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Fukamachi, Aska, Caleon July 4, 2018

12 Tinio
Reflection on Social Media

For the longest time, Mass Media has been always present and is still continuing to
emerge and develop as the time passes. As we all know, it can come in different forms, whether
it would be in tv, radio, newspaper and the like. But we all know that given in today’s context,
social media is taking the world by storm.

According to Miguel R. Camus (2018), In the year 2017, the Philippines ranked number
one in the world in terms of social media usage; and once again, for the year of 2018, the
Philippines once topped the world in terms of social media usage by having a total number of 67
million people as cited by a new report from We are Social, a United Kingdom-based consultancy.
By this, it is calculated that we, Filipinos, spent roughly over 9 hours and 29 minutes a day on the
internet. Therefore, being ranked as the second highest in the world, having Thailand as the first
at 9 hours and 38 minutes.

Having this backed up data, it is safe to say that in today’s generation, which we call the
Generation Z, social media is already necessity, and is now a huge part of our daily lives.

Just having to think of not being able to access Facebook which is used by people—well
in my case, it is used mainly for communication in terms of keeping in touch with the people we
love or those who are physically away from us. No Twitter which we can get our latest news,
issues, trends, and most importantly, not being able to rant or express one selves. Having no
Instagram to see any latest fashion trends, and using it as a tool to stalk your crush or what so
and many other more.

In this essay, as you have read, I am specifically focusing on one form which is the Social.
It is because I would like to focus more on what is popular or widely used now. I’m not saying that
other forms such as television is not as important as social media but we can all agree that out of
all the forms, SNS is by far one of the latest and most widely used.

Personally, I think it’s impossible to not have media in the world because media covers a
big range, from printing to digital technologies, it is very hard to live and cope with life without it.
How and where would we get our latest news? our source of entertainment? Everything will be
harder especially when it comes to delivering or sending messages or important information.

Having to think of no mindless hours or completely no access on these forms of media is

beyond imaginable. Let us all admit it, we’ve all been so addicted that it already seems impossible
to think of not having one. Writing this made me realize how grateful I should be from all these
inventions for it made our lives easier.

Camus, M. R. (2018, February 15). PH is world leader in social media usage. Retrieved from

inquirer.net: http://business.inquirer.net/246015/ph-world-leader-social-media-usage