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Bo' Rai Cho/Dragon Breath

Rarity Type Base Stats Price Unlock

Gold Martial Artist Attack: 1175 478 Souls Challenge Mode, Elite Pack, Elite Pack Pro, Challenge Pack
Health: 1200

Toughness: 1150

Recovery: 1000

Power Gen: 100%

Dragon Breath Bo' Rai Cho is yet another addition to the o ensive Martial Artist team. All Martial Artists teamed with him gain an increased critical chance to their attacks, furthering their o ensive power. By himself, Bo' Rai Cho is able to in ict 100% area e ect damage to any one of the tagged out opponents, either with his combo ender or when a critical hit occurs. As all damage from his critical hits transfer to the next
opponent, it is viable to equip him with equipment or talents that center around crit, such as "Black Dragon Training" and "Lin Kuei Tutorage". Due to the increased crit chance he already gains from his passive, it would be more recommended to lean towards more on boosting crit damage than critical chance.

Recommended Talents

On the player's side, his passive can be boosted with the following talents:

Black Dragon Training
Lin Kuei Tutorage
Shirai Ryu Teachings
Death Mark Technique
The Art of the Tsunami
Boar Stance
On the enemy's side, his passive can be weakened with the following talents:

Defender's Bulwark
Ghost Armor
Red Dragon Training
Hawk Stance
Combat Veteran

Please note that battles are highly situational: this section only mentions cards that have mechanics that, for any reason, are particularly e ective with/against, or particularly ine ective against Bo' Rai Cho. Having a card that "counters" Bo' Rai Cho does not mean it is always a good choice.

Good with

Other Martial Artist characters namely:

Kung Lao/Hat Trick: Kung Lao greatly boosts the critical damage of Martial Artist teammates. He also gains additional critical chance from both Bo' Rai Cho and his own passive, allowing him to deal a lot of damage by himself.
Triborg/Cyrax (LK-4D4): He can boost the critical damage of all characters on his team and his SP1 will deal critical damage more often.
Kung Jin/Prime: His passive greatly boosts critical chance for Martial Artist teammates, allowing Bo' Rai Cho to in ict crit more frequently.
Liu Kang/Flaming Fists: With the help of Bo' Rai Cho's passive, Liu Kang can potentially deal a lot of basic damage.
Jacqui Briggs/Kosplay: In her Sub-Zero costume, she would be able to deal more crit against Outworld opponents.
Countered by

Kenshi/Elder God & Scorpion/Hellspawn: Both are immune to critical attacks, with the former extending this to other Elder God characters, lowering the e ciency of Bo' Rai Cho's passive.
Characters that can in ict Blind, such as Kitana and Jade.
Shadow Sash: At the start of the match, Bo' Rai Cho will be blinded, causing basic hits to have a chance of missing, limiting his passive.
Jacqui Briggs/Kosplay: Aside from the Poison Aura while in her Reptile costume, she can also cause blind on her SP2.

Here are Bo' Rai Cho's abilities.

Ability Classi cation Description Usage

Double Vision Passive Combo Enders and Critical Hits have a 50% Chance to in ict additional damage on one of the tagged-out opponents. +25% Critical Chance for all Martial On Combo Ender, Always active

Ignition First Special Medium Damage + STUN Quick Tap

High Spirit Second Special High Damage + WEAKEN Rapid Tap (x2)

Drunk-Upuncture X-Ray Extreme Damage + CRIPPLE Tap

Support Cards/Equipment
Here are Bo' Rai Cho's support and equipment cards.

Card Classi cation Description

Master's Wrath Damage 3-15% DAMAGE BOOST

Spiritual Training Health 3-15% HEALTH BOOST

Rivalry: Baraka Energy 3-15% ENERGY REGENERATION

Bo' Rai Cho's Flask Equipment 15-25% Critical Hit Chance boost

[Bo' Rai Cho] 5-15% Damage Boost

[Fusion Level X] 25% Chance to apply CRIPPLE to the active enemy at the start of the match

Previously, Bo' Rai Cho's SP1 is stated to in ict both stun & re, even though the latter e ect never happened upon use. As such, he counted towards Quests that require characters who can in ict stun or re. This is no longer the case as "Fire" was removed from the description, possibly citing this as an error.


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