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Seema Sharma, International Journal of Research in Management, Economics and Commerce, ISSN 2250-057X,

Impact Factor: 6.384, Volume 07 Issue 05, May 2017, Page 21-24

Role of Stress Management for Teachers and

Seema Sharma
(Assistant Professor, Ramgarhia Girls College, Ludhiana, Punjab, India)

Abstract: In the present technological era, we all One thing a teacher can do every day is taking a little
experience stress at work, no matter in what type of time for you. Don’t work through your lunch break,
the job we are involved. But for teachers, the work or if you really have to, then set sometime aside for
seems to be getting harder these days and the stress you when you get home. You can simply sit and
is harder to manage. Because For students teachers
quietly enjoy your meal, go for a pleasant walk, read
have to care for, work for grade, and many deadlines
to meet, educators live very stressful lives. Too much a book, or spend a little bit of time on one of your
stress and a hectic schedule, busy lifestyle can lead to favorite hobbies. Although work is very important,
“burn out.” The Stress at work is an important issue, and needs to get done, it may not get finished if you
and if left ignored, can trigger deeper and far more work yourself into insanity. Some people find a little
serious issues in terms of a person’s health and meditation helps to relieve daily stress. You don’t
general wellbeing. Key to avoid “burn out” is to need to go through some elaborate, spiritual ritual,
manage your stress on daily basis. The objective of
even a few minutes of just sitting peacefully at your
this study is to introduce the term stress, causes of
stress and to explain the ways to reduce or the stress desk with your eyes closed is enough meditation to
among teachers. This paper will also cover types of calm your nerves, and help you get through the day.
stress and the impact of stress on the health of Don’t think about work, home, traffic, or anything
individuals and some recommendations to minimize else that might stress you. Some people find picturing
the stress at the work place of the educators. themselves on vacation or a favorite childhood spot a
Keywords: stress, burn-out, acute, chronic, great stress reliever.
measure, episodic, coping strategy etc.
Types of Stress
• Acute - this type of stress is most common
Stress is the natural way of our body responding to because human body do immediate reaction towards
any type of demand or to an environment. Now a any new challenge, demand and an event. These
day’s Stress is harder to manage for the people short-term events do not last long but if traumatic,
because everybody is money minded and have a huge can have a lasting impact on an individual.
lust to become famous in a very small timeframe.
• Episodic Stress - episodic stress happens
“Stress is defined as physiological and psychological frequently or Situations which are also short-term but
imbalance resulting from the disparity between which we find ourselves in regularly, such as rushing
situational demand and the individual’s ability and to to work or other recurring stressful experiences in the
motivation to meet those needs.” workplace.

Moderate stress is mostly considered as essential • Chronic - Ongoing stresses which last into
motivator at the workplace. But high level of stress the long-term. These may include the stress of illness
has negative impact on physical and emotional health or the friction of a fractious relationship.
of an individual. Teachers cannot perform their duties
if they are stressed, and “burnt” out. The key to avoid
“burn out” is to manage your stress daily so it will
not overcome you.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Seema Sharma, International Journal of Research in Management, Economics and Commerce, ISSN 2250-057X,
Impact Factor: 6.384, Volume 07 Issue 05, May 2017, Page 21-24

Causes of stress for the teachers more unruly classes. There is definitely a need for
stress management for teachers. There are many
The effects of stress upon a person’s life can be ways to deal with stress. Some of them are given as
profound. Different studies have shown that job below.
related stress affects work
Keep Calm

From the early age it is taught to everyone that we

should never get angry at children or animals. I still
totally agree. If a teacher feel really angry or upset in
class give yourself time to feel it later on when you
are alone or away from the children. Releasing when
satisfaction and over all happiness. Increasing stress you are alone is fine it’s just not such a good idea in
is becoming recognized occupational hazard in the class as this will just create more stress. Remember
educational profession.
the kids have their own stuff which they are probably
The factors causes stress may pressurize the victims dealing with. Remember to see their pain and
compassion will spring from your heart. Never show
in may dimensions. Outcome may be positive or
your stress to children in the class.
negative in nature. Positive outcome stimulates the
affected person to work more and negative outcome
will reduce the physical and mental health of the
stress affected persons. Practice Stress Relief Regularly

Meditation is a wonderful way of dealing with stress.

Causes of Stress Related to Personal Factors Not only does it give you perspective but it also
calms and relaxes you. Get into a routine of
Personal stressors, despite their intensity, have to be
dealt with in the life of each teacher. It may be as practicing stress management. Take charge of stress
simple as balancing wearing a pair of shoes that hurt rather than stress taking charge of you! These days
to more severe stressors, divorce, or accident (Block, there are number of ways available to reduce the
1977). A teacher’s perception to communicate either stress. Almost in every city there are meditation
socially or professionally is closely a checkbook or classes. Moreover listening to relaxing or calm music
such as death, of the capacity related to feelings of has a positive effect on brain and body of an
frustration (Wangberg, 1982). When personal stress
becomes coupled with other types of stress, the main
health problem among teachers may be stress related
Be Centered Before Going into Class
(Block, 1977).
If you don’t feel good, or are upset and angry then
Causes of Stress Related to Professional Factors
the kids will pick up on it. They know because they
Professional stressors among secondary teachers tend are really sensitive. This will potentially make your
to be divided into four basic sources: day difficult if they decide to prod you!

(a) working conditions, Another good stress management for teacher’s

(b) professional responsibilities, technique is to be compassionate. Have compassion
(c) student teacher situations, and for the children. They might be going through a hard
(d) student discipline
time at home or with friends and a lot of children are
not good at expressing this. Rather than speak about
Ways of Reducing Stress for Teachers it, they let it build and place this emotion onto others.
A teacher should think for the betterment and new
Teaching is becoming more challenging as a innovative ideas before going to the class and should
profession. More paperwork, more bureaucracy and try to forget stressful things for a while. The idea is

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Seema Sharma, International Journal of Research in Management, Economics and Commerce, ISSN 2250-057X,
Impact Factor: 6.384, Volume 07 Issue 05, May 2017, Page 21-24

that you breathe in others pain and breathe out love Be your own best friend
and compassion. It is really very simple and you will
find your heart opening in joy and love rather than Positive self talk is very important. What would you
closing down in fear and pain. Try it now and see
say to your best friend try to say the same to yourself.
how well it works. Think of someone in pain and do
Decide to talk to yourself as you would talk to your
it for them.
best friend. This is the most powerful way to reduce
Laugh With the Class the stress.

Students always respect to the teachers those try to

understand their problems and try to solve them and
has better control in the class. Teacher should laugh
If the workload is the primary reason for the stress
with the class not at all times but when there is a need
then the best efforts are directed towards finding the
to do so. If this does happen again go with the flow
and laugh. Not only do you have fun but you keep solutions to make it more manageable. Decreasing
control of the situation and you keep the kids' respect the workload is easier to say than done but asking for
(even if you looked a bit funny at the time!). respect help at the workplace is not the sign of weakness. So
by the students help to reduce the stress of the always get in touch with your co workers and getting
teacher. involved with them for support and advice is also a
simple and free way for discovering that you are not
The teachers who had firm boundaries and stuck to
them were respected, had order and didn’t get Different researchers identified and suggested
stressed. The teachers who will not have boundaries, different methods for stress managing strategies
have no control over their classes and will be stressed practiced by the teachers in different areas. Plans and
in the near future. If you set a boundary, stick to it
tactics used to overcome stress are known as stress
and the class will start to have more respect for you.
coping strategies. Different individuals adopt
So it is always better to set some limits among the
teacher and class. different coping strategies to combat the stress.
Coping strategy is more psychological than physical.
Consistency We can found that by some teachers’ humor and
excessive sleeping tactics relieved their stress. They
It is important for you to be consistent with your
class. If you allow one thing one day and not the are mostly not turned up for negative remedies like
next, the children will get confused. Children like to consumption of drugs, tobacco and alcohol. This
know where they stand. They push the boundaries so shows that even when the teachers suffer vigorously
they can feel secure knowing where they are. Stay by stress they are not selecting a negative way of
consistent and you will see the class respecting you coping up with stress.
more and your stress levels going down.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Seema Sharma, International Journal of Research in Management, Economics and Commerce, ISSN 2250-057X,
Impact Factor: 6.384, Volume 07 Issue 05, May 2017, Page 21-24

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License