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Certification Course

Paint Coating Inspection & Quality Control
January 6 - 8, 2015 (Level 1)

January 6 -9, 2015 (Level 2)

Venue :-
26 Upper Ground Floors,
Dream Malls, LBS Marg Bhandup (W)
Mumbai- 400078
Tel: 022 25767891/4606,
Mobile No. 09833397685

Course faculty
Prof. A.S.Khanna, IIT Bombay
Mr. Ravi Chandran, Berger Paints
Dr. P.B. Shrivastav, PSL
Dr. Smita Kumari, L & T
Mr. Xavier Pereira, Kansai Nerolac
Paints Limited
Mr. Santosh Kumar JKSC
Mr. Ravindra G. Puri, IIT Bombay

Organized By
The Society for Surface Protective Coatings India,
SSPC India Office
26 Upper Ground Floor Dreams Mall, Bhandup,Mumbai
400078, Maharashtra , India
Tel: 022 2576 7891/4606, Cell 09833397685(Rajkumar)
sspcindia1@gmail.com, sspcindia1@yahooo.com
Website: www.sspcindia.org
With thousands of paint formulations, available from
various manufacturers, and a lots of new sophisticated
Techniques of paints application and surface Paint testing – Divided into following
preparation, paint coating has become a science and three categories:
art, and every 1. Paint Characterization - % Volume solid, total non
volatile component, density, viscosity, drying time,
Person, whether he is a user, supervisor, applicator, surface coverage, paint wastage calculations etc.
supplier or manufacturer needs a proper knowledge in 2. Mechanical Testing – Adhesion, Pull off
order to get maximum life out of a particular paint
formation. Further, paint testing has become necessary Strength, impact, abrasion, scratch,
flexibility, hardness test etc.
both at the pre-qualification stage, during the application
and even after the paint has been applied for periodic 3. Chemical Resistance – Salt spray,
humidity, weathering and immersion tests.
assessment of its life. Since a large number of paint
suppliers, users, supervisors do not have a formal 4. Miscellaneous Test – Cathodic Disbondment,
education on paint coatings, education and training moisture/water permeability, high and low
through these courses has become necessary to take best temperature resistance.
out of paint coating.
What information you require?
Theoretical Knowledge This programme is designed for persons interested
in broadening their theoretical and practical
Level 1 Course knowledge about Coating and Linings, including
1. Fundamental knowledge of Corrosion Manufacturers, Plant Maintenance personnel,
2. Basic of paint coatings and chemistry of various Engineers, applicators, Contractors, Architects and
kinds of paints, resins, and formulations, their relation sales & marketing personnel’s.
to corrosion protection.
3. Conventional and advanced coating systems.
4. Surface preparation methods with latest standards
and specification. Lecture notes in bound volume, list of recommended
practices for coating and linings, literature for
5. Paint Application techniques and best application various coatings and list of important books and
practice mantras.
technical papers
6. Reasons for Paint Failure and its Mechanism.
7. Paint repair and rehabilitation – maintenance Coatings. on coatings. Information on the available coating
from some manufactures in the country and abroad.
8. How to write paint specifications.
9. Safety aspects in paint coating application.
Level 2 Course
Practical Examples:
1. Selection and application problems for Paint
Coatings for Underground Pipelines
2. Coatings for offshore Structures Rs. 20,000/. + 12.36% ST for Level 1 – Three Days
3. Concrete Coatings and rebar coatings And
4. Coatings for Chemical & Process Industries Rs. 23,000/. + 12.36% ST for Level 2 – Four Days

Practical Training (January 7, 2015)

1. Surface preparation – Each participant will be asked to
carry out surface preparation using blast cleaning Method, Please send the duly filled registration form at the
asses its cleanliness as per NACE/SSPC/Swedish Standards earliest to the undersigned along with the
and also measure its surface profile. Cheque/Draft in favor of “SSPC India”. There are
2. Paint Application - Various methods of limited seats (50) and would be allotted on the first
paint application ranging from brush, roller, air- come first basis. We would appreciate if the registration
spray, and airless spray will be demonstrated be confirmed before December 20, 2014.
and each applicant will be asked to prepare his
own sample.
Registration Form
Certification Course on Paint Coatings Inspection & Quality Control

January 6 - 8, 2015 (level 1), January 6 - 9, 2015 (level 2)

SSPC Office
26 Upper Ground Floor Dreams Mall, LBS Marg Bhandup – 400078

Tel: 022 2576 7891, Cell 09833397685

Name: Affiliation:

Full Address:

Phone: office / home: Cell:

I want to attend: Level 1 / Level 2 Course

(Registration Fee - Rs. 20,000/- + 12.36% ST for Level 1)

(Registration Fee - Rs. 23,000/- + 12.36% ST for Level 2)

The cheque/DD of Rs. ------------------------- in favour of SSPC India is enclosed along with.

Signature of participant

Please note:

We would prefer registration on or before December 20, 2014.

No applicant will be allowed without Registration fee paid in advance