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‘Sponsored bythe Dhaka Absania Mision and approved by the Government ofthe People's Republic of Bangleesh) Dept. of Civil Engineering. STAAD Pro (Class Note) St. Name: Shakib Ebna Anwar. St.No: 060103063 Year-4", Semester-1* Section “B” so This PDE was created using the Sonic PDF Creator INDEX Serial No. Subject From (Page) | To (Page) 01. | How to install STAAD Pro Software, STAAD or 03 Pro Opening 02. | Draw the figure(Given) without Support Sign 4 07 03. Mill Band (3D) 05 08 04. | Practical Use of Circular Repeat 0 12 05. | Two Storied Building Plan(Practical Use of B 18 Translational Repeat) 06. | Six Storied Building Plan 19 5 07. | How to give Supports in the structure 26 29 08. | Truss Related Problem 30 7 09. | Draw the Following Figure (Building) with a SI Analysis (Bending Moment) 10. | Eight Storied Building Plan 32 6 Ti. | Wind Load Cateulation Cy 67 12. | Earth Quake Load Calculation 8 ro 13. | Slab Load Analysis(Bending Moment, Shear etc) R 79 14. | Water Tank Design 80 98 15. | Beam and Column Analysis 9 102 16. | Steel structure with analysis 103 i ‘a This PDE was created using the Sonic POF Creator. Class 1 About Software 1. Staad Pro (Beam) 2. Revit Structure (Beam) 3. Revit Architecture (Building Information Modeling) 4. 5 6 7. Auto Cad 3D (Building Information Modeling) .. MS Project (Project Management Software) . GIS Software, Arc View, Map 3D . Auto Cad Civil 3D (is not a Auto Cad software) How to install STAAD Pro Software Firstly normally install at (C:) Copy Crack(Two File) File to (System 32) which is in the (Windows) at (C:) After clicking the Staad Pro Software at (C:) drive we get the Hardlock, open it and we get REIAssistant after clicking this we get REI Application Assistant then click Activate then click Activate Bentley Select Server STAAD Pro ee | > Worked at a Coordinate Mode Shakib Ebna Anwar, Dept. of Civil Year 4, Semester 1*, Roll No.060103063, Cell No.01911852580 Page 01 ‘Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Dhaka. so This PDE was created using the Sonic PDF Creator