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GP-PRO EX Quick Start Guides

AGP Memory


AGP Memory

¾ Overview:
– This module explains how and where data is stored
in various AGP registers and variables
¾ Objective:
– At the end of this module you can know:
• What AGP Internal “LS” Memory is
• What AGP Internal “USR” Memory is
• What AGP Logic Variables are
• How Log Data and Recipes are stored in SRAM
• What items can be stored on CF Card
• What items can be stored on USB Memory
• How to check memory availability in a project

AGP Memory

Flash EPROM SRAM (Battery Backup)

Font Memory SRAM (LS & USR)

CF Card (optional) USB Memory (optional)

¾ Flash EPROM: Project Storage

¾ Font Memory : Stroke Font Storage
¾ SRAM (LS & USR): 16Bit User Memory
¾ SRAM (Backup): Log Data & Recipes
¾ CF Card: Data Storage
¾ USB Memory: Data Storage

¾ Non-volatile, non expandable memory

¾ Stores Project, Images & Sound files
¾ Also referred to as “User Screen Area”
¾ Available Memory:
– AGP3200 Series 6Mb 320Kb
– AGP3302B 6MB 128Kb
– AGP330* Series 6Mb 320Kb
– AGP34*0/35*0/36*0 Series 8Mb 320Kb
– AGP3750 8Mb 320Kb
– AGP3300HL/AGP3300HS 6Mb 320Kb
– AGP3310HT 8Mb 320Kb
– LT3000 6Mb 128Kb
– AST3000 6Mb 320Kb

Font Memory

¾ Non-volatile reserved memory (FEPROM)

¾ Stores “Stroke Fonts” (more in Chapter 15)
¾ Also called “Font Area”
¾ Available Memory:
– 4Mb reserved
– If many different stroke fonts are used in a project the
font “files” may exceed the Font Area size.
In that case FEPROM normally used for project
storage will be used to
store the remaining files.


¾ Volatile 16Bit “PLC Like” memory array

¾ LS Memory
– Range: LS0000–LS8191
– Reserved: LS0000–LS0019 “System Area”
LS2032–LS4095 “Special Relays”
¾ Addressing:
– Word: LS0100 = LS Register 100
– Bit: LS010014 = LS Register 100 Bit 14
¾ Up to 6096 LS registers can be backed up to
battery backup SRAM. (if space is available)


¾ Volatile 16Bit “PLC Like” memory array

¾ USR Memory
– Range: USR00000–USR30000
– Reserved: none
¾ Addressing:
– Word: USR00100 = USR Register 100
– Bit: USR0010014 = USR Register 100 Bit 14
¾ Up to 30000 USR registers can be backed up to
battery backup SRAM. (if space available)

SRAM (Battery Backup)

¾ Non-volatile, non expandable memory.

¾ Stores Alarm logs, Recipes, Sampling Data, and
LS/USR Backup Data.
¾ Available Memory:
– AGP3200 Series 320Kb
– AGP3302 128Kb
– AGP330* Series 320Kb
– AGP34*0/35*0/36*0 Series 320Kb
– AGP3750 320Kb
– AST3000 Series 320Kb
– LT3000 Series 128Kb
– AGP3300HL/AGP3300HS 320Kb
– AGP3310HT 320Kb

CF Card & USB Memory

¾ Non-volatile, optional expandable storage

¾ Stores Images, Sound files, CSV Files, Images,
Movies, Alarm Logs, Sampling Data and
¾ Image, Sound and Movie files can be loaded
from CF Card or USB Memory during runtime to
save project FEPROM.
¾ More on CF Cards and USB Memory in a later

Memory Usage

¾ Use the “Information > Project Information”

menu to display:
– “Send Data”: the size of the project in FEPROM
– “SRAM Information: SRAM usage by function


Please refer to the Reference Manual that is installed along with GPPRO-EX.
Manuals are also available on-line at:

For further support please e-mail: Support@profaceamerica.com

Or call: +1 734 429-4971