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BBA Course: An Introduction to the world of Business for students and

Budding Entrepreneur/Accountant.

BBA - Bachelor of business administration also known as BMS-

Bachelor of management studies
Or also known as BBS-bachelor of business studies. These
are synonymous terms and are used
interchangeably. Even though they are recognized as
different courses in different university
they have almost similar course contents and valued at
par in industry especially the industries dealing
in soft businesses like banking/financial/insurance

BBA imparts the basic education in management stream

which include the subjects varying from Basic English, communication skill
(Communication skill is business communication like
emails/Business letters/Memo writing/ No confirmation certificate issuing/
Invoice letters writing/ Purchase orders writing/letter
of transfers etc.), business mathematics and statistics(dealing with
mean/mode/median/standard deviation and other statistical
Concept used in industry),business economics(dealing
with introduction to macro and micro economics, law of supply and demand,
monopoly/oligopoly etc)
business laws(like consumer protection act 1986, company
law 1956, IT act 2000 etc),Financial accounting(which includes Hire-purchase
accounting/ Journal /Ledger/Trial balance/Depreciation/Royalty accounts etc)
Production and material management (production
planning/Material requisition and purchase /inventory management etc), Personnel
management and industrial relations (dealing with
Human resource management/best practices in HR/hiring
and recruiting/ implementing labor laws /labor relations etc) , marketing
management(deals with terms and meaning of marketing, 4Ps of marketing/ how
new product is launched, difference between sales and
marketing , product saturation curves etc), business data
processing(collecting/refining /analyzing and inferring from the data collected
over past few years and decision making etc.)

Thus a BBA course introduces a student to all dimensions

used in business world and prepares him to make a foundation to take on the
challenges of business world.
This is the most important aspect of the course and that
is the very purpose of the course.

Being a generic business course , a student , if he/she

wants can opt for specialization as well.

The specializations offered are :

1) Accounting .
2) Entrepreneurship.
3) Finance.
4) Supply chain management.
5) General management.
6) Legal matters/studies.
7) MIS i.e. management information systems.
Benefits to candidate:
1) Course helps the candidate to be a good business
leader and manager.
2) It helps to build the good communication skill level
of the candidate.
3) BBA helps the candidate to build the competency
required for business understanding.

Benefits to Employer:
1) It helps employer to get the candidates with better
business understanding.
2) Spend fewer efforts on training candidates.
3) Due to wide exposure, candidates can be easily
accommodated in different work area.

Areas of employment for prospective BBA student:

1) Business Houses : Business Houses like to hire BBA
candidates with good communication and analytical skills .
2) Finance Industry : Finance industry like banking ,
insurance, finance, share market and trading , commodities trading organization
are always in need of good BBA
3) Marketing Industry: BBA candidates with good
communication and presentation skills are required for marketing of products.
4) Import-export industry: Import-export industry is a
big industry with their own rules and regulations for doing business.
It require huge amount of
documentation, dealing with foreign banks, knowledge of Nostro-Vostro account
and other
terminology like Letter of credits, letter of shipping etc related with import-

5) Industrial Law consulting firms: Many industrial law

consulting firms hire BBA candidates as interns.
6) Multinational organizations: MNCs hire BBA for
routine operations and smooth working of organizations.

Future of BBA:

BBA candidates can go for hire studies if they intend to

like i)MBA
iii)MIB etc.

Thus for a student aspiring to be in the business world

and inclination towards management can definitely look
for BBA as a better career choice.

One of the best institutes offering best BBA course

in Bhopal is NRI Group of institution.

Its BBA is well recognized in INDIA with students
from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar-Pradesh(UP), Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand joining the
and fulfilling their dream and aspirations.
Placement ratio is very good and salary packages along with positions offered are
BBA course offered by NRI group is the best BBA
course in Madhya Pradesh with major financial firms/Investment firms hiring the BBA
Some of the renown firms that visited NRI group
institute campus are Bull Mart , capital cow , Jaro-Education ,FIS, EduIsFun and
many more.

For more Information:

contact : 0755-2529059,7566598723 contactus@nrigroupindia.com