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“Smart Girl” FIDE Rated Chess Tournament

at Jalandhar, Punjab
Event Code: 212667 / SG / PUN / 2019

22 to 26th March,2019

Organised by
Punjab State Chess Association

Under the aegis of

All India Chess Federation

Dream Chess Academy, 2nd floor, Hira tower, Basti Sheikh Road,
Opp side SBI Bank, Jalandhar (Punjab)
1. Tournament Schedule:

Particulars Date Time

Arrival 22nd March, 2019 0800 hrs.
Players’ Meeting 22 March, 2019
nd 0900 hrs.
Inauguration 22nd March, 2019 0930 hrs.
Round – 1 22nd March, 2019 1000 to 1400 hrs.
Round – 2 22nd March, 2019 1500 to 1900 hrs.
Round – 3 23rd March, 2019 0900 to 1300 hrs.
Round – 4 23rd March, 2019 1500 to 1900 hrs.
Round – 5 24th March, 2019 0900 to 1300 hrs.
Round – 6 24th March, 2019 1500 to 1900 hrs.
Round – 7 25th March, 2019 0900 to 1300 hrs.
Round – 8 25th March, 2019 1500 to 1900 hrs.
Round – 9 26th March, 2019 0900 to 1300 hrs.
Prize distribution 26th March, 2019 1500 hrs.

2. Prizes:

Main Prizes: 1st to 10th Positions: Trophies

Category Prizes: (U-9 & U-13) 1st to 5th Positions: Trophies

1. Only for female Players.
2. Only Indian Citizen can participate.
3. Rated/ Non Rated Players can Participate.


Category Fee
For others Rs.250/-

For more details please contact:

Mr. Muneesh Thapar, Hon. Secretary, Punjab State Chess Association &
Jalandhar Chess Association, C-104 Hamilton Towers near Wadala chowk
Nakodar road, Jalandhar, INDIA. (M) +81467 29999
E-mail: punjabstatechessassociation@gmail.com
Entry fee will be accepted strictly through NEFT/IMPS/RTGS only.
Bank Details are appended below:
Name of the Account: Punjab State Chess Association.
SB Account Number: 3009776471
Name of the Bank: Central Bank of India
Name of the Branch: Mandi Road Jalandhar.
IFS code: CBIN0280355
Address of the Bank: Mandi Road, Jalandhar, Punjab.

For clarification and guidance regarding submission of entries,

please contact: punjabstatechessassociation@gmail.com
Last date of submission of entries with our late fee is 15 th March,

Late entries will be accepted with a late fee of Rs.100/- per participant till 01st
March, 2019. No entry will be entertained after 20th March, 2019.
4. System of Play: Swiss System

5. Default Time: 15 Minutes

6. Time Control: 90 Minutes + 30 Second increment per move, starting

from move no. 01.
7. Tie-Breaks:
(1) Direct Encounter
(2) Buchholz Cut 1
(3) Buchholz
(4) Sonneborn Berger
(5) Maximum No. of wins (Forfeit Included)
8. Tournament Committee: The organizers will form a tournament
committee for the smooth conduct of the Championship.]

9. Protest: Protest, if any, against the decision of the Chief Arbiter shall be
made in writing with a protest fee of Rs.1,000/- within 30 minutes of the
occurrence of the incident. The protest fee will be refunded if the appeal is

Appeals Committee: Before the commencement of the tournament, a five

member appeals committee shall be formed by Organizers. All the members
and reserves shall be from different states. No member of the Committee can
vote on a dispute in which a player from his own State is involved and in such
case(s) the reserve member(s) shall take his place in the committee.
10. Registration of Players: All participants in the should be registered with
AICF for the year 2019-20 through online www.aicf.in. No player shall be paired first
round if they have not registered with AICF. Those who have already obtained
registration cards from AICF website for 2019-20 should send photo copy of the
same. Those who have paid the AICF Registration fee but are yet to receive the AICF
Registration card should send a photo copy acknowledgement for having paid the fee
to organizers of earlier tournaments or to their association. Participants from the
Punjab State are required to obtain PSCA Registration for the year 2019-2020 by
sending an amount of Rs.150/- towards PSCA registration fee along with the duly
filled and signed PSCA player's registration form plus one passport size photograph
along with Birth Certificate copy in addition to the entry fees.

11. LODGING: Players have to make their own arrangement of the


For entries you can contact Mr. Varun Kumar on (M) +91 90419 38868
and e-mail: varunrandhawa3008@gmail.com

Mr. Narinder Singh
President, Punjab State Chess Association
Mr. Muneesh Thapar
Hon. Secretary, Punjab State Chess Association
Mr. Kirti Sharma Mr. Varun Kumar
98722-74817 90419-38868

For Registration :( E-mail: punjabstatechessassociation@gmail.com)

“Smart Girl” FIDE Rated Chess Championship
Entry Form
The Secretary,
Punjab State Chess Association

Dear Sir,

Sub : Entries for “Smart Girl Fide Rated Chess Championship 2019”

Kindly enroll the entry of our players for the “Smart Girl Fide Rated Chess
Championship- 2019”. Entry fee has been paid through NEFT with UTR

1 Name of the Player

4 FIDE Rating
5 Date of Birth
6 Email
7 State
8 Mobile
9 Address

10 Payment Details

With this form, please send following documents:

1) Photocopy of birth certificate.
2) Receipt of Payment
3) AICF Registration form with details of payment of registration amount of
Rs.250/-. If player is already registered, then the details of AICF registration for
the year 2019-20.