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What is it and why is matters

Ishan Anand
4 February, 2019
What is Sustainable Tourism
The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) defines Sustainable Tourism as ‘Tourism that
takes full account of its current and future economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts

Responsible Community
tourism Tourism


Eco Tourism
Tourism Culture Environment Geo Tourism

Low carbon
Why is Sustainable Tourism important
The UN’s World Tourism Organisation or UNWTO declared 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism for
Why Tourism matters

10% GLOBAL GDP Tourism Industry is Main income source for There will be 1.8 billion
(Direct, Indirect and responsible for 255 some countries. Almost international tourists by 2030
inducted impact) million jobs worldwide 40% of GDP

Why Tourism must change If tourism industry to grow with

same pace as today then by 2050 it
will instigate:

a) 111% growth in energy


b) 105% growth in greenhouse

With certain types of tourism
less than 10% of profits is The tourism industry is c) 150% growth in water
Average Luxury
left to benefit locally responsible for nearly one tenth
hotel room uses consumption
of worlds carbon emissions
1800 litre per day
2 d) 252% growth in waste production
Impact of Sustainable Tourism

1. Economic Viability 2. Local Prosperity

3. Employment Quality 4. Social Equity

5. Visitor Fulfilment 6. Local Management

7. Community Well-
8. Cultural Richness

9. Physical Integrity 10. Biological Diversity

11. Resource 12. Environmental

Efficiency 3 Integrity
Impediments to Sustainable Tourism
Balancing Growth and Implementation Challenges
1. Limited Awareness
Growth Sustainability
2. Change in consumer patterns

3. Economic growth prioritized

4. Price Barrier

5. Limited sustainable
development frameworks

6. Insufficient rural planning

7. Limited local community influence

8. Limited funds for maintenance

Global Trends in Sustainable Tourism
87% global travellers stated that they want to travel sustainably and 39% confirmed
that they often or always manage to do

65% want to stay at a ‘green’ hotel at least once a year and nearly 40 percent stayed
in eco-friendly accommodations at least once in 2017,

52% preferred to use public transport instead of a taxi

40% skipped tourist highlights in favour of less busy sights

41% went out of the way to find a local restaurant

67% of travellers were willing to spend at least 5% more on their travel to ensure it has
as low impact on the environment as possible

32% stated lack of information and a lack of credible certification poses a significant
obstacle to sustainable travel.

Why I am passionate about sustainable tourism

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