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ChurroStix Creations will offer delicious, affordable, and home-made churros with

different toppings that will satisfy the cravings not only for the kids but also the youth and

elderlies. It will bring sumptuous churros for a budget-friendly cost in Dinalupihan, Bataan.

Our business searched for data and information about the churros stalls or cafes that serves

churros in the Philippines ad near the municipality. Most of them are located in Metro, Manila.

There was churros café but not exactly accessible being located in a hotel and mostly found

in Spanish restaurants. Which meant they have to get a table and dine in. In late 2014,

Churriera La Lola opened and were pretty much Manila’s first xurreria located in an upscale

mall. Here in Bataan, particularly in municipality of Dinalupihan, the nearest seller of churros

is located at SM Olongapo named Don Churros. Our primary strategy is to offer customers a

variety of toppings for choosing their churros. Most of the orders will be for classic churros

which can be their preferred choice of pain or cinnamon sugar coated churros. However, other

churros will be available with different toppings like mallows, sprinkles, and crushed peanuts.

Our business will initially operate home-based or stall and use social media (e.g. Facebook,

Twitter, Instagram) to showcase the actual product of different toppings, for ease of browsing

and ordering. Any customer will have the option to pick up their order or have it delivered at

the convenience. ChurroStix creations have a number of competitive features that will be used

to its advantage to achieve market penetration such as its affordable price, being first churro

products to be sold in Dinalupihan, and attractive food presentation.


The initial capitalization for the business is Php 1,400.00 good for first batch of selling

expense. Expected revenue for the first bbatch of selling expense is Php 500.00 while the total

cost of goods sold amount is Php 2,000.00.


Company Name: ChurroStix Creation


Address: Lot #5 Block 22, Diamond Street, Beverly Heights Barangay Cataning, Hermosa,


Vision Statement: ChurroStix Creations will be a leading provider of delicious, affordable and

home-made churros with different toppings that will satisfy the cravings not only of the kids but

also the youth and elderlies.

Mission Statement: ChurrroStix Creations is socially responsible company providing delicious,

affordable and home-made churros with different toppings which caters to the craving needs of

every customer.

Key Personnel: Leader

Workforce and Support personnel: Members/ Production Team

Organizational Chart:


Advisory Council

Members/ Production

Ownership: Corporation

Capitalization: ₱1,400.00

Compensation and Incentives: Equal division of profit of every member of corporation

External Management Support: Parents and entrepreneurship teacher will be tapped as

advisory council.


Purpose of the Product

ChurroStix Creations’ purpose is to give the consumers a taste of something new.

To provide satisfaction to their cravings with a very affordable price. Most of the

ChurroStix Creation will be served through a three-piece per order, with their choice of dip

and toppings. The customers may choose on what toppings or dip they preffer on their

churos. ChurroStix Creations best fit those who want to try something new for their taste-


Products Unique Features

ChurroStix Creations has unique features. This features are its unique flavour and

eye-catching appearance. You can even pick your own preferred toppings of choice. The

flavour it has by far different with the usual pastries we taste in a daily basis. Its

presentation is also one of its features for it is very attracting in the eyes.

Sample Churros:

Classic Churros Churros with different toppings

Material and equipment requirements and sources of supply


The materials requirements and their sources are as follows:


Cake flour Dinalupihan Public Market

Butter Dinalupihan Public Market

Salt Dinalupihan Public Market

Mineral Water Savemore Super Market

Eggs Dinalupihan Public Market

Chocolate Savemore Dinalupihan Super Market

Marshmallows Dinalupihan Public Market

Sprinkles Dinalupihan Public Market

Crushed peanuts Dinalupihan Public Market

Sugar Dinalupihan Public Market

Cinnamon Powder Savemore Dinalupihan Super Market

Cooking oil Dinalupihan Public Market

Box packaging (container box) Dinalupihan Public Market

Production Process and Controls that will be used to manufacture the product

Below is the ChurroStick Creations Process on how to cook it

1. Prepare the ingredients for making the churro dough

a. Put 4 cups of water into the saucepan

b. Mix ½ slice of butter to the water


c. Also mix ¼ teaspoon salt then mix it and wait until it is boiling

d. Put 4 cups of cake flour into the boiling water

e. Stir it until the mixture forms ball

f. Wait for 1 minute then beat 9 eggs

g. Put the beaten egg to the churro dough and stir it

2. Prepare the toppings

a. Melt the chocolate for dunking

b. Mix ½ of sugar and cinnamon powder

c. Bring out other toppings like crushed peanuts, sprinkles and marshmallows (optional)

3. Frying the churro dough

a. Prepare the frying pan and put cooking oil in it

b. Wait until the cooking oil is on the right heat

4. Molding churro dough

a. Mold the churro dough using the pastry bag fitted with a pipe on the tip

b. Squeeze the churro dough with a length of 4 and a half inches into the hot oil. Wait

until it turns golden brown

c. Transfer it to a plate with a hard tissue paper to remove the excess oil

d. Then roll them to the cinnamon-sugar

5. Dressing the churro stick

a. Put the preferred toppings chosen by the customer (chocolate dip, marshmallows,

sprinkles, or crushed peanuts)

b. Seal it with the container box


The food preparation quality control will be ensured in each step in the production

process based on standard since the taste and cleanliness of the food in the top priority of

the company. This means that the quality of the ingredients to be used for the churros and

the taste needs to be top notch. A food that is delicious and budget-friendly will make the

customer to come back and repurchase.

Distribution Logistics

ChurroStix Creations is a home-based business for it is owned by set of friends who

came up with this idea. Social media is also a way of showing the people the availability

of this product in the community of Dinalupihan. Customers who are interested with this

product are free to say where it will be delivered. For ChurroStix Creations will bring it

right in front of you as you place an order. ChurroStix Creations will be available for pre-


Regulatory and Other Compliance issue

ChurroStix Creations Company will be registered as corporation enterprise with the

permit of College of Subic Montessori, Inc. This permit will also serve as the clearance to

operate the home-based business and a small stall in the school. The school permit will

also be done after getting the approval of the business plan outline together with the

approval of the Advisory Council, School Principal, and School Administration Head. The

owners will also be registered with the permit of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

4. Market Plan

The table above shows the sales value of snacks in the United States in 2017 by

category in million US dollars. Nuts with 6.27, Ice cream 6.64, crackers 6.66, cookies 7.36,

cheese 1730, candy 20.96, and lastly, salty snack with 27.72. snacking is an all-American

pastime, it can be seen that salty snacks like potato chips or meat snacks reign supreme

with Americans looking to satisfy their cravings. Whereas sweets are the second most

cherished snacks. It means that there is an increasing demand yearly when it comes on

producing confectionary products as it is seen that most of the snacks are in category of

sweets like cookies.

Here in Bataan, there are so many products of sweets to be eaten as snacks.

Particularly in municipality of Dinalupihan, the nearest seller of churros is located at SM

Olongapo named Don Churros. This is one of the sweets that people will look for,

ChurroStix Creation will be the first churro that will launch in Dinalupihan, Bataan

specifically in community of Sta. Isabel. This will get an advantages in huge potential

market because customers are looking for new and exciting product offerings with very

affordable price.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Marketing Strategy

An aggressive marketing strategy will aim to aggrandize the publicity for

ChurroStix Creations. This will emphasize the customer's choices to completely make their

own choice of toppings. ChurroStix Creations will utilize a number of different medium to

disseminate this message.

 Social Media - the company will be active on social media websites like Facebook and

Instagram to create awareness and publicity to the target customers particularly the youth

and kids.

 Posters - the company will be printing out posters of the product with its name, description,

and price. This will be posted inside the school to inform the students and other people

about the product of the company.

Sales Strategy

The sales strategy will emphasize that ordering and buying a churros from

ChurroStix Creations is very easy, accessible, and a pleasing experience. The sales effort

will work on the possibility of using social media websites particularly Facebook and

Instagram in the long run, the main tool used for ordering. It will be quite important to have

a friendly, easy to use social media websites in the future course of the business. ChurroStix

Creations will also rely on three factors to help boost sales. The first is exemplary customer

service. Having excellent service will provide the customer with the feeling that business

is looking out for the customer's interest. Second, when a customer places an order, they

will probably be excited to see and taste the finished product, so ChurroStix Creations will

ensure the shortest turnaround time possible. Lastly, sales will be boosted by offering

customers a very good and excellent product. ChurroStix Creations will ensure economic

value for the churros without sacrificing its quality.

Product Characteristics or features

ChurroStix Creations products have several number of competitive features that will

be used to its advantage to achieve market penetration.

 Variety of flavors – customer chooses their own prefer flavor for their tastebud, also

offering and giving them other options for choosing their own prefer number of servings

that depends on their satisfaction.

 Affordability of the churros – people are always being practical when it comes on buying

foods for them to save money and at the same time to meet their satisfaction. This is

favorable for them and affordable for them to buy a cheap home-made churro-stix yet

delicious churros.

Pricing Policy

ChurroStix Creations Company will adopt the differing price based on the flavor

and as per unit or the number of churro-stix in a container. Below is the pricing scheme

that will serves as the basis:


Classic Churros (5 pieces) 26


Special Churros (5 pieces) 31

Churro Box (8 pieces) 44

As the ChurroStix Creations company continue to grow, the demand for the customer

cravings increased. So that the company take the opportunity to make higher price with higher

quality of the product. By the month of February 12-13, 2018, the Churro box has the price of 50

Php while the other servings are still the same. Also the company added an additional dip that cost

10 Peach.

Market Analysis Summary

Sweets are the second most cherished snacks. It means that there is an increasing demand

yearly when it comes on producing confectionary products as it is seen that most of the snacks are

in category of sweets like cookies. It was observed that every year, the confectionery products still

increasing. These market segments favor uniqueness, quality, budget-friendly, and an affordable

price. To increase market penetration, ChurroStix Creations offer a great variety of toppings aside

from the affordable churros to its intended market segment. At the same time, aggressive

marketing campaign will be done to increase the visibility for ChrurroStix Creation through the

use of social media. ChurroStix Creations offers price differential based on the toppings of the

churros with price ranging from Php 26-44.


6. Financial Report

Start-up Summary
Expected quantity of

the products for

Ingredients Cost per piece 1 week
startup (960 pieces)

Cake flour 48 per kilo 1,920 9,600

Butter 54 960 4,800

Salt 10 960 4,800

Eggs 6 5,760 28,800

Chocolate 110 1,920 9,600

Marshmallows 29.50 960 4,800

Sprinkles 29.50 960 4,800

Crushed peanuts
84 960 4,800

Sugar 24 960 4,800

Cinnamon Powder 20 2,880 14,400

Cooking oil 67 1,920 9,600

Box packaging
5 48,000 240,000
(container box)

TOTAL 68,160 410,800


3-Weeks Profit/Loss Statement

ChurroStix Creations

Projected Income Statement for Weeks 1-3

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

Revenue 5,280 6,160 7,500

Cost of Goods Sold 1,450 1,379 1,599

Materials 1,480 1,389 1,599

Other direct expenses 879 980 1,245

Gross Profit(Loss) 3,830 4,781 5,901

Gross Income 3,830 4,781 5,901


Other Operational Expenses

Permits ─ ─ ─

Utilities 350 350 350

Income before interest and taxes 3,830 4,781 5,901

Tax ─ ─ ─

Net Income(Loss) 4,051 4,830 5,905


3 Weeks Cash Flow

ChurroStix Creations Company

Projected Cash Flow for Weeks 1-3

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

Beginning Cash Balance 1,400 1,400 1,400

Cash Inflows (income):

Cash sales 4,402 2,630 2,120

Total Cash inflows 5,802 4,036 4,020

Cash Outflows



Ingredients 1,480 1,389 1,599

Taxes & Licenses

Utilities 350 350 350

Other: 250 250 250

Subtotal 2,080 1,989 2,199

Other Cash Out Flows:

Loan Principal

Owner’s Draw

Subtotal 5,802 4,036 4,020

Total Cash Outflows 3,480 3,389 3,599

Ending Cash Balance 2,050 1,230 1,010

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