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Tendencies of Mirza
Jhelumi towards Mirza’ism
Relations between Mirza Jhelumi and Mirza

Irrefutable proofs of the tendencies of Mirza: Jhelumi towards Mirza’I sects Lahori Mirza’ism and
Qadiani Mirza’ism. 09-12-1440 AH
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Mirza: Jhelumi: is greatly influenced by Laho:ri: Mirza:’ism. It was proved long before that he has strong
tendencies towards Lahori Mirza’ism.

Lahorism or Lahori Mirza’ism is a cult of Mirza:’ism . After the death of the founder of Mirza:’ism ,
Mirza:’ism was devided into two basic sects.

1] Mah:mu:di: Mirza:’ism or Qa:dianism or Qa:diani: Mirza:’ism.

2] Laho:rism or Paigh:amism or La:ho:ri: Mirza:’ism.

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The first sect of Mirza:’ism was founded be the son of Mirza: Qa:diani: namely Mirza: Bashi:ruddi:n

The second sect was founded by Muh:ammad ‘:Ali: Laho:ri: , who was a disciple of Mirza: Qa:diani: .

Mirza: Jhelumi: has supported Qa:diani: sect . But actually he is trying to save Laho:rism from the Takfi:r.

This shews that he has strong inclinations and tendencies towards La:ho:rism.

There are certain evidences for this claim.

1] On one hand La:ho:rites claim that Mirza: Gh:ula:m Qa:diani: did not claim prophethood, and on the
other hand they accuse Great Scholars of ‘isla:m for claiming prophethoods for themselves.

This is exactly what the Mirza: Jhelumi does.

This is a weak La:ho:ri: argument in support of Mirza: Qa:diani: . For References See:-


2] La:ho:ri: Mirzai were first who denied that Mirza: Qa:diani: claimed Prophethood. Mr Gh:amidi: just
borrowed their belief belief. But he was unable to present any new argument for his false claim “Mirza:
Qa:diani: did not claimed Prophethood”. He only repeated the arguments of Muh:ammad ‘:Ali: Laho:ri: .

For Reference See the believes Of Lahorites:-

1]“……. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never claimed to be a prophet, but was a Mujaddid in Islam, like
mujaddids that arose in Islam before him, and he was that particular Mujaddid who was the
Promised Messiah.”
This is what Mirza: Jhelumi: says. This means he want to save Lahorites from Takfi:r.
2] http://www.ahmadiyya.org/qadis/oath-70.htm

As it is certain that Mirz Gh:ula:m Qa:diani: did claim Prophethood some of his followers tried to fool
Muslims by claiming that he did not claim prophethood. Mirza Jhelumi: is doing the same thing , so this
is an IRREFUTABLE proof that Mirza Jhelumi: has strong tendencies towards Lahorites , even if it is
accepted (for sake of argument?) that he is not one of them.

Nota Bene :

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All these oaths are just Taqaiyah of Lahorites. They are not reliable.

So inclinations and tendencies of Mirza: Jhelumi: and Gh:a:midi: shews that both of the two are two
representatives of Lho:rism.

3] La:ho:rism is in consistency with Ra:fid:ism. This means that a person can be a La:ho:riite as well as a

4] Mirza: Jhelumi: has claimed that he declares Qa:dianis as Ka:fir just because they declare him and his
followers as Ka:fir and not due to the reason they deny the finality and lasthood of Holy Prophet.

How ever he argues that they shall never declare Mirza: Jhelumi: and his followers as Muslims.

But in his strange argument , he finds a secret way to declare La:horites as Muslims [‘Astagh:farullah Va

Since La:ho:rites apparently deny that Mirza: Qa:diani: claimed Prophethood and they do not declare
those who deny the claims of Mirza: Qa:diani: as Ka:fir , unless and otherwise they declare Mirza:
Qa:diani: as Ka:fir.

For Reference See:

“Those Muslims who do not believe in Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad still remain
“I, Muhammad Ali, head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Jama‘at, knowing Allah the Most High
to be witness to this, Who holds my life in His hands, do swear that to my knowledge
the belief of the Promised Messiah from 1901 to 1908 was that a person not believing
in him is still a Muslim and within the fold of Islam, and his denier is not a kafir or
excluded from the fold of Islam. The same has also been my belief, from 1901 till this
day, on the basis of the belief of the Promised Messiah.”{footnote 7}
[7]. This oath was published in Paigham Sulh, 21 September 1944. [Foot note]

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Nota Bene :- Oaths of Muhammad ‘:Ali: Lahori: are not reliable. Unacceptable by all rational

[A note by the authoress of the present article].

This Principle is borrowed by Mirza: Jhelumi, with the modification that any one who declares Mirza:
Jhelumi: and his deciples as Ka:fir is not a Muslim. This declaration is independent of the believes of the
declarer .

It is clear that as La:ho:ri: Mirza:’i:s do not declare Mirza: Jhelumi: as Ka:fir then Mirza: Khelumi: also
does not declare them as Ka:fir. A mutual sympathy for one an other.

References :-

1] “Believers in the Holy Prophet Muhammad form a brotherhood, and so long as a

person claims membership of the brotherhood of Islam by declaring the words ‘There
is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’, he cannot be expelled
from Islam or branded as a kafir by any power on earth.”
2] “I, Muhammad Ali, head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Jama‘at, do swear that my belief
is that Hazrat Mirza [Ghulam Ahmad] sahib of Qadian is a mujaddid and the Promised
Messiah, but not a prophet, nor can any person become a kafir or excluded from the
fold of Islam by denying him. This was also the belief of Hazrat Mirza sahib.
O God, if I have uttered falsehood in this oath taken in Thy name, then send upon me
from Thyself such exemplary punishment as has no human hand in it, and from which

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the world would learn how stern and terrible is God’s retribution for one who
deceives His creatures by swearing falsely in His name.”{footnote 8}

[8]. This speech was published in Paigham Sulh, dated 15 January 1947. The oath had
also appeared earlier in Paigham Sulh dated 11 December 1946. [Footnote ]


once again it must be noted that these oaths are

just taqaiyah of swearer and are unacceptable.

What does this means? This means that Mirza Jhelumi: is in perfect harmony with La:ho:rism.

This may be explained once more in different sentences and words so that the dark side of Mirza:
Jhelumi may become more easy to be understood.

If Mirza:Jhelumi: declares Mah:mudites asKa:fir on the only ground that they declare him , his followers
and some others as Ka:fir then it is not possible for him to declare La:ho:ri: Mirza:’is as Ka:fir.






Since this ground is Missing in Lah:ho:ri: Mirza:’ism.

So neither La:ho:ri: Mirza:’is can declare Jhelumites as Ka:fir nor Jhelumites can declare them as Ka:fir
according to their standards of Takfi:r [Declaration of KufrCufr//Infidelity].

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This does shew that he is clever enough to convey his followers and disciples this very idea but this is
conveyed to those as well who strictly analyse his each and every sentence and expression and study his
lectures analytically.

5] Mirza: Jhelumi: has said in one of his videos that he is not certain whether Mirza: Qadiani: had
claimed Prophethood or not. Taking and intermediate position between Muslims and Laho:ri:tes ,
Mirza: Jhelumi: and his Jhelumite sect are not Ka:fir according to La:hori: Mirza:’ism.



In turn he has excluded them from being Ka:fir and declared only two sects as Ka:fir namely Qa:dianites
and Nus:airites on the single basis that the declare him , his followers and some others as Ka:fir, and not
on their respective beliefs of Kufr or Shirc or Both. Lahorites also agree with Mirza: Jhelumi: about
Mirza: Qa:diani: on the issue. The only difference is that Lahorites say that they are sure that he did not
claim Prophethood while Mirza: Jhelumi: and his disciples are inclined towards the claim that Mirza
Qa:diani did not claim Prophethood.

For References:-

1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPct-GpVSrw


Sworn declaration by Maulana Muhammad Ali:

“I, Muhammad Ali, head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Jamaat, do swear that my belief is
that Hazrat Mirza [Ghulam Ahmad] sahib of Qadian is a Mujaddid and the Promised
Messiah, but not a prophet, nor can any person become a kafir or excluded from the
fold of Islam by denying him. This was also the belief of Hazrat Mirza sahib. O God, if I
have uttered falsehood in this oath taken in Thy name, then send upon me from
Thyself such exemplary punishment as has no human hand in it, and from which the
world would learn how stern and terrible is God’s retribution for one who deceives
His creatures by swearing falsely in His name.”

This reference two is an undeniable evidence that Mirza: Jhelumi: and Muh:ammad ‘:Ali: Lahori: are in
perfect agreement. So it is clear that Mirza: Jhelumi: is either a modified Lahorite or he is inclined to
them since his tendencies towards them are certain .

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6] The apparent Monotheistic Tendencies of Mirza: Jhelumi: were just to attract youth of ‘Ahlul
H:adi:th: . But Mirza: Jhelumi: did not declare any one as Ka:fir and Mushrik if he or she holds some
beliefs and articles of Shirk. That is the reason he does not declare Nus:airiah of Sha:m as Ka:fir and
Mushric/Mushrik on the basis that they believe that Saiyiduna: ‘:Ali: is an Incarnation and a
Menifestation of G-d.

Mirza: Jhelumi: declares them as Ka:fir just because they declare Mirza: Jhelumi: and his disciples as

To believe that any human being is an Incarnation or Menifestation Of G-d is Certainly and Definitely
Shirk. Bt Mirza: Jhelumi did not declare Nus:airiah as Ka:fir and Mushrik on this Ground. Further he did
not declare them as Mushrik but he only declared them as Ka:fir as if they did not become Mushrik by
believing in the Incarnation Theory Of G-d.

But this is also borrowed from Mirza:’ism. Since both of the sects of Mirza:’ism deceived Muslims by
shewing Monotheistic Tendencies. Even Mirza: Qadiani attempted to refute Unity Of Existence , in order
to deceive Muslims who reject Unity Of Existence.

So it is clear that Mirza: Jhelumi has learnt many things from Mirza: Qa:diani: and his disciple
Muh:ammad ‘:Ali: Laho:ri: .

If Mirza: Jhelumi: has shewn his inclination and tendencies towards La:ho:rites , then this also shews
that he wants to induce and to introduce the same tendencies and inclinations toward La:ho:rites in his
Listeners and followers.

It is also clear that his lectures do imply that he did appeal the respective leaderships of Qa:dianism and
Nus:airi’ism not to declare him and his Disciples as Ka:fir but when they refused to accept his appeal so
he in his fury declared them as Ka:fir on this ground, yet he did not made other grounds since according
to him and his Disciples the beliefs of these two sects are not Kufr. This is the only conclusion that is
followed and is irrefutable proof that he and is disciples do not declare these to religious groups i.e
Nus:airiah and Qa:dianiah [Nus:airites and Qa:dianites] as Ka:fir on the respective bases of their
respective beliefs.

7] He has accused a reverted Muslim who came to the folds of ‘Isla:m , as a Conspiracy and alleged that
he attempted him [Mirza: Jhelumi:] to work against Qa:dianism by appealing to his potentiality of greed
, yet he was unable to actualise his potentiality from latent state.

But latter Mirza: Jhelumi: found that his conspiracy has turned on himself so he made an open apology .

But with in this period Qa:dianis got a chance to malign the new revert to ‘Isla:m.

Mirza: Jhelumi: did know the effect of his conspiracy . He did it deliberately. If some one else had done
some thing similar to him , he would have declared a great conspiracy against him.

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8] Mirza: Jhelumi: is so cleaver that if some people individually or in a small group ask him to discuss and
shere his views with them , he first intimates then not to bring any recording devices and smart mobiles
. If this is so then why he himself exposes his own experiences on videos? This shews that he is an agent
of Mirza:’i:s if he is not a Mirza:’i: himself.

9] He appears to be a researcher so neutral that he has great sympathies with Mirza:’ism and Mirza:i:s
/Miza:’ites , but he is so cunning that he purports to follow Mr Gh:am-di: on the issue whether Mirza:
Qa:diani: claimed Prophethood or not. Thus shifting the burden of proof on Mr Gh:a:m-di: Mirza:
Jhelumi: became his Muqallid [One who accepts a claim of a person other than himself without studying
the Proofs provided by the person]. But it is evident that even Mr Gh:am-di: did not contribute any thing
new to the set of alleged proofs but borrowed from La:ho:rism. As Mirza: Jhelumi: does have studied
Paigh:mites i.e La:hori: Mirza:’ism , he is just making a portal to escape if he is accused for having
sympathies with Qirza: Qa:diani: and irrefutable evidences of claim of Prophethood by Mirza: Qa:diani:
; just by saying that he trusted on Mr Gh:a:m-di: research and did not researched himself. He is a super
cunning person , and his cunningness is exposed only after strictly analyzation of his lectures and
sentence by sentence research of his lectures.

10] Mirza: Jhelumi: does not consider the belief of Incarnation of G-d as Shirc. This does shew that if a
person deifies himself or claims to be an Incarnation of G-d , then Mirza: is not going to declare such a
Person as Ka:fir on this claim . It is said that Vah:i:dud Di:n Zama:n was first in Subcontinent who did not
declare the believers in Divine Incarnation as Mushric and Ka:fir. If it is so then it is also clear that Mirza:
Jhelumi: has borrowed this belief from him. But if it is not the case then Mirza: Jhelumi: has made this
innovation in order to please Nus:airiah all by himself. This shall be discussed separately ‘Insha: ‘All-h.

11] If Zubair ‘:Ali: Zai was alive and if he would have heard the Mirza’I tendencies and inclinations by
Mirza: Jhelumi: he would have certainly declared this person out of the folds of ‘Isla:m.

12] The same above can be said in regard to Shaikh: ‘Al Ba:ni: RH: as well.


This shews that Mirza Jhelumi: has ceased to be a Muslim and is no longer a Muslim any more.

He is an ACTOR and an AGENT of Mirza:’is , if not of Qadianis then of Lahorites/Lahoris.

There is no requirement of any more evidence , to support. It is sufficient that this person Mirza:
Jhelumi: is an Enemy Of ‘Isla:m and the most dangerous Heretic of this Millennium.

Mirza: Jhelumi: is either a Modified Lahori or a founder of new sect between ‘Isla:m and Lahorism.

Some Question to the followers of Mirza: Jhelumi:

1] If a person believes that there are two types of Prophethood, 1) Whose denial is Kufr . 2) Whose
denial is not Kufr and Mirza: Qa:diani: belongs to the second type, and does not declare any Muslim as

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Ka:fir, then the question is ;”Whether this person is a Ka:fir or not according to the Religious System of
Mirza: Jhelumi: “ ?

2] If a person says that the Great Deceiver [Dajja:l] is a Ka:fir but not a Mushrik/Mushric , since he shall
not preach Polytheism , but preach the Dogma of Incarnation of G-d claiming that he is an Incarnation of
the only G-d, then the question is whether such a person is Ka:fir or not?

3] i)If Mah:mu:di: Mirzais continue to believe that Mirza: Qa:diani: is a Prophet, but discontinue to
declare all those who disbelieve Mirza: Qa:diani: as a Ka:fir, then whether whether they continue to be
Ka:fir or not?

ii) If some one says that the only difference has occurred after Holy Prophet is that after Him , to deny a
new prophet is not Kufr, then the question is whether such a person is Ka:fir or not?

4] If some one says that the Term Prophet/ Nabi: is changed by some other term [ say Ma:mu:r Minallah
etc.] but this does not mean that the advent of prophets have been ended only the term is changed ,
then the question is whether such a person is Ka:fir or not?

5] If some one says that advent of Prophets /’Anbia:’ have been ceased but advent of Apostles/Rusul

Has not ceased , and after Holy Prophets new Rusul shall come which shall not be ‘Anbia:’ , then the
question is whether such a person is Ka:fir the Jhelumite System?

6] Have you still not sensed that he has tendencies towards Lahorites? Do such tendencies not make
him a Lahorite or a founder of new religion between Lahorism and ‘Isla:m?


The authoress is not responsible for any distort of meanings due to errors of typist.

The author is not responsible for any grammatical error and any error of spelling due to typist.

Any belief contrary to the belief of ‘Ahlussunnah cannot be ascribed to the authoress. If there is any
thing against the established creed of ‘Ahlussunnah then it is only for sake of an argument.

The Authoress does not belong to Barailvi Sect.


The Authoress is ‘Ahlussunnah and follow the creed of ‘Ahlussunnah. She believes that Lahorites,
Qadianites are Not Muslims.

She affirms that any one who agrees with Mirza: Jhelumi: on these issues is Certainly Not A Muslim.

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