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Peter Walks on Water

Week 1: Lessons Learned

Divide into groups and work around the auditorium filling in what has been learned from
each selection of verses.

Read Matthew 14:25-27. The theme of this station is Fear. Use the poster board provided to
answer the following questions.

1. What does this section teach us about how we should react to fear?
2. What was Jesus’ response to their fear?
3. Flip over to Matthew 10:28. What does this verse teach us about fear?

Read Matthew 14:28-31. The themes of this station are Confidence, Faith, & Failure. Use the
poster board provided to answer the following questions.

1. How does Peter show confidence here?

2. What does this scripture teach us about failure?
3. What does Peter’s response to sinking teach us about faith?
4. Take an honest look at yourself. Who do you tend to call on in times of trouble?

Scan Matthew 14:15-21. The theme of this station is Faith. Use the poster board provided to
answer the following questions.

1. What happened here? (Note, this is the prequel to our lesson)

2. What should the faith of the apostles have been at this time? High, or low?
3. Now look at Matthew 14:31-33. Describe how their faith seemed to grow.

Read Matthew 14:22-33. The theme of this station is Other Lessons. Use the poster board
provided to answer the following questions.

1. What does this story teach us about getting out of our comfort zones?
2. Who did Peter seek approval from? What does this story teach us about seeking
approval from others?
3. Did Peter care about the audience he had? What does that tell us? Who’s approval
should we be seeking?
Peter Walks on Water
Week 3: The Storms of Life

Let’s re-read our lesson for this month, Matthew 14:22-34. Tonight, we’re going to look at the
weather. What time of day does this story take place? (Night) Typically, do good or bad
things seem to happen at night? (bad) Typically, scary things happen at night, right? Now,
what was the big thing that happened with the weather? (storm) Let’s relate this to life. Can
you see, even in your own life, how sometimes things are calm and sometimes things are
stormy? Tonight, we’re going to talk about 4 things that we can learn from the stormy times
in our lives.

Jesus knows about our storms

It's amazing how Jesus somehow knew that the disciples were caught in a storm that could
have very well been the end of their lives. Sometimes when we go through "storms" of our
own we think that this one might have slipped under Jesus' radar. But if you're going through
a storm today, Jesus is aware of it. He knows everything that's going on in your life and
understands and sees your suffering.

It's easy to not recognize Jesus

As Jesus came walking to the disciple’s boat through the tempest that had threatened their
voyage, scriptures tell us that the disciples did not recognize Him and even mistook Jesus for
a ghost. As funny as that sounds, how many times have we found ourselves not recognizing
Jesus or His moving in the midst of a storm? Sometimes we may not recognize Him but Jesus
is on His way to rescue us from our storms.

Doubt will only cause us to sink

Some accounts show us how Peter asked to walk to Jesus in the same manner as well. The
first few steps worked well for Peter but when he saw the waves, he started to sink. Likewise,
our doubt- as harmless as it might seem- could be the very reason we are sinking into despair
and hopelessness. That's why faith and complete trust in Jesus is vital as we go through our

Jesus helps us complete our journey

No matter how tough the journey or mission you're on is, Jesus is capable of bringing us
through it. Scripture tells us that "and immediately the boat was at the land to which they
were going." (John 6:21) God has a plan for us but we are in no position to fulfill it. Thankfully
Jesus is and He enables us to complete with excellence the plans God has for us.
Peter Walks on Water
Week 4: Skit

Cast Character
Applause sign holder

Announcer: This show is filmed in front of a live studio audience. And now here's the star of
our show, !

Star: Welcome to tonight’s show! I hope everyone has had a good day. Anyone here afraid
of ghosts? How about storms? Well, have you seen the most recent Galilean Post headlines?
(show the newspaper headline) What do you think of that, applause sign holder?

Applause Sign Holder: That sounds pretty strange…what does it say?

Star: It says here that some of Jesus’ disciples were out at sea & thought they had seen a
ghost. Are you ready to find out the truth of what really happened out there? Let’s all
welcome tonight’s guests. They are none other than the DISCIPLES!

Welcome to the show! You are?

John: I'm John,

James: I'm James,

Bob: I'm Bob

Star: What? Wait a second…Bob?

Bob: Yeah, Bob the little-known disciple. Why does nobody ever remember me?

John: Sorry Bob, we had to cut your story out of the Gospel, it was getting too long.

Bob: Thanks!
Peter Walks on Water
Peter: And I'm Peter!

Star: Well welcome to all of you. Our studio audience is anxious to hear what happened
that night! James, what were you doing out on the Sea of Galilee in storm?

James: As fishermen, we’ve been on this sea many times. Sometimes we’d use it to take
Jesus to preach in the towns around its shores. Unfortunately, storms happen & some storms
were so bad it seemed like we were on the ocean!

Star: Were you scared?

Bob: Terrified!

James: It sure was crazy. I think it mostly passed in a blur! I remember thinking, this is great!
Here we are stuck in a storm & Jesus is on the shore, praying! I hope we make it out of this
alive to keep going along with him!

John: I was so busy working the sails & trying to stay afloat, I didn’t have time to be scared,
until I saw something!

Peter: Right? It looked like we were seeing a ghost!

(Other disciples nod in agreement)

Star: So, what happened next?

Peter: Well, our day started miraculously enough. In the afternoon we saw Jesus feed 5,000
men under a beautiful sky. The next thing we know, we’re out on the sea and there’s a
storm. Unfortunately, Jesus wasn’t with us, he was back on shore, praying. We thought we
were on our own! Anyway, once we realized it was Him, I asked to go out on the water too. I
guess I thought if he could be out there, I could, too.

John: Peter & his mouth…

Peter: Hush, John! Anyway, Jesus told me to come on out.

Star: And how did that go for you?

James: He did fine, until he started to sink!

Star: You sunk?!

Peter: Kind of. I got out and walked just fine for a minute. Then, I looked around. Everyone,
close your eyes. Image that you are in the middle of a HUGE storm. The waves are rocking
the boat & the wind is blowing in your face. You are on the water – literally! Tell me you
wouldn’t be scared!
Peter Walks on Water
Star: That sounds scary!

Peter: Well, I did the one thing we should never do! I took my eyes off Jesus and I started to

Star: What happened next?

Peter: I called out to Jesus and he saved me!

James: Remember he told us all to have more faith, too.

Peter: That’s right. He took my hand, said, “O you of little faith. Why did you doubt?” Then,
we got into the boat & the most amazing thing happened. The storm stopped!

Star: It stopped? Just like that?

John: Just like that. We all worshipped him & said “Truly you are the Son of God”.

Star: So, Peter, James, John, & Bob, did you learn anything from all this?

James: We sure did! I learned that we are never alone. Jesus is always nearby.

John: I learned that our God is so incredibly powerful! Even the wind and the waves obey

Bob: I learned that Jesus can protect us & get us through our troubles.

Peter: I learned that when you take your eyes off Jesus, fear & doubt creep in and you sink.

Star: Well, there you have it, folks! I think that’s the biggest takeaway of all! We’re out of time!
Thanks for tuning in. See you next time!

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