-.
2018 Apr 19: Raised America Chavez to A+.
2018 July 28: 5* Gambit finally nerfed.
2018 Oct 19: Raised Ragnarok because he’s in my go-to “winfinite” team.
2018 Oct 22: Moved 5* Thor to #1. Also raised Okoye.
2018 Nov 2: Lowered 4* Iron Fist a tier. He’s just not that good without level boosts.
2018 Nov 10: Valkyrie raised due to pairing well with Captain Marvel.
2018 Nov 17: Emma Frost raised to A- because of her Shuri pairing.
2019 Jan: Expanded the A+ tier from both sides. S and A tiers were getting big.
2019 Feb: Kitty raised a bit due to the power of Team Gritty.
2019 May: Kitty raised to S+. Her other powers turn out to be great as well.
2019 June: Kitty bumped up to #1. Bishop also raised up to the second best 4*.
2019 Aug: Comments turned on again. Let’s see how this goes.

5* teams

Thor + Okoye
Deals massive damage each turn once Thor is below his health threshold.

Thanos + Black Panther

Thanos stuns BP to activate BP’s passive attack.

IM46 + Phoenix
IM46’s blue creates massive board shake for Phoenix’s match-5 passive.

Captain America (IW) + Daredevil

Revive DD to 45% to gain true heal and strike tile generation.

Gambit 3/5/5 + Black Bolt (“GamBolt”)

Black Bolt generates charged tiles for Gambit’s red to destroy for AP and damage. America
Chavez is a great third.

4*&5* teams

Gritty​”: 5* Kitty Pryde + 4* Rocket & Groot
A speed team: R&G lay down strike tiles right off the bat, and Kitty improves them
rapidly. Very common in PVP as of 2019 February. Bishop is a great third.

5* Hawkeye + Agent Coulson

One of the deadliest combos in the game. Makes tons of countdowns and just steamrolls the
enemy team. Great on defense too.

5* Spider-Man + 4* Miles
Miles makes web tiles with yellow and purple for 5* Spidey to use.

Any 5* + America Chavez

Ridiculous critical damage. AC goes especially well with Gambit+Black Bolt for the AP
advantage and charged tiles. In PVE, have your best 5* wear a support item that increases
the critical tile multiplier. (Critical tile supports include Kimoyo Beads, Sharon
Carter, Stepford Cuckoos, all infinity stones.)

4* teams

​ ember Gamora improves R&G’s initial strike

Gamora + Rocket & Groot 3/5/5. ​Guardians m
tiles. Stun, strike tiles, attack tiles. Medusa is a good third.

Cardusa​”: Carnage + Medusa. Put down a ton of special tiles quickly and get great bonuses
whenever they are matched. Mr. Fantastic is a good third. (The definition of which tiles
are considered “matched” in match-4s was changed in order to make this team less

Shuri + Luke Cage. Shuri was designed to go with 4* Black Panther, but I say she’s better
with Luke. Once there are a lot of fortified special tiles out, Hero for Hire will deal
massive damage for only 5 AP a pop. BP still works as a third as a source of fortified
specials, and the sharing of yellow abilities is not a big deal due to Shuri’s AP

Deadpool + The Thing. Two characters that react to others taking damage. Thing can
destroy a bunch of DP’s CD tiles with Yancey Special. Bishop probably works in this role

Deadpool + XFW. Surgical Strike almost always targets DP’s CD tiles.

Iron Fist + Luke Cage. They are designed to go together. Much better when at least one is

Nightcrawler + Professor X (below Kurt’s level). Get a purple-dominant board, cast Bamf
to get purple match-5s for damage and purple AP.

Blade + Nico. Growing strike tiles. Luke Cage is good with Nico too.

Captain Marvel + Red Hulk. Red Hulk’s countdowns will make Cap Marvel strengthen A/P/S
tiles. A reactive strike tile maker like Valkyrie is a good third.

Thor + Lockjaw. Tons of charged tiles for Thor’s red.

3*&4* teams

The new ‘​Winfinite​

’ team: 4* Riri Williams + 3* Ragnarok.
Rag turns red AP into blue tiles. Riri turns blue AP into red AP. It’s best to have a red
match set up before you cast Riri’s blue. Many good choices for a third character.

The old ‘​Winfinite​

’ team, “Charlie’s Angels”: Prof. X (underleveled) + 3* Black Widow +
Scarlet Witch.
Scarlet Witch’s passive gives purple AP and match-5s, BW turns purple AP into match-5s,
Prof. X’s match-5 passive gives damage and more purple AP. Pretty ridiculous.

Prof. X (underleveled) + Quicksilver + Iron Fist.

Use IF’s purple to build enough black to use QS’s black to make match-5s, for damage and
black AP. Not as good on defense. IF can be replaced by Mystique for her blue and purple.

4* Thor + IM40.
IM40 turns yellow AP into red and blue AP. Give it to Thor for stun and massive damage.
Another charged tile maker like Lockjaw or Rag is a good third.

4* Captain Marvel + 3* Steve Rogers. Get that red/blue AP back immediately for 5 yellow
AP. Improves those protect tiles too.

Iceman + Nova + IM40. IM40 yellow generates Iceman’s colors and red for Nova. Amazing
stun and damage.

4* Wolvie + 3* Magneto 3/5/5 + Loki. Board shakes in every color as well as the passive.
Somewhat low health. Loki can be replaced with Iron Fist.

4* Agent Coulson + 3* Quicksilver. Two tile swap moves that gain AP. 5 different colors
for active moves. Fun on offense, not so good on defense.

Miles + 3* Spider-Man. Make lots of web tiles with Miles to power up 3*’s moves.

3* teams

Iron Fist + Luke Cage. An excellent assortment of abilities.

Iron Fist + Gambit. Gambit’s black makes purple charged tiles, IF’s purple generates
black tiles. Kamala Khan is a good third to heal the self-damage from Gambit.

Captain America + IM40 + Hood 3/5/5. Use IM’s yellow to generate AP for Steve. Use Hood’s
black to make everything faster. Good against invisibility tiles and Iron Fist.

Daken/Blade + Falcon. Make strike tiles quickly then improve them. Luke Cage or IF as a

Patch 5/3/5 + Loki. Berserker Rage + Trickery will likely win the match. Great AP denial
plus board shake for the strike tiles. Hood or a yellow/red/blue user as a third.

Patch 5/3/5 + Doom. Doom’s passive makes Berserker Rage not throw down as many enemy

Loki + Storm. A team based on AP dominance that is ​almost​ a ‘winfinite’ team. Somewhat
slow. Add 3* Hulk or a charged tile maker as a third.

2* teams

Hawkeye + Magneto. Magneto’s purple makes match-5s for Hawkeye’s passive. 2* Bullseye’s
green can also help with match-5s.

Black Widow + Daken or Wolverine. Black Widow’s matching passive makes strike tiles count
twice when it activates.

4* Counterpicks against 5*s

4* Deadpool + The Thing: 5*s regularly deal out big match damage, meaning lots of
counterattacks and protect tiles.
Ghost Rider: for his black.
Medusa: against a/p/s tile spammers like OML and Phoenix.
Rogue: absorbs tons of damage and denies AP.

Covers You Might Want to Skip

4* Professor X yellow: the special tiles make match-5s with 3* BW harder. They also slow
down turns.
4* Ghost Rider red/green: to give his black as a team-up.
4* Nico Minoru yellow: so she can be protected by protect tiles. The loss of its active
power is no big deal.
3* Iron Man red/blue: so the AI will never use them.
1* Black Widow purple: to give her blue as a team-up.

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