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Globalization, demographic change and technological advancement, have witnessed a significant change in

work environments around the world. These changes have resulted in a heightened need for proper health and
safety at the workplace as it is important for moral, legal and financial reasons. Ultimately, a healthy workforce
will lead to enhanced social welfare and in turn, higher productivity
Join us and gain insights through thought provoking presentations, interactive panel discussions and dedicated
networking opportunities helping you to do better business in safety and health.
This networking evening facilitates exchanges of global best practices and seeks solutions for challenges in
upholding workplace safety and health in growing Bangladesh & Sri lanka market. It also helps you to establish
relationships with key decision-makers, giving them the opportunity to experience the latest innovations in the
safety industry.

The majority of the population in Bangladesh is employed in manual handling tasks, but adequate protections
for these workers do not exist. Conditions at a boulder handling site, saw mill, rice packaging plant and
construction site show the need for comprehensive reforms in occupational safety and health legislation and
practice in Bangladesh. New policies on training, industrial hygiene, safety equipment, and risk assessment are
necessary to protect workers in a rapidly developing economy.

It is estimated that over 11,000 workers suffer fatal accidents and a further 24,500 die from work related
diseases across all sectors each year in Bangladesh. It is also estimated that a further 8 million workers suffer
injuries at work – many of which result in permanent disability. Although little research has taken place in
Bangladesh, it is internationally recognized that most occupational deaths and injuries are entirely preventable,
and could be avoided if employers and workers took simple initiatives to reduce hazards and risks at the

Source: http://ilo.org/dhaka/Areasofwork/safety-and-health-at-work/lang--

In Sri Lanka about 4,000 accidents are being reported yearly and the number of working days lost due to
accidents is estimated to be around 600,000 workdays every year. Many of these deaths and diseases can be
prevented through effective occupational health practices and awareness raising and by inculcating a safety
culture within the workforce. Realizing the need for wider coverage and taking on the responsibility of the
State to ensure a safe and non-exploitative work environment for all Sri Lankans, the Ministry of Labour and
Trade Union Relations has embarked on formulating new legislation in consultation with the relevant
stakeholders, with technical assistance from ILO.

Source : http://ilo.ch/colombo/areasofwork/safety-and-health-at-work/lang--en/index.htm
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