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Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony ZESTAW 3 Imię i nazwisko: Klasa: ROZUMIENIE ZE SŁUCHU Zadanie

Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony


Imię i nazwisko:


– poziom rozszerzony ZESTAW 3 Imię i nazwisko: Klasa: ROZUMIENIE ZE SŁUCHU Zadanie 1. (3 pkt)


Zadanie 1.

(3 pkt)

Usłyszysz dwukrotnie trzy teksty. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania.Klasa: ROZUMIENIE ZE SŁUCHU Zadanie 1. (3 pkt) Zakreśl literę A, B albo C. Tekst 1.

Zakreśl literę A, B albo C.

Tekst 1.

1.1. The text is addressed to

Tekst 3.

1.3. Which of the following is stated as a fact, not an opinion?

A. people who might like to volunteer for some scientific tests.

B. people who want to know about a certain product.

C. people who have a point of view about a new theory.

A. Tessa stopped sprinting because she wasn’t selected for the team.

B. Tessa has suffered from injuries twice in recent games.

C. Tessa has already won a medal at these games.

Tekst 2.

1.2. In his speech the prime minister

A. admits responsibility for a problem.

B. expresses his intention to give financial aid.

C. relates a problem to his own personal experiences.

Zadanie 2.

(4 pkt)

CD 17

Usłyszysz dwukrotnie cztery wypowiedzi na temat roli mody w życiu ludzi. Do każdej wypowiedzi (2.1.–2.4.)

dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A–E). Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli. Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.

This speaker suggests that

A. fashion icons do not provide healthy models for people today.

B. a person’s appearance is indicative of their personality.

C. top fashion is unrealistic for the majority of people.

D. clothes inspire respect from others.

E. the average person does not worry too much about clothes.

2.1. 2.2. 2.3. 2.4.

Zadanie 3.

(5 pkt)

CD 18

Usłyszysz dwukrotnie wywiad z pielęgniarką, która zdobyła nagrodę za pomoc lokalnej społeczności.

Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D.

3.1. The award Kate has received is given to people

3.4. Kate’s current work involves

A. who have risked their lives for other people.

B. who have achieved great things in their lives.

C. who have made large donations to charities.

D. whose actions have benefitted others’ everyday lives.

3.2. In the interview Kate says that she

A. wants to thank the people who gave her the award.

B. believes the award should have gone to others.

C. plans to offer a reward to the volunteers in her group.

D. has made several nominations for the next award.

3.3. While she was a nurse Kate

A. often looked after elderly people at home.

B. learned a lot about the medical treatment of elderly people.

C. discovered why elderly patients were often readmitted to hospital.

D. identified some ways to improve elderly patients’ stays in hospital.

A. looking after the financial side of her organisation.

B. using her medical training in a practical way.

C. arranging for volunteers to visit the elderly in hospital.

D. finding people to work with the elderly after their release from hospital.

3.5. During the interview, Kate wants

A. to attract more volunteers to the organisation.

B. to explain the need for organisations like hers.

C. to show how important the award is to her.

D. to alert people to the dangers of leaving hospital too early.

Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony ROZUMIENIE TEKSTÓW PISANYCH Zadanie 4. (4 pkt) ZESTAW 3 Przeczytaj

Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony

Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony ROZUMIENIE TEKSTÓW PISANYCH Zadanie 4. (4 pkt) ZESTAW 3 Przeczytaj trzy


Zadanie 4.

(4 pkt)


Przeczytaj trzy opinie na temat hoteli zamieszczone na stronie internetowej. Do każdego zdania (4.1.–4.4.) dopasuj właściwy tekst (A–C). Wpisz rozwiązania w odpowiednie kratki. Uwaga: jedna część tekstu pasuje do dwóch zdań.

The reviewer



had not intended to stay at this hotel.



found certain aspects of the hotel different to what they had been expecting.



thought the old fashioned appearance enhanced the appeal of the hotel.



was given compensation because of a problem at the hotel.



We visited the Hotel Belvedere last month on a two week package holiday organised by the travel company Lost Horizons. We were supposed to have been given a five-star room with a sea view but on arrival we discovered that the sea view was only possible if we stood on the (rather dangerous) balcony and looked round the corner of the building. We were unimpressed by the standard of the room and when we made our feelings known to the manager we were told that there were no other rooms available at that time so not wanting to make any further fuss, we made the best of our holiday.


***** Not recommended


When booking our holiday in Cornwall we relied on holiday reviews on this website that recommended the Hotel Belvedere and we were not disappointed. Apart from the fact that the lift was out of order during our stay we enjoyed a refreshing break there. The location is stunning, situated on a cliff overlooking the sea and the hotel manager was kind and helpful at all times, including offering us a free meal because of the inconvenience of not having an operational lift. The hotel is an old building and there was a need for some updating, but we would definitely recommend a short stay there.




I decided to write a review for the Hotel Belvedere in Cornwall because I had such a pleasant stay there last month. We stumbled across the hotel by accident while we were searching for overnight accommodation in the area and a one-night stay turned into a week’s holiday. The rather faded grandeur of the hotel is a hugely attractive feature and staying there is rather like being transported to a previous era. Understandably, the rooms are not equipped with a large array of modern gadgetry but the restaurant is the height of elegance and the chef performed some miracles with the local fish. Highly recommended.



Zadanie 5.

(4 pkt)

Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto cztery zdania. Wpisz w luki 5.1.–5.4. litery, którymi oznaczono brakujące zdania (A–E), tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.


The greatest prize in medical research would most assuredly go to that lucky individual or group who managed to find the

secret to staying young.

would stop our skin from wrinkling and our organs from failing as we get older? Is that day really getting closer? Over the years people have tried many different ways to remain young. We have followed specific diets containing foods that

are said to have anti-ageing effects and companies have made a fortune selling us creams and tablets. Private hospitals even take out online adverts to promote their surgical procedures that can rejuvenate our faces and eliminate saggy skin. And when they finally do, beauty companies all over the world will be fighting at their doors to buy the rights to sell it.

So, has any progress actually been made in this field?

a new anti-oxidant that can protect cells against damage caused by the sun. It is called Tiron. They have known for a long time that there are anti-oxidants in food and drink such as red wine and curry which can help protect our cells, but this new discovery is a major step forward. Whereas those naturally occurring anti oxidants provided 22% protection in tests, Tiron gave 100%. Not bad, is it? So far, the tests using Tiron have only been carried out on animals, and it is not yet safe for human use but scientists are confident that within a few years a safe form of Tiron could be available. So, unfortunately we shall have to wait a little longer for more definite results. Sadly, in an age where cash is king I rather think the latter opinion will prevail.

What wouldn’t scientists give to develop in their laboratories a pill, cream or medicine that

It seems that scientists at Newcastle University have discovered

A. But it is really down to the scientists to find that magic formula that will really help.

B. Then there will be all the moral debates about whether such a valuable item should be added to food for the benefit of everyone or sold to the few who can afford it.

C. Eternal youth is unfortunately a fantasy, the topic of story tellers down the ages, but slowing down the process of ageing is possibly within our grasp.

D. Is it true that where we live has a great effect on how quickly we age or is this just a myth?

E. Actually, there is some good news. A recent exciting development has got the medical world talking.

Zadanie 6. (5 pkt) Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony ZESTAW 3 Przeczytaj dwa teksty dotyczące

Zadanie 6.

(5 pkt)

Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony


Przeczytaj dwa teksty dotyczące napadów na bank. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D.

Tekst 1.


It was a lovely morning. There was a chill in the air but the brass name plate outside the bank gleamed in the spring sunshine.

Arnold Brown frowned and took a tissue from his pocket to wipe off the smudge of someone’s fingerprint. That’s better, he thought with satisfaction. Everything clean and shiny, just as it should be. He had a smile on his face as he keyed in the code and entered the bank. His staff were already there, heads down, hard at work. There was filing to do, phone calls to be made, contacts to be reached. As Arnold moved past the desks, no one lifted a face to say good morning. He nodded to himself. Yes, just as it should be. No time in the busy banking world for niceties. A quick glance around the room showed him that nothing was out of place and he headed for his office, opening the heavy oak door with a contentment that twenty years of diligence and obedience had brought him. He put his brief case on the floor beside the large modern desk, noting happily that the desktop and computer were both gleaming and that a faint flowery perfume in the room indicated that the cleaner had done an efficient job. His next job being to turn off the night security alarms, Arnold bustled his way through the big room again and descended the two flights of stairs into the basement where the vaults and individual security safes were housed. He unlocked the heavy metal gates and proceeded to the alarm inside the room that contained the bank’s most valued clients’ safety deposit boxes. He keyed in the security code, known only to him and two others, and experienced a minor irritation when he did not hear the familiar double bleep. His focus was on the alarm box but something was not right in his peripheral vision. Something was not where it should be. Taking his eyes off the alarm, Arnold turned and looked to see what was offending his eye. At first Arnold could not take in what he saw. The room contained two long walls full of safety deposit boxes. There were hundreds

of the small, drawer-like containers where clients paid to store their most valued possessions. Arnold knew from experience that these included money, jewellery and papers, a lot of papers. Among the papers were photographs and information that the

owners for one reason or another – not always in the strictest interpretation of the word ‘legal’ – wanted to keep hidden. Of course, the bank’s discretion was one of its most important qualities and Arnold would never, even under the threat of death, reveal what he knew about the contents of any of those boxes. This was why what he saw in that room on that beautiful spring morning pulled

a tight cord round his heart and drained the blood from his face.

The safety deposit boxes were no longer neat little rows of drawers. The order was destroyed by a number of box fronts hanging open, dark against the pristine whiteness of those that remained closed. After a moment of incomprehension, Arnold’s brain returned to normal function and within seconds it had calculated that about forty of the security boxes had been opened by force. And he realised, with a horrible sinking feeling, that they were forty of the bank’s most privileged clients. The bank, his bank, had been robbed.

6.1. When he arrived at the bank Arnold was happy because

A. the brass plate had been cleaned.

B. he wasn’t greeted by any of the employees.

C. it was a beautiful spring day.

D. no one had been into his office during his absence.

Tekst 2.

6.2. What concerned Arnold most about the robbery was that

A. the bank’s security had been breached.

B. further crimes might follow.

C. the bank had let down its clients.

D. he would be held personally responsible.

6.3. From the text we learn that Arnold is

A. uncaring and unkind.

B. organised and officious.

C. frustrated and rebellious.

D. sensitive and anxious.

GOOD PLANNING One of the biggest and most well organised bank robberies took place in Brazil in 2005. Up to ten men broke into the central bank over a weekend and stole the equivalent of £65 million from the vaults. There have been many big bank robberies over the years, but what sets this apart from others is the ingenious planning and preparation that went into it. When the police were called after the discovery of the robbery on the Monday morning they discovered a 78-metre tunnel that had been constructed from a house in the centre of the city to below the bank. The tunnel went under two complete city blocks and was lined with wood and plastic and had its own lighting and air circulation system. The gang must have included maths, engineering and excavation experts. It appears that the robbers rented the house three months previously and set up a fake gardening business so that neighbours would not be concerned by the soil that was being removed from the building. Although many people have been arrested for the crime, none of the masterminds have been caught and only a small portion of the money has been recovered. The remainder could well be out of the country. In an ironic twist, several of the suspects were kidnapped and held to ransom, one of these, Luis Ribeiro, was murdered and it is thought that police officers were involved in the kidnappings.

6.4. The robbers were successful because

A. they had help from the police.

B. they were all highly intelligent.

C. their neighbours weren’t curious.

D. they cleverly mislead people.

6.5. Which of the following is stated as a fact, not an opinion?

A. police officers extorted money from the suspects.

B. the criminals had specialists to help them build the tunnel.

C. one of the robbers was killed after a kidnapping.

D. the majority of the money is no longer in Brazil.

Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony ZESTAW 3 ZNAJOMOŚĆ ŚRODKÓW JĘZYKOWYCH Zadanie 7. (4 pkt) Przeczytaj

Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony


Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony ZESTAW 3 ZNAJOMOŚĆ ŚRODKÓW JĘZYKOWYCH Zadanie 7. (4 pkt) Przeczytaj tekst.


Zadanie 7.

(4 pkt)

Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst. Zakreśl literę A, B, C albo D.

DON’T DISTURB! Students at Southampton University have had problems using their mobile phones recently

mast. Unfortunately for the students, the problem will not be solved for several months. When the engineer arrived to

problem at the mast he found something highly unusual; a peregrine falcon (a protected bird of prey) had chosen to nest in the

until the fledglings have all left the nest. This could


of a problem with a transmitter

transmitter mast. The law does not allow the nest of a breeding falcon

be another three months. Bird enthusiasts are extremely happy that the falcon has chosen to nest here as they usually nest at the

conservation first. However, those

who cannot get a phone signal without driving quite a long distance are, perhaps understandably, not so enthusiastic.

top of cliffs and there are only 1,400 pairs in the UK. They praise the phone company for

7.1. A. resulting

B. due

C. because

D. thanks

7.2. A. repair

B. mend

C. fix

D. set

7.3. A. being disturbed

B. to be disturbed

C. disturbing

D. to have been disturbed

7.4. A. making

B. doing

C. taking

D. putting

Zadanie 8.

(4 pkt)

Przeczytaj tekst. Uzupełnij każdą lukę (8.1.–8.4.) jednym wyrazem, tak aby powstał spójny i logiczny tekst. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność gramatyczna i ortograficzna wypisywanych wyrazów.

TOO YOUNG? ‘Children are growing up too fast these days’. This has become quite a common complaint today and in a it is true. Children are learning faster, using computers more quickly and even competing in sports at ever earlier ages. The age limits for such important things like learning to drive or voting in an election are also coming down in many countries. , it is another topic entirely that makes a lot of people see red. This is the huge popularity of beauty competitions for young children. There has always been controversy over beauty competitions but the decision of an adult or not to enter a competition like this is up to that individual. What concerns many people today is that parents encourage their very young children to dress up, wear high heels and put on make up to compete for prizes. The child often has

no say in this at all. Is this right? The French government clearly think not as they have banned this type of competition in France.

Let us know

you think and leave a comment below.

Zadanie 9.

(4 pkt)

Uzupełnij każde drugie zdanie z pary zdań, tak aby zachowało sens zdania wyjściowego, używając podanych początków i zakończeń zdań. Nie zmieniaj form podanych fragmentów zdań. Uwaga: w każdą lukę można wpisać od dwóch do pięciu wyrazów.

9.1. People think that climate change caused the extreme weather conditions we had last month.

Climate change

the extreme weather conditions we had last month.


9.2. The results of the survey were only published two days ago.



that the results of the survey were published.

9.3. I’m very tired today because I’ve been working all through the night on this essay. If I hadn’t worked all through the night on this essay, I


9.4. My phone call to Maria about the party was unnecessary as Diana had already phoned her.

this morning.



about the party because Diana had already phoned her.

WYPOWIEDŹ PISEMNA Zadanie 10. (13 pkt) Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony ZESTAW 3 Wypowiedz się
WYPOWIEDŹ PISEMNA Zadanie 10. (13 pkt) Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony ZESTAW 3 Wypowiedz się


Zadanie 10.

(13 pkt)

Egzamin pisemny – poziom rozszerzony


Wypowiedz się na jeden z poniższych tematów. Wypowiedź powinna zawierać od 200 do 250 słów i spełniać wszystkie wymogi typowe dla formy wskazanej w poleceniu. Zaznacz temat, który wybrałeś/wybrałaś, zakreślając jego numer.

1. Coraz więcej uczniów pisze wypracowania szkolne i tworzy projekty, opierając się głównie na informacjach znalezionych

w Internecie. Napisz rozprawkę, w której przedstawisz zalety i wady korzystania ze źródeł internetowych.

2. Niedawno obejrzałeś/obejrzałaś program dokumentalny o najpoważniejszych zagrożeniach dla środowiska naturalnego

w obecnym świecie. Napisz artykuł na szkolną stronę internetową, w którym opiszesz problemy przedstawione w programie oraz wyrazisz swoją opinię na temat tego, w jaki sposób osoby indywidualne mogą zaangażować się w ochronę przyrody.


/ 50
/ 50